1. W

    French base comme

    Comme peut également exprimer un exemple. Nous aimons résoudre des casse-têtes comme le rubik's cube. Nous aimons résoudre des casse-têtes tels que le rubik's cube.
  2. K

    Swedish: krya på sig

    Hej! Which preposition should I use when I want to say "recover from an illness"? Here's an example sentence: I'm glad that I recovered from COVID-19 --> Jag är glad över att jag kryade på mig (a preposition) COVID-19.
  3. Pokeflute

    Hindi, Urdu: ke beech vs. ke beech meN

    What's the difference between "ke beech" and "ke beech meN"? Are they interchangeable? Or can each only be used in a certain situation?
  4. Pokeflute

    [Hindi/Urdu] bina koi fikar ke

    I'm watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and one of the characters says: तो बिना कोई फिकर के जितने भी डायमंड्स खरीदने हैं, खरीद लो to binaa koi fikar ke jitne diamonds kareedne hain, kareed lo Would "binaa kisi diamonds ke" work here? Or is it then "ke binaa" is inverted, the object doesn't take...
  5. Pokeflute

    Hindi/Urdu: Hamesha vs. Hamesha se

    What's the difference between "hamesha" and "hamesha se"? I know "hamesha" means "always" as in "voh hamesha roti khaathaa hai". But I was watching a movie and heard "voh hamesha se aise nahin the" (in English: "he wasn't always this way"). Why is the "se" necessary? Could the character have...
  6. A

    quick "at?"

    I have come across a sentence,"He is quick at solving mathematical problems". My dilemma is that I checked up the dictionary and I didn't find any sentence in which the preposition "at" is suffixed with "quick". The only quoted suffixed preposition is "to".Please explain whether "quick at" is...