1. panjabigator

    Punjabi and Sindhi: daahdii

    I haven't really heard this word too much, but I think it means "a lot" or "bahut zyaadaa." Could someone tell me a bit more about how this word is used? Main kadi vartiya nahii par janna chahunda haan:) Gurfateh
  2. F

    Urdu / Hindi / Punjabi : Jaag aa gaii

    Salam, namashkar, sat sri akal, Hello to all, Of course, in Urdu... etc... to say I'm feeling asleep... Mujhe niind aa rahii hai... However, here in Lahore, I hear a lot the other way round::: Mujhe jaag aa gaii... I woke up... (jaag treated as a feminine noun, like niind) It seems to me...
  3. A

    Punjabi: eka sadi asha jena sadi sooka bella nah dinner bonothia ha kimmir kar ke

    Hi, Can anyone translate these Punjabi lyrics from the Brimful of Asha song: eka sadi asha jena sadi sooka bella nah dinner bonothia ha kimmir kar ke. I think it means "our own asha(hope)..." Thanks!
  4. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: a sour face

    Can someone write this word for me in devnagri or nastaliq? I don't know which consonants are aspirated or not, also I am not sure if it is really and Urdu word or just a Punjabi term said in Urdu. The word means like a sour face. It is boothi or bhooti or something. In a sentence it would be...
  5. L

    Punjabi: missi roTi kha te thanDa paNee pi

    I have heard people say this expression: missi roTi kha te thanDa paNee pi This means: Eat missi roti (this is a rotee made with aTa and besan and seasoned) and drink cold water. If I have interpreted correctly, people say this when a person is anxious or worried and I think it kind of means...
  6. F

    Punjabi: Retroflex L

    Hello, As Panjabigator mentioned in an old thread, Punjabi has a retroflex 'L'. I've only heard this sound with Punjabi mohajirs from India (from Hisar area), and in the word Hole-hole... Has someone more information. In how many other words does it occur??? How is it spelt in Gurmukhi /...
  7. L

    Punjabi/Lahori Urdu: allophony between zh and y (yeh to jeh)

    I have noticed something with speakers of Urdu who are from Punjabi speaking areas. There is this tendency to say they "y" close to a "j" sound in certain words. I have noticed it in yeh, yahaan, and yoon. It is not a full "j" but somehow like somewhere in between j and y. Have you ever...
  8. L

    Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi: Rainbow

    What are some of the ways to say rainbow in these languages?
  9. L

    Punjabi: majaajin

    Can someone who speaks Punjabi explain this word? As in the Pakistani Punjabi film "Majaajin" or the PK Abrar Ul Haq song Nach majaajin nach. I have also heard the word in Indian Sikh produced bhangra songs. I have asked some non-linguists and have gotten a variety of answers. One that makes...
  10. J

    Punjabi: Suggest Punjabi grammar book?

    Does anyone know a good grammar book for learning punjabi. Preferably with IPA reference in it because I hate "phonetic spelling".
  11. L

    Punjabi: good, nice, beautiful

    xxx How do you say "nice" or "beautiful" (to refer to a nice/beautiful dress, for example). I hear people say "changaa" and "sonaa" (changaa lagdaa/sonaa lagdaa). Is this right? If so, what is the difference between the two?
  12. L

    Punjabi: Which one?

    xxx How do you ask "Which one?" (in reply to "How much is this kapraa?" (fabric)). Is it something like "keraa?" xxx
  13. L

    Punjabi: to understand

    Firstly, thanks SO much for all the help with Panjabi words/phrases so far. They've been so useful! Some of the customers in my dad's shop think I'm a Panjabi-speaking Pakistani judging from some of the words I use - LOL. To be fair, there's only limited things you need to say to customers in a...
  14. L

    Punjabi: pronouns in subject and object form

    I have a demanding request. I would like to know all the personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they) in all the subject and object forms. To help, I would like all the possible combinations of "X told Y" in Panjabi. i.e: I told you (formal/informal) I told him/her I told them...
  15. M

    Panjabi & Punjabi

    Hello! I got another nominal question. Sorry for creating more than one thread, but I try to keep the questions separate, following WR's policy. How come the two ways of writing Panjabi? One with U (Punjabi) and one with A (Panjab). Thank you! Grüsse, MarK
  16. M

    Punjabi: Tones

    Hello! I'e got some other questions concerning Panjabi: How many tones does Panjabi have? How important are they? Will you be misunderstood if you use wrong tones, or if you don't use them at all? Is Panjabi the only language in South Asia which has tones? Thank you! Grüsse, MarK
  17. L

    Punjabi: prepositional phrases

    Can you tell me how to say: "next to that blue one" (Is there a "de naal" here somewhere?) "on that table over there" (on top of) "the one displayed on that mannequin over there" (pointing to mannequin) just use "dummy" for "mannequin"
  18. L

    Arabic/Persian/Urdu/Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi: to fast

    Stemming from this thread (I thought it's getting a bit off-topic), how would you say "I am fasting" in all of these languages? It is the verb used which I'm most interested in. Arabic: أصوم Urdu/Hindi: ميں نے روزا ركها ہے/मैने रोज़ा रखा है [maine rozaa rakhaa hai] Gujarati: મે રોઝો રાખેલો છે...
  19. MariadeManila

    Punjabi: Have a safe trip!

    Hi ! Anyone who could help me please? I need this to be translated in punjabi. "Have a safe trip/journey and send my regards to your family" many thanks!
  20. L

    Punjabi: common word inflections

    Hi. I would like to know the Punjabi equivalents to common inflections like these in Hindi: Future tense: (Hindi - "-enge"). For example: woh khaayenge (He will eat) Past tense: (Hindi - "thaa") For example: usne khaayaa thaa (He ate) Present tense: (Hindi - "hai") For example: woh...
  21. MariadeManila

    Punjabi: Take care of yourself and don't forget to pray

    Namaste! thanks for that my dear, but would u mind if I ask why it is called Punjabi or Panjabi? what's the difference? would u help me translate this in panjabi? "Take care of urself & don't forget to pray" thanks again!
  22. MariadeManila

    Punjabi: Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh

    Hello friends, What does this punjabi phrase means? "waheguru ji da khalsa,waheguru ji d" advanced thanks!
  23. yakeline the only

    Punjabi and Urdu: janu manu

    hello everyone: i would like know what "janu manu" or "janoo manoo" means, i really dont know, A pakistani boy said me this phrase by chat, that is why i wanna know its meaning, Could anybody help me pleeeeeeeeeeease? thank you
  24. K

    Punjabi: Numbers

    what are the numbers from nineteen to thirty please?
  25. L

    Punjabi: colours

    Can somebody who speaks Punjabi tell me the colours? I work in my dad's shop sometimes and a lot of Pakistani customers come, but i only speak Urdu/Hindi and Gujarati. Although they speak in Punjabi, i can understand a lot of it, and i just reply back in Urdu. Anyway, just to help me, i need...