1. P

    Panjabi: Shahmukhi double character/gemination

    In Gurmukhi the symbol ੱ is used to represent a double/geminated sound, to differentiate between (eg) know ਪਤਾ/pataa leaf ਪੱਤਾ/pattaa (gemination on the 't') BTW I believe the term is 'gemination' is correct, but I could be wrong!. If you are a Panjabi speaker I hope this will make sense...
  2. P

    Panjabi: World Peace

    How would you say 'World Peace' in Panjabi? Google translate gives 'ਵਿਸ਼ਵ ਸ਼ਾਂਤੀ' višav šantii. But if I wanted to say 'I dream of world peace' would I use that? Most Punjabi speakers I have heard tend to use 'duniiaa' rather than višav to mean 'world' so I wonder if that is more appropriate...
  3. P

    Panjabi: Pronunciation of 'laanv' diphthong [ei]

    Curious about the Panjabi diphthong ੇ [ei] as in meraa/meiraa ਮੇਰਾ (my) seems to be translated as 'e' virtually everywhere. Just wondering if Punjabi speakers actually pronounce it as 'e' as in 'met' or 'ei'?
  4. P

    Panjabi: Colours of the Rainbow

    Can anyone help me with the colours of the rainbow in Panjabi - I start off fine, but get a little confused with the blues/purples: Red/laal ਲਾਲ Orange/santaraa ਸੰਤਰਾ Yellow/piilaa ਪੀਲਾ Green/haraa ਹਰਾ Blue/niilaa ਨੀਲਾ (or firozi? ਫਿਰੋਜ਼ੀ) Indigo ?? (Blue/Niilaa? ਨੀਲਾ) Violet ...
  5. P

    Panjabi: infinitive/gerund/datu eg ਹੋਣਾ or ਕਰਨਾ

    Hello all Does anyone know the correct term for the Panjabi verb in the sense of 'to ~'? For example ਹੋਣਾ (to be) or ਕਰਨਾ (to do). I have seen the terms 'gerund' and 'datu' used - I am trying to find the correct Panjabi word for what I would call an infinitive in English. I hope that makes...
  6. A

    Panjabi: اوازار، اوازاری - usage & etymology (فارسی ، اُردو؟)

    Background: example of usage in Urdu lyrics چھیڑ چھاڑ کروں گا! اوازار کروں گا! چاہے ہتھ جوڑیے چاہے مُکھ موڑیے ٹھمکے پہ ٹھمکا لگائے چلا جاؤں گا مسرور انور از پاکستانی اردو فلم پھول میرے گلشن کا Questions: What meanings do اوازار and اوازاری convey and what are synonyms of these Panjabi words...
  7. MonsieurGonzalito

    Punjabi, [Urdu, Hindi]: muiiye

    Friends, Many otherwise Hindi/Urdu love songs (for example "Le Jaa, Le Jaa" by Ustad Sultan Khan [sample Youtube=TQR70KKYMmQ]) use the expression: "nii muiiye, nii muiiye ..." which obviously is a Punjabi female vocative. It appears to be a general term of endearment towards women. My...
  8. S

    Punjabi, Urdabi, Hindabi: FiTe MuNh

    Dear Foreros, Whilst many of you would be familiar with the term above used to express one's exasperation towards unwelcome comments made by another. I had a few questions regarding it a) what does FiTe actually mean? B) Should it be transliterated as FiTTe or FiTe with a single t? In fact...
  9. A

    Punjabi, Urdu: چودھری یا چوہدری

    Background: a few general observations Urdu Lughat lists چودھری. Various authors with the name have it spelled on book covers as چودھری, while others have it written as چوہدری. Multiple Punjabi and Urdu Wikipedia articles about different personalities use the spelling چودھری. However, English...
  10. A

    Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi: pagri پگڑی‎ पगड़ी

    Etymology/root for pagri (turban)? Given the retroflex, I'm almost sure it's native to the subcontinent, but perhaps it's been localized over time?
  11. G

    Panjabi: ہُن میں پتلونان پاوانگی۔ تے ڈانس گھران وچ جاوانگی

    Friends, in the Urdu book I am reading (چاکی واڑہ میں وصال) there are a couple of sentences which look like Panjabi to me. Should appreciate a translation of it: “ہُن میں پتلونان پاوانگی ۔ تے ڈانس گھران وچ جاوانگی Thanks.
  12. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Punjabi: jaanuu shoNRaa

    Friends, What, or who, is a "jaanu shoNRaa"? Perhaps, by the context, it means someone who has been too pampered? The words appear in the song "Sajan Bin", of a new Indian series called "Bandish Bandits" which apparently became hugely popular. The story is about a couple of musicians: he, shy...
  13. S

    Urdu, Punjabi: Ke waasite vs waasite

    Dear Foreros', I was wondering if using the lone waasite instead of ke waasite was a Punjabism or perfectly acceptable in Urdu in lieu of 'for the sake of'? So for instance for the sake of announcement in Punjabi would be e'laan waasite, would you be compelled to say e'ilaan ke waasite in Urdu...
  14. P

    Panjabi: Indian/Pakistani

    Hello all Can anyone help me clarify how to say 'Indian' in Panjabi? When I look in the shabadkosh dictionary I get results bharati/hindū/hindūstanī, but not an exact word 'Indian'. It feels that the word Indian is of English origin, as we have Australia/Australian, Ghana/Ghanaian, and so on...
  15. K

    Punjabi: How does the use of the infinitive differ from that in Hindi?

    I know in Hindi the infinitive had several uses such as also being a future imperative but when I listen to Punjabi songs I hear the infinitive used in situations that sound strange to my Hindi speaking ears. For example, this verse from Harrdy Sandhu's Na ji na: Tusi jida kehna ji lena Tussi...
  16. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Punjabi: billo = kitty?

    Friends, For all those songs that call a woman "billo", would "kitty" be a good overall translation, or it is better left untranslated? For example, say, in the song "Billo Rani" from the 2007 Indian movie "Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal" ho billo raanii kaho to abhii jaan de dooN Would "Oh, Kitty...
  17. S

    Punjabi: ਸਿਹਰਾ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਹੈ (sihrā jāndā hai)

    Hello, I’m trying to translate an article on Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (former shah of Iran) from Punjabi to English. I came accross the following sentence: ਇਸ ਬਾਦਸ਼ਾਹ ਨੂੰ ਈਰਾਨ 'ਚ ਆਧੁਨਿਕਤਾ ਦਾ ਪ੍ਰਭਾਵ ਫੈਲਾਉਣ ਦਾ ਸਿਹਰਾ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਹੈ। Is bādṣāh nũũ Īrān 'c ādhuniktā dā prabhāv phailāuṇ dā sihrā jāndā hai...
  18. S

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: lockdown

    Dear Foreros, We live in incredibly interesting times as the world braces for a lockdown and self-quarantine. But the question here is how would you refer to this phenomenon in the languages above. Quarantine itself is Qarantiina & Qaranteen in Urdu. Self-quarantine would thereby be...
  19. I

    Punjabi: مٹیار

    Friends, Does the word مٹیاری mean 'girl'? Does it have other meanings? Is it pronounced maTyaari? Best wishes, Alex
  20. P

    Punjabi: Charisma

    I am having difficulty translating 'charisma' into Panjabi - or 'charismatic personality'. Do you think 'mohini' has the same connotation? I have also seen ਆਕਰਸ਼ਿਕ in an online dictionary - but not sure if it conveys the same meaning as I've never heard this word used. Meanings of ਆਕਰਸ਼ਿਕ in...
  21. I

    Punjabi/Urdu: ماں

    شرکا ئے محفل! ان جملوں پر غور کیجیے جو منٹو صاحب کی کہانی ’ٹھنڈا گوشت‘ سے ہیں: کلونت کور چلائی۔’’ایشر سیاں۔‘‘ لیکن فوراً ہی آواز بھینچ لی اور پلنگ پر سے اٹھ کر اس کی جانب جاتے ہوئے بولی۔’’کہاں رہے تم اتنے دن؟‘‘ ‘‘ایشر سنگھ نے خشک ہونٹوں پر زبان پھیری۔’’مجھے معلوم نہیں۔‘‘ کلونت کور بھنا گئی۔’’یہ...
  22. S

    Punjabi: Gurmukhi spelling of kihnuuN

    In Standard Indian Punjabi as far as I've understood uh (oh), ih (eh/aih) and kii/kaun are declined as is(-nuuN), us(-nuuN) and kis(-nuuN) in the oblique case. However, in the vernacular language in both India and Pakistan there are also common variants such as ihnuuN/aihnuuN/aisnuuN...
  23. eskandar

    Punjabi, Hindi/Urdu(?): haTTī kaTTī

    As far as I understand haTTī kaTTī is a Punjabi term for a plump or full-bodied woman. Is it commonly used in Urdu and Hindi? After searching, I've come across it in both contexts, but the sense I get is that it's still "marked" as a Punjabi word, rather than fully integrated into Hindi/Urdu and...
  24. I

    Punjabi/Urdu: چھڈنا

    دوستو۔ چھڈنا لفظ کبھی خوشی کھبی غم کی گیت "یہ لڑکا ہائے ﷲ" میں آتا ہے۔گوگل کی تلاش سے بعد ظاہر ہے کہ یہ پنجابی لفظ ہے۔ میں پوچھنا چاہتا ہوں کہ کیا یہ چھوڑنا کا عین مترادف ہے یا نہیں؟ کیا چھڈنا پورے معنی پاتا ہے جو چھوڑنا رکھتا ہے؟ بہت شکریہ۔ اسکندر
  25. T

    Punjabi - Urdu : Ain

    Please meaning of below full sentence and specially word "Ain" Jhukiyaan Ain Dar Tey Ban Ke Sawali Paey Loki Aandy Hin Mekoon
  26. P

    Panjabi: Prem vs Piaar

    Prem and piaar both mean love but is one of them more romantic love and the other platonic? Or can they be used interchangeably?
  27. P

    Panjabi: Usually

    Is there an exact equivalent for 'usually' in Panjabi? There are phrases which can be used but am struggling to find the exact word. Have tried searching net and this forum. How would you say eg 'He usually walks to school'. Thanks in advance.
  28. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi,Urdu (Punjabi?): zoraa-zorii / joraa-jorii

    Friends, I heard it in a slightly Punjabi-laced Bollywood song, "Dila Lagaa Liyaa". I heard the following verses: haaN, ishq kiyaa hai maiN ne chorii nahiiN kii hai tere saNg yaaraa joraa jorii nahiiN kii hai (sang by a man, in a mostly feminine song) I don't know what joraa jorii is...
  29. I

    Punjabi/Urdu: بھنبھل بھوسہ

    دوستو۔ ان جملوں پر غور کیجیے کہ اسی طرح سربجیت سنگھ کے والدین اور بہن پاکستان آئے اور مجھے واہگہ بارڈر پر ان سے ملنے بھیجا گیا۔ ہر بار جب میں ان سے بات کرنے ہی والا ہوتا تھا تو کوئی شخص مجھے آ کر کہتا کہ پہلے فلا ں جگہ سے اجازت لے لیں۔ میں اجازت لیتا لیکن ہر بار کوئی نیا آ دمی مجھے کسی نئے...
  30. I

    Punjabi, Urdu: غلام ابن غلام

    دوستو۔ غلام ابن غلام۔ انٹرنیٹ پر اس ترکیب کے بہت سے مثالیں ملتیں ہیں۔ غلام ابن غلام کا مطلب کیا ہوگا؟ لفظاً اس کا مطلب ہے کہ غلام جسکا باپ غلام تھا لیکن اس ترکیب کا مخصوص مطلب کیا ہوگا؟ اسکندر
  31. M

    Punjabi: Ki raula paya ne?

    Hi, What does the word 'ne' mean in the phrase: ki raula paya ne? Is it another version of 'hai'? Also what does the word 'paya' mean here? Thanks
  32. M

    Punjabi: Using Mainu in the place of Main

    Hi, If I used 'Mainu' in the place of 'Main' in the following sentence, would that still be correct? Main ajē gaḍī calā'uṇī hai. Thanks
  33. M

    Punjabi : difference between Likha and Likhiya

    Hi, Are the following sentences equivalent? 1. Usne ek khat likha si. 2. Usne ek khat likha hai. 3. Usne ek khat likhiya. 4. Usne ek khat likhiya si /hai. Thanks
  34. M

    Punjabi: haigay

    Hi, I was watching a Punjabi movie and I am a bit confused with the use word 'haigay'. In one of the scene, a guy knocks on a door and says 'haigay', which probably means 'are you home?'. But I have heard the word a few more times and got confused. How is one supposed to use this word? Thanks
  35. M

    Punjabi: should I wash the dishes?

    Hi, How should one ask for instructions in Punjabi? Ki main bhande dhoven? (should I wash dishes) or Ki main zhadu lagavan? (should I sweep the floor)? Thanks
  36. M

    Punjabi: Tussi kina sute?

    Hi, Does this sentence mean, where did you sleep or why did you sleep? Thanks
  37. M

    Punjabi: standing at the back

    Hi, Is the following sentence is correct for I went at the back of class and stood there? 1. MaiN class de piche giya ate khada ho giya 2. Main class de akarich jake khada hoiya thanks
  38. M

    Punjabi: Main / mainu

    Hi, Does maiN or maiNu sound better in the following sentence? MaiN / maiNu faisla kitta hai ki main nave saala vich tuhande naal sirf Punjabi vich gal karanga. ( I have made the decision that, in the new year, I will speak with you only in Punjabi) Thanks
  39. M

    Punjabi: I would like to dive

    Hi, What is the correct Punjabi translation of "I would like to dive" ? a. Mainu gota lagana hain b. Main gota lagana chauda hun Thanks
  40. M

    Punjabi: hai vs. hain vs. hun

    Hello, Can these three words used interchangeably? Hai, hain and hun. Thanks
  41. M

    Punjabi: Dita vs. Dida?

    Hi, I am confused with these two words and their usage: dita and dida. Does "dita" indicate the past tense? For example, 1. Main uttar dita hain. (I gave the answer) 2. Main utter dida hain. (I am giving the answer) Thanks
  42. M

    Punjabi: I was late for work because my bus broke down.

    Is my Punjabi correct in the following explanation? Tussi puchiya de main kaam te late kyon aayan? Kyon ke meri buss kaharab ho gayi si. Phar tussi chita na karo, aaj mere kol sama hain tuhade kaam nu karwanan. (you asked why I am late for work? Because my bus broke down. But don’t worry...
  43. M

    Punjabi: I am going to stay home today

    Hi, Are the following sentences natural? 1.Main aaj ghar rahanga. ( I am going to stay home today (and not going to work) ) [moderator note: off-topic sentences/questions removed. Cherine] Thanks.
  44. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Punjabi?: Baba Bhatti

    Friends, The song "Ram Pam" from the recent Coke Studio 12 season, starts as a simple, soulful love song, and then the seemingly inevitable Punjabi-mystic lacing starts o_O. It what appears to be a reassurance (speaking to a woman, or maybe, as usual, to a disciple) it is said that "baabaa...
  45. I

    Punjabi/Urdu: کتھنی

    ،دوستو کتھنی" لفظ کے معنی کیا ہوں گے؟" اس انٹرنیٹ جملے کو دیکھیے قیادت وہ ہوتی ہے جس کی کتھنی اور کرنی میں فرق نہیں ہوتا یہاں کتھنی کی ضد کرنی ہے۔ کرنی کے معنی ہیں فعل، حرکات، وغیرہ۔ اس انٹرنیٹ جملے کو دیکھیے کیلسیم طیطانیم سِلی کیٹ جو زرد سبزہ یا کتھنی قلموں میں پایا جاتا ہے یہاں کتھنی...
  46. L

    Panjabi: bukkal

    Is bukkal an armpit or the inside of a wrapped shawl, or perhaps both? Is it related to the Urdu word baghal?
  47. MonsieurGonzalito

    Punjabi: har rage, har jaaii

    Friends. Does anyone know what is "jaii" in the verse below? It is from the song "Alif Allah Chambe di Booti", and it is usually translated as "pore", although I could not find any dictionary entry, neither in Punjabi or Urdu, supporting that translation. Here are the verses, for context...
  48. MonsieurGonzalito

    Punjabi: chambe ਚੰਬੇ چنبا / ਚੰਪਾ چمپا

    Friends, In the title of the song الف اللہ چمبے دی بوٹی / ਅਲੀਫ਼ ਅੱਲਾਹ ਚੰਬੇ ਦੀ ਬੂਟੀ / aalīf aallah chambe dii buTii (Jugni Ji), I know that "chambe" has to mean "the jasmine plant", and that it needs to be feminine, the whole thing meaning: The alif of "Allah" is a flower of jasmine (jasmine...
  49. MonsieurGonzalito

    Punjabi: کُٹھیالڑیاں / kuThiiaaLRiiaaN ?

    Friends, I am intrigued by this wonderful word in the title. I found it, again, in the song "Jugni Ji" or "Aalif Allah Chambe di Booti" The context is, a series of admonitions about how fleeting youth is. Some motherly advice about not wasting your life in minutiae, because life is precious...
  50. MonsieurGonzalito

    Punjabi: نا کر دھییا کھیڈ / ਨਾ ਕਰ ਧੀਆ ਖੇਡ

    Friends, The phrase in the title belongs to a verse in the song "Alif Allah Chambe di Booti" or "Jugni Ji". It is in a section that admonishes young girls, regarding how ephemeral beauty and youth are. نا کر دھییا کھیڈ پیاری ਓ, ਨਾ ਕਰ ਧੀਆ ਖੇਡ, ਪਿਆਰੀ O, daughter, don't revel in fun and play...