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  1. W

    The structure of Chinese names

    Hello, everybody, My question has two parts: 1. How does the Chineese name devide in the firstname(given name) and lastname(common for the family)? 2. How to address a Chineese person in English using 'Mr', 'Mrs' and so on? The rule is that in this case we use only the lastname. If a person's...
  2. E

    names in Pinyin without tonal marks

    I see more and more names on my Facebook that I recognise to be written in pinyin. I consider that, of course, a good thing when I'm trying to learn Mandarin. Here are some random people, and forgive me if these names are unique because I know no way of telling so: Mengqiao Liu Lin Yu Cheng...
  3. T

    Ambiguous Simplified Characters in personal names

    The last thread about merged(ambiguous) simplified characters got closed because it drifted away to a SC/TC debate. So please let's stay on topic this time. Converting ambiguous SC to TC is usually not a problem because there is context. But what about mainlanders' personal names in SC? Let's...
  4. W

    So-and-So Village

    Greetings, Thanks you Cheryl Sui for suggestion of Yinxing Village. Can I ask a question about how Chinese place names are constructed? Village is Cūnlǐ, so Yingxing Village would be Yingxing Cūnlǐ ( I believe). Are they ever compressed as in England to one word? e.g Bradford, Bolton...
  5. T

    affectionate affixes, deformation of proper names

    I have been wondering about affixes in Dutch, that are used to express affection. I mean: we have the affixes called diminutives (in Dutch Bart-je, in Flemish also Paul-ke, like the German Gret-chen oder Häns-el (etc.). In English it does not exist as such, I think, but the same is expressed by...
  6. A

    How are Japanese names pronounced? Hi, In the above Japanese thread we discussed the reverse: Chinese names pronounced in Japanese. Although the Chinese pronunciation of the Japanese names looks more straightforward, need to use the Chinese reading of a character to find...
  7. A

    Foreign names accompanied by transliteration

    Hi, I'm editing an art catalogue in Chile which will go to China, and it will be entirely in Chinese. I have a huge doubt concerning credits. Although the Spanish names of people involved in the exhibition and catalogue were translated into Chinese, and in some cases the translation already...
  8. Q

    Pronunciation: Ng (surname)

    I have been told there are Chinese people whose surname is written Ng. How do they pronounce it?
  9. J

    translation, transcription, transliteration of foreign names

    How is it done in written Chinese, since it's a character-based language? Of course you could use pinyin, but is that really the standard way of doing it? Thanks, -Jonathan.
  10. Jana337

    Gender of names

    Chinese natives, when presented with a Chinese name, can you unequivocally identify the gender of the particular person? Jana