1. D

    Please help with the grammatically correct translation for Iqbal's Tulu-e-Islam 4th stanza (lines 8-9)

    In Muhammad Iqbal's Tulu e Islam, the 4th couplet in the 4th stanza reads as follows گمان آبادِ ہستی میں یقیں مردِ مسلماں کا بیاباں کی شبِ تاریک میں قندیلِ رہبانی For the first line in this couplet, I have found differing interpretations online: An English translation: "In the abode...
  2. Rosina_V

    Urdu: مرامیز

    Hello! I am back with a question about a word found in a poem, but in none of the dictionaries I have access to at the moment. I would be very happy of your help. It is the word "مرامیز", which, I assume is from the same root as "رمز"... Thank you in advance for your help! I can give here the...
  3. V

    E dietro un volo di un gabbiano

    Ciao a tutti. Sto cercando di tradurre in Inglese questi versi: Gli Innamorati Teneri sorrisi guidati dal vento: piccole nuvole bianche che s’incamminano lentamente all’escursione dell’oceano. E dietro un volo di un gabbiano due sguardi stupendi s’incrociano: una carezza, un bacio…...
  4. I

    Dichiarazione di poetica

    Qualcuno può offrirmi una traduzione bone per l'espressione "dichiarazione di poetica"? Riferito alla dichiarazione di poetica di uno scrittore/artista etc. R
  5. pedale

    of the saintly days of yore.

    Ciao a tutti, Traducendo il Corvo di E.A.Poe, ho trovato la frase: of the saintly days of yore ( dei santi giorni del passato ) , che nella traduzione italiana, per me, non ha senso. E' un modo di dire anglosassone e come potrebbe essere tradotto in italiano? Qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie Il...
  6. C


    Bonjour, Je ne trouve aucune traduction dans les dictionnaires pour foxfire. Dans un dictionnaire anglais on parle de lumière phosphorescente émise par certains champignons sur du bois pourri. J'aimerais trouver un équivalent en français pour ce mot afin de pouvoir garder sa force d'évocation...
  7. G

    bottom flow

    Hello, Can I use this phrase bottom flow in a song, or will it be really too weird ? Mary's alive, she sways in the salt streams, shifted by the bottom flow, running and dragging her I was already adviced to use undertow, or undercurrent instead, but I'd prefer to use bottom flow for sound...
  8. U

    dreaming evil

    Hola, estoy intentando traducir un poema de Anne Sexton ''Her Kind'' y me gustaría saber vuestra opinión a la hora de traducir dreaming evil en el siguiente contexto: I have gone out, a possessed witch,haunting the black air, braver at night;dreaming evil, I have done my hitchover the plain...
  9. A

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    ¡Hola! Necesito ayuda para traducir la siguiente frase, que viene de un poema de Robert Frost: “Nothing gold can stay.” ¿Es bueno decir “Nada de oro puede quedarse”? Estoy comparando este frase a otro poema, y quiero hablar en una manera un poco más sofisticada.  ¡Gracias!
  10. S


    Bonjour, Je cherche la traduction anglaise du mot "cétoine." La source est le poème "Zone" de Guillaume Apollinaire: Et tu observes au lieu d'écrire ton conte en prose La cétoine qui dort dans le coeur de la rose Merci!
  11. C

    iambic trimeter

    ¿Cómo se dice “trimeter” en español? ¡Muchas gracias!
  12. C


    ¿Cómo se dice “iamb” (NO “iambic”) en español? ¡Muchas gracias!
  13. C

    Iambic Tetrameter

    ¿Cómo se dice “iambic tetrameter” en español? ¡Muchas gracias!
  14. Y

    tratar de in poetry

    Hello! Okay, so I know that there are a lot of different meanings for tratar and tratar de (including to try, to be about, to treat, to trade, etc.) However, I am trying to figure out what it means in this context, in a poem by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. This particular poem is number 168...
  15. P


    Vorrei sapere come si traduce la parola "morubes" contenuta nel verso seguente: morubes arcos de peces y araña.
  16. D

    lágrimas de pino verde

    There are a few lines in the song by Juan Luis Guerra that are confusing to me, like the ones below: Lluvia, como lagrimas de pino verde si no estás a mi lado Besos, los besos que me dió tu boca me los como a diario Do they translate...? Rain, like the tears of the evergreen, if you're...
  17. P

    duck down

    what do you think bob dylan meant by "you better duck down the alley way", and "the man in the coon-skin cap in the big pen", in the lyrics of subterranean homesick blues??
  18. G

    Italian Poetry Terminology

    What are the rules for adding "-ico" to the end of various nouns, so as to create adjectives? For instance, I am presently interested in the following terminology used in poetry: 1) (the trochee) il trocheo, un ritmo trocaico. 2) (the iamb) il giambo, un ritmo giambico. 3) (the dactyl)...
  19. J


    Mes mains en bec d’oiseaux chanteront les gloires de tous mes pas perdus ou s’escopaient mes rêves étourdis au roulis d’un berceau. I'm thinking: my dreams are tossed away, or something like that
  20. F

    rima baciata

    Come si dice "rima baciata"? sapete altri termini del linguaggio poetico o teatrale tipo verso alessandrino, rima alternata...
  21. HesterPrynne


    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo se traduce al castellano el término literario canto? Jean Chapelain wrote an epic, La Pucelle, in twenty-four cantos. ¡Muchas gracias!
  22. A


    i know what 'ablaze' means, but i'm not sure if in this context it is used correctly. It's in a song that a friend wrote. "Ablaze the glory embrace the death [...]" In spanish, I could translate it like this: "En llamas la gloria abraza la muerte" Please note the 'hyperbaton' (a disorder in...
  23. J

    moments furtifs d’extase ou d’absolu

    C'est un instantané sur ces moments furtifs d’extase ou d’absolu que la femme d’aujourd’hui peut vivre ouvertement. My best is "furtive moments of complete ecstasy." Can anyone shed some light on this for me?