1. Włoskipolak 72

    Polish ''jakość'' in other Slavic languages ?

    How do you say jakość (quality) in your language ? In Germanic and Latin langauges , qualité (Fr), qualità (It) , Qualität (De), kvalitet (Dk) it seems they all comes from Latin quālitātem, quālis.(“of what kind”). What about another Slavic languages ? jakość -ści , jakościowy , jakościowo...
  2. R

    difference between raz jeszcze and jeszcze raz

    Hello! Is there any difference in meaning between "raz jeszcze" and "jeszcze raz"? From the Russian point of view, "raz jeszcze" sounds the same but weird and not used. Example 1. Taksówka z szarpnięciem przemieściła się do przodu o długość pojazdu i znowu się zatrzymała, ale od tego...
  3. M

    Soft consonants in Polish and Slovak

    Comparing the descriptions of Polish and Slovak phonology, it seems that Polish has more pairs of hard and soft consonants than Slovak. I was surprised to see soft m, p, b, f, w indicated in a Polish dictionary, but I have trouble hearing much of a difference between how for example "mi" is...
  4. D

    beaver (vulgar for pubic hair)

    Hi everyone; Can you think of any Polish vulgar term referring to a woman's pubic hair? Something similar to "beaver" in English. I can't find any right now... Input appreciated :)
  5. D


    Hi there again, How would you translate "indeed" (as an expression of surprise) here? Indeed! You are actually going to do this? I do appreciate your input. :)
  6. D

    hide, leather

    Hello :) I have to translate the folowing sentence into Polish, but I'm left quite perplexed here: The cow's hide will be sold as leather. I want to avoid repetition, then again I can't think of any way to translate either of the words other than as "skóra" in both cases. The difference is...
  7. D


    Hello, My sentence: I've had enough of his crap. Is there any way to translate "crap" into Polish, so that both his actions and words are covered? Please mainly focus on the actions. Thanks a lot for your time and patience. :)
  8. D


    Hi, Can anybody think of a good translation of "credit" in the sentence below? The doctor credited his friend for his good advice. I know the meaning in English, I just can't find any Polish equivalent. :( "dał uznanie" maybe? What do you think? Thanks in advance :)
  9. D


    Hello :) Would you understand the meaning of this stand-alone sentence? Is it quite clear? Nie mogę przyjść na to spotkanie: mam kolizję. Thanks :)
  10. D

    cap (upper limit)

    Hi there again :D I'm trying very hard, but I fail to find any satisfactory Polish translation of "cap" (upper limit). The government set a cap on military spending. How would you nicely translate the underlined part? Particularly, I'm interested in the word "cap" in the context above. Maybe...
  11. D


    Hello :) Is there any specific name for "daylily" (the flower) in Polish? I'm not much of a botanist, so I'd like to hear your suggestions (all I know now is that "lily" = "lilia"). :) Thanks a lot :)
  12. D

    bias (statistics: systematic distortion)

    Hello everyone :) How would you translate the following sentence into Polish? The statistics had a bias because the samples were bad. "bias" = more or less "błąd systematyczny" But I assumed that "bias" = "obciążenie" and I've already managed to invent this: Obciążenie statystyk było...
  13. D

    psychodeliczny vs. psychedeliczny

    Hello everyone, As you can see in the title, I am unsure which of the two forms is correct. In order not to be accused of providing you no background, I support my query by the following entries found in two different dictionaries: Quoted from "Słownik wyrazów obcych i zwrotów obcojęzycznych...