1. yakeline the only

    Punjabi and Urdu: janu manu

    hello everyone: i would like know what "janu manu" or "janoo manoo" means, i really dont know, A pakistani boy said me this phrase by chat, that is why i wanna know its meaning, Could anybody help me pleeeeeeeeeeease? thank you
  2. K

    Punjabi: Numbers

    what are the numbers from nineteen to thirty please?
  3. L

    Punjabi: colours

    Can somebody who speaks Punjabi tell me the colours? I work in my dad's shop sometimes and a lot of Pakistani customers come, but i only speak Urdu/Hindi and Gujarati. Although they speak in Punjabi, i can understand a lot of it, and i just reply back in Urdu. Anyway, just to help me, i need...