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    Norwegian: Expression of amazement? [ ="no way!" or "you're kidding!"]

    If a friend/family member tells you something amazing, and good, like "I won the lottery" or "I'm getting married", what would be your response? What is the Norwegian expression (east or west) for this reaction? In English (American at least) there's: "no way!" "you're kidding!" "oh my god!"...
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    Honor Killing"

    In many Latin American and Islamic cultures, there is a phenomenon called the "honor killing". How is this translated into spanish? Thanks! -Compa
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    Savour the taste

    Hello! I'm looking for a translation into french of "savour the taste". If not an equivalent will do! The context I'm using it in is for the opening of a newsletter. It's the final newsletter for the year 2008 so I have opened the english version with: Dear readers, Savour the taste... this...
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    plug the gap

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a spanish translation for this english phrase... It refers to something that is able to cover certain areas, or achieve certain things, that another thing is unable to do. It goes a little something like this: "The voluntary market is able to...
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    To name but a few

    How would I say "to name but a few" in Italian? It's a phrase.
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    ayvalığa hayran olmamak mümkün değil bir başka hayran olunacak biride sizsiniz:)

    Hello, someone sent this message to me on facebook: "ayvalığa hayran olmamak mümkün değil bir başka hayran olunacak biride sizsiniz" i don't know why this person wrote to me in turkish because i don't understand one word of it. But i am very curious and hope someone who does know the...
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    I will always protect you

    hei! I'm doing a tatoo with this sentence! Can someone help me translate, please! thank you kiss
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    Champagne for my friends and real pain for my sham friends.

    I am making a toast at a spanish party, and I was wondering how to translate the toast from the movie The 25th Hour. The toast by Edward Norton is: "Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends." How would I say that in spanish and keep it still sounding about as poetic...