1. Tenos

    Persian: tachtsche طاقچہ - تختچه (?)

    Would someone please tell me how to pronounce this word: "tachtsche"?
  2. Pokeflute

    Gujarati: Pronouncing ળ as લ

    Hi all - a while ago I encountered someone who would pronounce words like મળે as if they were મલે (which really threw me for a loop). Is this pronunciation associated with any area/speakers? Interestingly enough, none of my relatives (native Gujarati speakers) thought this pronunciation was...
  3. F

    Slovak (?): Pronunciation of the name Kvergić

    Hi I am wondering how to pronounce the name Kvergić. Hermann Feodor Kvergić was a linguist born in Bratislava who lived in Vienna in the 1930s. In Turkish his name is rendered as Kvergiç. That gives me an indication of the pronunciation of the last letter. No idea about the rest. Your help is...
  4. N

    Pronunciation : Llanyvgan (invented Welsh place name)

    hi, I am reading The Pendragon Legend. Is the Welsh pronunciation of the word Llanyvgan different from its English pronunciation? In the book Llanyvgan is name of a Castle in Wales.
  5. P

    IPA and phonetic respelling of non English words

    Hello. Please recommend a resource where an English speaker can see pronunciation of words in other than English language both in the 1) International Phonetic Alphabet and also in 2) phonetic respelling. By phonetic respelling I mean this: computer [kuhm-pyoo-ter] For example: hora [?]...
  6. Lorenc

    Ukranian: wordstress/aspect for закликали

    I've found the following sentence in the Ukrainian translation of the book by R. Dawkins 'Outgrowing God', Бог, що віджив своє: Євреї, які нібито закликали до його смерті, закликали лише до того, що Бог хотів здійснити в будь-якому разі. My question is: how should the two occurrences of...
  7. Setwale_Charm

    Punjabi: pronunciation of ਹ

    Hello! I have never really ascertained that and I am confused. Is the Punjabi ਹ actually mostly pronounced as 'h', as in ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਕੀ ਹਾਲ ਹੈ? or is it silent?
  8. Pokeflute

    Gujarati: ઝ - jh or z?

    How is exactly ઝ pronounced in Gujarati? I'm getting very conflicting answers. As a kid I was taught ઝ was pronounced "jha" (analogous to Hindi झ). And this mostly lines up with my experience (ઝાડ - jhaaR - tree; ઝાડુ - jhaaRoo - broom). However, many online materials list the pronunciation as...
  9. Linnets

    Old English: Bēowulf (pronunciation)

    Hi all, I would like to know what is the most correct reconstruction of the Old English pronunciation of Bēowulf, since I have found different transcriptions on the Net ([ˈbeːowuɫf], [ˈbeːo̯wʊlf], [ˈbeːəwʊlf], and so on). Thanks in advance.
  10. Linnets

    Maltese: Fenech/Sfenek

    Hello, are these surnames related in Maltese? I ask it beacuse the famous actress Edwige Fenech was born as Edwige Sfenek but at some point decided to change her surname in Fenech, which seems to be pretty common in Malta, while Sfenek is likely rarer. Also, what is the current pronunciation of...
  11. R

    Latvian: Ermičs

    Hello everybody, Could a Latvian speaker point me to the original, native pronunciation of the surname "Ermičs"? Also, does the surname have any special or particular meaning? Thank you so much for your patience and your help. Rainbowlight
  12. Pokeflute

    Hindi: Pronunciation of "r" in English loanwords

    Hi all, Is "r" pronounced at the end of syllables in English loanwords? In my experience, words like "card," "internet," and homework," are pronounced without an "r" (i.e. 'kaaD', 'inTaneT', 'homvak'). However there are some English loanwords which seem to keep this "r" (e.g. "car" is 'kaar'...
  13. Linnets

    Cymraeg (Welsh): pronunciation of Gwynllyw

    Hi all, I would like to know what is the correct pronunciation of Gwynllyw, the name of a saint, who was a Welsh king and religious figure. I can guess ['gwɨnɬɨu] from orthography (I don't know which syllable is stressed, but I think it's the first). Thanks in advance and happy Easter.
  14. graysesame


    Just a quick confirm of the readings 1日 後/前 :いちにち ご/まえ 2日 後/前 :ふつか ご/まえ 10日 後/前 :とおか ご/まえ 14日 後/前 :じゅうよっか ご/まえ 18日 後/前 :じゅうはちにち ご/まえ 19日 後/前 :じゅうくにち ご/まえ 20日 後/前 :はつか (にじゅうにち, rare) ご/まえ 30日 後/前 :さんじゅうにち (みそか, rare) ご/まえ 100日後:ひゃくにちご in 100日後に死ぬワニ (name of a comic stripe)
  15. I

    French base passe-temps

    Pass-temps ... mispronounced Mille merci pour votre effort formidable...
  16. Louis XI

    Swedish: /dɪ/ eller /dɒm/?

    Hi there, Jag lära mig finlandssvenska and I've noticed that in rikssvenska, the pronoun de is almost always pronounced /dɒm/ but in finlandssvenska /dɪ/. I listen to a lot of programs in finlandssvenska on YLE Svenska, and I don't think I've ever heard de pronounced /dɒm/. Can anyone confirm...
  17. U

    Norwegian: pronunciation 'Nølke' [name]

    Hello, I need to know how to pronounce the name Nølke. Will it be, maybe, /nelk/ or /nelke/? Thanks in advance.
  18. L

    Galician/galego: a, de (pronunciation in proper names)

    Are vowels of the article a and preposition de reduced to /ɐ/ (/a̝/) and /ɪ/ (/e̝/), respectively, in proper names? Dicionario de pronuncia da lingua galega transcribes the article a and preposition de as /ɐ/ and /dɪ/ respectively, but in proper names they're transcribed as /a/ and /de/. For...
  19. G

    Urdu: pronunciation of پہل

    Hello everybody, My question concern the proper pronunciation (I refer to standard Urdu as spoken by educated native speakers) of the word _پہل_. Urdu: _پہل_ /ˈpɛhɛl/ "beginning..." vs. /ˈpɐhɐl/ (I prefer /ɐ/ over usual «/ə/») "side...": is the contrast consistent? The "Oxford Urdu-English...
  20. G

    Urdu: pronunciation of مدرسہ

    Hello everybody, My question concern the proper pronunciation (I refer to standard Urdu as spoken by educated native speakers) of the word _مدرسہ_. Urdu: _مدرسہ_ with /-drɐ-/ or /-drɪ-/~/-dre-/? (Why /-dre-/?) The word _مدرسہ_ is mostly given with «/-drə-/» (I prefer /ɐ/ instead of «/ə/», or...
  21. E


    Dear all, I am a bit confused for the pronunciation of the syllable "jiàn".I thought that the pronunciation is unique. The syllable "jiàn" in the word for soy sauce that means jiàngyou is pronounced in a different way as for example in the words zàijiàn or jiànbào. Can you help me with this ?
  22. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi: 'Jammu' spelled जम्मू in Hindi but جموں in Urdu - why the difference?

    Hi, This thread is about the spelling and pronunciation of the geographical proper name which in English is written Jammu. While in Hindi it is consistently spelled जम्मू jammuu (जम्मू और कश्मीर), in Urdu the regular spelling is جمّوں jammuuN (جموں و کشمیر ). Why is the name of the South...
  23. L

    Swedish pitch accent

    Hello! I've just started learning Swedish and I've been having some problems figuring out which pitch accent a word has. I've tried wiktionary but they don't seem to differentiate between the two pitch accents in their IPA transcriptions. I've also noticed that apparently words, when declined...
  24. I

    Is 魔 a Sino-Japanese word, or a native Japanese word?
  25. N

    Rules & Exceptions to pronouncing "W" as "V"

    I am completely new to studying German. I have only recently been doing research regarding Germanic surnames because of my own surname. I am considering changing my surname for personal reasons, and some of my ideas start with "W"s. I would like to know if the "V" sounding pronunciation (to...
  26. blasita

    Bruschetta (pronunciación)

    Hola a todos: En inglés británico he oído siempre bruschetta pronunciada más o menos así: /brʊˈsket.ə/. En inglés americano, creía que el sonido /k/ era /ʃ/ (como en she), pero he oído a un americano decirlo con /k/. Me gustaría confirmar que es así en inglés británico y preguntar si se dan las...
  27. natkretep

    Jerusalem: pronunciation

    I was listening to a news item about the Jerusalem marathon over the programme Boston Calling and was struck by how one of the (American) broadcasters said Jerusalem with a /z/ sound. I think most others used /s/. I use /s/ myself and have always heard /s/ for the name in English till now, and...
  28. X

    regarding the accentuation of oigo & oímos

    Dear teachers, or anyone else who can help me: I was confused by a small question. After looking into the grammar book, I still can't find out the answer. Why oigo, oiga (form of subjunctive mood) has no accent mark, but oímos does? May I guess that oigo is treated as a two-syllable word with...
  29. M

    Egyptian Arabic: واجب - واجبهم

    I'm reading in egyptian arabic عملوا واجبهم how to do you pronounce waagib,,,, waagibhum or wagibhum with short a? thank you
  30. R

    consonants & vowels in Latin

    hello everybody, I need to Know about Latin phonetic... My mother tongue is Spanish, and we pronounce every vowel and consonant with the same phonetic each one represent in the alphabet. My question is... Do the consonants & vowels in Latin have the same pronunciation that the alphabet ??? for...
  31. H

    general pronunciation: Northern Ireland

    Hi! I'm reading The Kingdom by the Sea, by Paul Theroux, an account of his journey round the coast of Britain. In the chapter in which he narrates about his arrival to Northern Ireland he describes his landlady and, in an attempt to imitate her accent, writes: She was talking about the reeyun...
  32. F

    pronunciation - Terrible: [ˈterəbl] or /ˈtɛrəbəl/

    Hellooo!! I just want to know how the word TERRIBLE is pronounced in British and American. And if it is [ˈterəbl] or /ˈtɛrəbəl/ Thanks!!
  33. J

    Pronunciation - n and s before th

    Hello Bueno tengo problemas pronunciando el sonido de la n y la s seguido de th me refiero a que cada ves que voy a decir in this o in that (o cualquier otra) en una oración siempre pronuncio la n como ŋ, lo mismo me pasa con sonido de la s antes de th, como en is this o is that (o cualquier...
  34. T

    Tips for learning: Kanji Pronunciation

    Hey folks, I was curious if any of you know a way I could translate some of these example sentences in this forum into kana. I'm not yet familiar with very many kanji yet and would love to know of a simple means to translate the kanji used on this forum. I know this may not be simple, knowing...
  35. F

    pronunciation, "говорить" and "говорит"

    What is the difference in pronunciation between "говорить" and "говорит"? спасибо! (FYI: My Russian is very poor, so I would appreciate a response in English, or in simple Russian, as I have found a few helpful online resources to help me translate it :D)
  36. F

    pronunciation - live

    Hola. Me gustaría que me ayudaran a entender cuándo debo pronunciar "live" como /laɪv/ y cuándo como /lɪv/. Muchas gracias. (En "thefreedictionary" dan a entender que el primero es en USA y otro en UK, ¿es eso cierto?) "Life" sí es siempre /laɪf/, ¿cierto? (auqnue en "thefreedictionary" aparece...
  37. A

    Modern pronunciation of خ ، ج ، غ ، ش

    Hello all, Sorry for being a rare guest here. :) I need to confirm the modern standard pronunciation of the 4 letters: خ ,ج ,غ and ش as [ɣ], [ʤ] or [[ʤ], [x] and [ʃ] (IPA) in MSA, not dialects, if they are different. I know how to pronounce them but these are the ones that have changed from...
  38. Revontuli


    Hello, I checked both BrE and AmE pronunciation of the words ''low/law''. But I am a bit confused: In BrE, the word ''law'' is pronounced like ''low'', whereas ''low'' is pronounced like ''law'' in AmE? Thank you, Revontuli
  39. B


    Quick question on how to pronounce alcohol in japanese. Is the "o" silent and is it just pronounced "sake". Also does おさけ apply to all alcohol, one type, or a group of beverages? thanks for any and all help.
  40. Dublabla

    2歳, にさい

    Hi! This time, my question is about one of the toughest challenge in learning Japanese....that is, "how to read chinese character used in Japan" I'm always mixed up with reading 'chinese character' used in Japan. My rough attempt to read 2歳 is にさい. But I'm not sure it's right.
  41. R

    Pronunciation of "th"

    Hello folks. Please consider as an example these two nouns: - die Trompete - die Thrombose Is there any difference between the pronunciation of Tro and Thro? And is th pronounced in German the same way it is in English? Thanks, Gustavo
  42. kanojo_


    Hello, Is the "じゅう" reading of "十" reserved for compounds like "十人"? If this is the case,then the reading of "十" in the sentence"十の疑問" is "とお" ?
  43. kanojo_


    Hello, Can anyone help me with the reading of "家" in the sentence アクロイド家の秘書。 Is it "いえ" or perhaps "け"?

    Marriott and Copley

    Dear friends, I'd like to ask you if you can help me please with the pronunciation of these words: "Boston Marriott Copley Place". I have a special difficulty with the pronunciation of words "Marriott" and "Copley". I appreciate very much your help. Thank you in advance. RM
  45. M

    On/Kun yomi choices in compounds.

    Hello, I did a search to see what had been asked on this before but there doesn't seem to be anything directly relevant. It's a general question so there really isn't any context, but I will put a sentence in for an example. ひきとり can be written 引き取り or 引取, right? For which there is...
  46. M

    The role of etymology in modern meaning

    Hello all, This is really an etymological question, but specifically related to Japanese, so I'm putting it in here. On the schedule sheet at my school they mention this on the agenda for a certain meeting: 7/11の会議の誤りです。(I'm afraid I don't have further context to determine what kind of...
  47. K

    己, 汝

    Hi everyone, how is one supposed to figure out the readings of those ? Context alone can hardly narrow down the choice to 1.
  48. M


    שלום ! Similar to the ain thread, I'd like to know whether: 1) the glottal stop pronunciation is more widespread than silent. 2) (in the case of glottal stop) you hear it at the end of a word, like in הוא and היא. Toda! MarX
  49. S

    voy (pronunciation b/v)

    Hi. I was wondering what is the actual pronounciation of the letter "v" in spain and in america (Argentina, Chile, Colombia). My teacher told be that it's pronounced as soft "b", but I have doubts. I was watching a spanish movie yesterday in cinema (el orfanato/the orphanage) and actually as I...
  50. Sergin

    how to pronounce ふ, "hoo" or "foo" ?(English pronounciation standard pls.) Thanks