1. panjabigator

    Punjabi: Rab Rakha

    Greetings, I was just told that Pakistani Panjabis also use <rab rakhkhā> amongst themselves as a departure phrase. Does anybody know more about this? I have never heard <rab rakhkhā> used in serious conversation ever in Indian Panjabi.
  2. panjabigator

    Punjabi: to rain

    Greetings, I have usually heard "to rain" expressed two ways in Panjabi: <mī.nh paiṇā> ਮੀਂਹ ਪੈਣਾ <bārish hoṇā> ਬਾਰਿਸ਼ ਹੋਣਾ I'm curious to know if it would still be correct if we were to flip the verbs, i.e.: <mī.nh hoṇā> ਮੀਂਹ ਹੋਣਾ <bārish paiṇā> ਬਾਰਿਸ਼ ਪੈਣਾ And how does one use the word...
  3. panjabigator

    Punjabi (maybe Urdu??): رب سببی

    Does anyone know what this mean: رب سببی? The context is from the following article in Shahmukhi Panjabi, and I can't figure out what it is supposed to mean. Could it be "God knows?" Should I need to translate this to Urdu or Gurumukhi, let me know. Thanks in advance, PG ਵਸਤੁਲਆ ਖਾਨ ਨੇ...
  4. B

    Hindi-Urdu-Punjabi: Chubna, Khubna

    The word Chubna means prick, pierce(not through and through), pinch. In Punjabi there is another word for piercing a little deeper "Khubna". Does this word meaning same or nearly same exist in any other language? Where from it has come in Punjabi?
  5. B

    Punjabi/Hindi: Down of Pigeon

    Pigeons shed down which flies about in air like snow flakes. Is there a Punjabi or Hindi word for this fluffy down (soft inner feathers)?
  6. C

    Punjabi: khaTTu

    Hi, I understand this word when used in a sentence... But I'm not sure how to use it... Does it mean : kamaaî our kamaaoo ???? I think I've heard khaTTu-kamaai karna... Can someone give a sample sentence. I am confused because I understand the word as made up of (i)kaTTha + - u (suffix...
  7. C

    Punjabi, Urdu : dabke maarna

    Hi, dabka / dabke maarna / laa(u)na This expression is very handy in Punjabi, I've heard it used to describe people who shout at others (instead of talking quietly) to get their work done / to be heard / to impress others. I think it's not far from bullying.. My question : Do we have any...
  8. C

    Punjabi: tabar

    Hi, I hear this Punjabi word used as meaning both : 1) husband (or may be spouse?), and 2) family (ghar wale) : which makes in Punjabized Urdu : udhar tabar ka tabar (= the whole family/household) chalaa gaya. Can our expert Punjabi speakers throw some lights on the use / meaning(s) and...
  9. C

    Urdu/Punjabi: Nicknames based on names

    There is of course a huge variety of nicknames in the subcontinent. However, a number of nicknames are just a changed / simplified /funny form of the original name. I think most of the nicknames I give hereunder are Punjabi and not Urdu. Do you know of any other nicknames for the following...
  10. B

    Punjabi: Morphemes in Punjabi

    Some of the morphemes in Punjabi I know are:- "Ni" Ni Kudiye. Hey girl. "Ve" Ve Mundaya. Hey boy. "Si" Kithhe gaya si. Where had you gone? "Je" Aa gaya je. He has come. "Su" Tod dita su. Lo! He has broken that. Also spoken as Bhann sitya su. "ain."- Kitthe chalya ain? Where are you going...
  11. B

    Punjabi: What is a Parandha

    This thread is linked here http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1330360 Long hair are considered an asset in women. In old times when wigs were not invented a cord faishoned out of cotton strands was woven with the braid to give deception of their length and to keep them secured...
  12. chrysalid

    Punjabi: sayonee

    Salaam alaikum, I have been listening to the Pakistani band Junoon for some time. They have a very nice song, "sayonee", and it is translated as "friend". I checked various dictionaries for that word but could not come up with anything. Could anyone help me with it? Shukriya
  13. L

    Sindhi/Punjabi: waai

    Is there any Hindi or Urdu or even English equivalent for this word, and if you recognize it, can you explain what it means exactly? Someone used it in this context: You should marinate fish in lemon and salt to avoid "waai." I asked "What is "waai?," She said Sindhis believe fish or some...
  14. B

    Punjabi: Shala-

    While listening to qawalees of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan many times I have come across a word "Shala"- Like " Shala muk jan jag ton. judayeaan. Akhian. chon. meen. wasda"- What is the meaning of this word
  15. B

    Punjabi: Maaney

    There is one word in Punjabi "Tanney" (to taunt) and I think it's same in hindi as well for I don't know an equivalent word in Hindi (Ktaksh- maybe). But in some songs I have heard the word "Manney"- Manney marda jahaan mainu sara- teri meri aun tut gayee soniyain. jivain. tutdha ambar ton...
  16. W

    Punjabi: Jesus Loves Me

    Hi. I wondering if any one knows the words to Jesus loves me in Punjabi. I have a friend who can teach me pronunciation but I need to know the lyrics. The words in English are: Jesus loves me, this I know For the bible tells me so Little ones to him belong They are weak but he is strong
  17. L

    Punjabi: saT pae gaya

    I have heard this expression, what does it mean? I am guessing something like "stuck in a difficult situation"?
  18. L

    Punjabi: place this poem

    Majnu was asked by his men, “why do you cry ‘Leila’, ‘Leila’ when she is so dark skinned?” Majnu replied “Oh friends, you do not see the beauty that I see, for let me tell you that while the pages of the Quran you read are white, the words of the Quran are written in a black ink, a black that is...
  19. panjabigator

    Punjabi and Siraiki: thaya

    I found this sentence online and I was confused to what "thaya" might be. What would this verb be in Panjabi? <hoNaa>? Is this similar to Sindhi's "to be" verb?
  20. L

    Punjabi: is it jind or zind?

    I was having a conversation in another forum about jeem/z switching in Pakistan. The main consensus was that it is only recent immigrants from India and also some speakers from Gujarati "castes" or ethnic groups who make this switch. Anyhow, the conversation led to someone posing the question of...
  21. Masood

    Punjabi: soap suds

    Hi I was wondering how you would say 'soap suds' in Punjabi. I think I might say Saaban di chagg. but I'm not sure if chagg is the right word for 'suds'. Any suggestions?
  22. panjabigator

    Punjabi: sigmatic future

    I'm very interested in learning more about the sigmatic future, a variant form of the future tense limited to Pakistani Panjabi and Seraiki dialects. Are there any uses of this tense that distinguish it from the Majhi Panjabi future, i.e. <aa.ngaa, e.ngaa, oge>, etc.? Which Panjabi dialect use...
  23. I

    Punjabi: Ishq di mere mitra pehchaan ki. Mit jaave jadon jid apnan di

    Hi, this is a dialogue in a Hindi movie. Does it mean, Ishq ki nishaani yeh hai ki agar ek baar jid kar li, to use poori karne ne ke liye miT jaayenge? I would appreciate a word by word breakup
  24. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: bhaiRi

    I don't know if this is Urdu or Punjabi, but it sounds like paiDi, and I am guessing that it means "not very good." I heard it in the context of someone referring to a singer as having a "paiDi avaaz." Do you recognize this word? Any further clarification you can give about it?
  25. F

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: ٹُك

    The use of the word Tuk ٹُك (= a while, a moment) fell into disuse nearly 150-200 years ago in Urdu. But I was wondering if this word might still be used in the various spoken dialects of either Hindi or Punjabi. Any idea? The last time I read this word was in an example of very old Urdu...
  26. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: waari jaana

    Can one use the expression waari jaana in Urdu or is this Punjabi? as in: koi kisi cheez (ya kisi shakhs) pe waari jaana I am not sure if I am using it correctly here, but I think it is supposed to mean sacrifice.
  27. L

    Punjabi: bure

    In Punjabi, what specific type of sugar is bure?
  28. C

    Urdu and Punjabi: Chavli maarna

    Gulaabi Urdu is the name given to their Urdu by Punjabi speakers.... Chavli is something like non sense, uT paTaang, bakwaas (coming from Punjabi chavval = Paagal, Bewaqoof). My questions : Has any one heard this used as an Urdu word ? Second question : I am not even sure chavlii is a...
  29. C

    Urdu and Punjabi: paaghal پاغل

    Hello, I was surprised to hear Karachites pronouncing this word : paagal, by replacing the gaaf with a ghayn... which is according to my limited knowledge a very common feature of Lahori Urdu (influence of Punjabi).... Is this a Karachi accent or a Lahori one ?
  30. C

    Punjabi/Urdu: Samdhi and Samdhan

    Salam, I never was able to find a proper translation for this kinship term, not even in Arabic.... As you know, the husband and wife's father and mother-in-laws are samdhi-samdhan to each other.... My question, what are this relationship in other Indian languages, or any other language...
  31. C

    Punjabi, Urdu: (Small) Trouble

    Hello :) How many expressions related to the following ones do you know... Rapp(h)aR pê jaana Rola pê jaana I wounder if the second one is not Urdu too.... It is used in Punjabi Urdu (well, the first one too, actually) How would you translate them in English... Thanks
  32. C

    Urdu, Punjabi : slap

    Hello :) I was amazed by the excessive number of words to translate slap... Could you say the expressions you know, and tell us with what verbs they are used and if they are Urdu or Punjabi... The basic one is ThappaR (lagaana) and is Urdu, what about others?
  33. panjabigator

    Punjabi: Bahnoi or Jeeja

    In Pakistani Panjabi, is one's sister's husband termed "bahnoi" or "jeeja?" Regards, PG
  34. C

    Punjabi: I miss you

    could anybody tell me how to say I miss you in punjabi. I am really interested in learning some more punjabi if you have any useful phrases as well, I would certainly appreciate it if you post them on the reply Thank you soo much
  35. C

    Punjabi: I love you

    How can I say I love you in Punjabi?? Thank you so much.
  36. panjabigator

    Punjabi and Sindhi: daahdii

    I haven't really heard this word too much, but I think it means "a lot" or "bahut zyaadaa." Could someone tell me a bit more about how this word is used? Main kadi vartiya nahii par janna chahunda haan:) Gurfateh
  37. F

    Urdu / Hindi / Punjabi : Jaag aa gaii

    Salam, namashkar, sat sri akal, Hello to all, Of course, in Urdu... etc... to say I'm feeling asleep... Mujhe niind aa rahii hai... However, here in Lahore, I hear a lot the other way round::: Mujhe jaag aa gaii... I woke up... (jaag treated as a feminine noun, like niind) It seems to me...
  38. A

    Punjabi: eka sadi asha jena sadi sooka bella nah dinner bonothia ha kimmir kar ke

    Hi, Can anyone translate these Punjabi lyrics from the Brimful of Asha song: eka sadi asha jena sadi sooka bella nah dinner bonothia ha kimmir kar ke. I think it means "our own asha(hope)..." Thanks!
  39. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: a sour face

    Can someone write this word for me in devnagri or nastaliq? I don't know which consonants are aspirated or not, also I am not sure if it is really and Urdu word or just a Punjabi term said in Urdu. The word means like a sour face. It is boothi or bhooti or something. In a sentence it would be...
  40. L

    Punjabi: missi roTi kha te thanDa paNee pi

    I have heard people say this expression: missi roTi kha te thanDa paNee pi This means: Eat missi roti (this is a rotee made with aTa and besan and seasoned) and drink cold water. If I have interpreted correctly, people say this when a person is anxious or worried and I think it kind of means...
  41. F

    Punjabi: Retroflex L

    Hello, As Panjabigator mentioned in an old thread, Punjabi has a retroflex 'L'. I've only heard this sound with Punjabi mohajirs from India (from Hisar area), and in the word Hole-hole... Has someone more information. In how many other words does it occur??? How is it spelt in Gurmukhi /...
  42. L

    Punjabi/Lahori Urdu: allophony between zh and y (yeh to jeh)

    I have noticed something with speakers of Urdu who are from Punjabi speaking areas. There is this tendency to say they "y" close to a "j" sound in certain words. I have noticed it in yeh, yahaan, and yoon. It is not a full "j" but somehow like somewhere in between j and y. Have you ever...
  43. L

    Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi: Rainbow

    What are some of the ways to say rainbow in these languages?
  44. L

    Punjabi: majaajin

    Can someone who speaks Punjabi explain this word? As in the Pakistani Punjabi film "Majaajin" or the PK Abrar Ul Haq song Nach majaajin nach. I have also heard the word in Indian Sikh produced bhangra songs. I have asked some non-linguists and have gotten a variety of answers. One that makes...
  45. J

    Punjabi: Suggest Punjabi grammar book?

    Does anyone know a good grammar book for learning punjabi. Preferably with IPA reference in it because I hate "phonetic spelling".
  46. L

    Punjabi: good, nice, beautiful

    xxx How do you say "nice" or "beautiful" (to refer to a nice/beautiful dress, for example). I hear people say "changaa" and "sonaa" (changaa lagdaa/sonaa lagdaa). Is this right? If so, what is the difference between the two?
  47. L

    Punjabi: Which one?

    xxx How do you ask "Which one?" (in reply to "How much is this kapraa?" (fabric)). Is it something like "keraa?" xxx
  48. L

    Punjabi: to understand

    Firstly, thanks SO much for all the help with Panjabi words/phrases so far. They've been so useful! Some of the customers in my dad's shop think I'm a Panjabi-speaking Pakistani judging from some of the words I use - LOL. To be fair, there's only limited things you need to say to customers in a...
  49. L

    Punjabi: pronouns in subject and object form

    I have a demanding request. I would like to know all the personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they) in all the subject and object forms. To help, I would like all the possible combinations of "X told Y" in Panjabi. i.e: I told you (formal/informal) I told him/her I told them...
  50. M

    Panjabi & Punjabi

    Hello! I got another nominal question. Sorry for creating more than one thread, but I try to keep the questions separate, following WR's policy. How come the two ways of writing Panjabi? One with U (Punjabi) and one with A (Panjab). Thank you! Grüsse, MarK