1. Maharaj

    Punjabi: Kangna tera nee

    Hi, Kya aap is popular Punjabi song ki ye dou linein Hindi me likh kar unka arth bata sakte hain? Addiyan ton ki paiyan jhanjara laung mare lishkare Kagna tera ni sanu kare ishaare
  2. Maharaj

    Punjabi: Jisko papa ka aashirwaad mila usko moksh mil gaya

    Hi, I've just started learning Punjabi, I'm having difficulty speaking this in Punjabi: Jisko papa ka aashirwaad mila usko moksh mil gaya.
  3. D

    Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi: rab(b)

    In your experience is rab(b)/rabbaa "God" used equally by people of all religious backgrounds in these three languages, or is it relatively more commonly used by Muslims since it's of Arabic origin? Thanks
  4. D

    Punjabi: thai fajme

    A phrase, or rather a couple of words, was spoken in Punjabi and I had no idea what it meant. The whole sentence was - "Meh je Roos ussi gay koi sau panja bande thai fajme uhna dethe aunde sade udar jande." My understanding of that is " We went to Russia, about five hundred men thai fajme...
  5. P

    Punjabi: Chalay nal singh ni onthay

    I'm a teaching assistant for an undergraduate class which requires students to collect items of folk speech or folk practice from their friends and classmates. When an item of folk speech comes from a language usually written in a script other than Latin, the student is supposed to present both...
  6. D

    Punjabi: Difference between Tuhanu and Tenu

    Most people tell me these vocabs are interchangeable and both are the object like apko in urdu/hindi. It sounds right when I say Tenu ki pata but I feel weird if I said Tuhanu ki pata. The only example I know to use tuhanu is in the sentence I forgot about you :"Tuhanu mai pooley gey". Maybe it...
  7. D

    Punjabi: Difference between ho/kar sakna vs ho/kar sakda

    I'm pretty sure they mean the same thing (can) but I don't know when to use one or the other. For instance if I wanted to say in punjabi can i help you I would say: Kya mai tuardi madat kar sakna va or if I wanted to say Can you help me I could say in punjabi: Ki toon meri madat kar sakna vei...
  8. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: -daan دان- -दान -ਦਾਨ -triple suffix

    Hi, so far I can say that there are three (!) different suffixes -daan. This is quite a thing. 1) -daan as in bhuudaan भूदान بھودان - coming from a Sanskrit noun 'daana-' meaning 'offering, gift'. 2) -daan as in 3itr-daan ऎत्र (इतर)-दान عطردان meaning a receptacle; 3) -daan like the suffix of...
  9. K

    Punjabi: Tones of Punjabi dialects

    hey!!Can anyone tell that how can we differentiate different dialects of Punjabi on the basis of their tones?
  10. ourtimeisshort

    Punjabi/Hindi: London thumakda

    I came across a song called "London thumakda" and, judging by the words and word forms used in the song, it is at least partially Punjabi. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the verb "thumakna" in Punjabi-English dictionaries online - mostly because I haven't mastered the Punjabi script yet...
  11. S

    Punjabi: naiyo

    Hello everyone. In lots of Punjabi songs I've heard the word "naiyo", which seems to have the same meaning as "nahin". At first I thought it was just "nahin" + "oh", but in Punjabi song lyrics on the internet they tend to transcribe it as "naiyo" (yes, ad-hoc Latinisation for song lyrics isn't...
  12. S

    Urdabi: Xaak variant kak or kakh?

    Dear Foreros, During conversations with punjabis or in punjabi households the state of complete ignorance and knowing xaak is referred to as either kakh ککہ or kak کک . I would highly appreciate it if someone could come forward and state which one it in actuality happens to be. "FalaaN/FulaaN...
  13. S

    Urdabi: "O laal nii" in meraa piiyaa ghar aayaa

    Dear Foreros, In the ghazal meraa piiyaa ghar aayaa o Laal nii, how would you translate "Laal nii?" Piiyaa ghar aayaa manifestly stands for my beloved has come home, now Laal is also used for a beloved primarily one's son/offspring but in this case who is being reffered to in the Laal nii bit...
  14. S

    Urdu/Punjabi: Waarii/Waaraa jaaoN

    Dear Foreros', Is the male equivalent of waarii jaaoN, waaraa jaaoN? Or in fact there is no distinction in this regard as is the case with qurbaan and sadaqah? This question comes in light of this highly informative thread Urdu/Punjabi: waari jaana . Best Regards, Sheikh
  15. D

    Punjabi: Verb tenses and roots

    Salamalekom! Could you give me a brief explanation of the verb tenses in Punjabi by using some essential verbs? Verbs like: Do, like, give, get, take, put, look,see,hear,eat,come,be,go...etc. and could you also tell me how to know the root of the verbs in Punjabi? I know theres another post like...
  16. D

    Punjabi: Significance of Ho or Hai at the end of a question.

    Hi, I'm born in Britain but I speak (very bad) punjabi with my grandparents and although I can understand them very well I can't speak Punjabi very well. But when I hear my university friend speak Punjabi, the type of Punjabi he speaks sounds a lot more like a Hindi accent to my untrained ears...
  17. T

    Punjabi - Sanskritization

    Does Punjabi have a Sanskritized and non-Sanskiritized version that is spoken between Pakistan and India?
  18. S

    Punjabi, Urdabi: Chambaa

    Dear Foreros, I would like to know what "chambaa" in a famed ruxsaatii song which starts off with "saDaa chiRiiyaaN daa chambaa" stands for? For some reason there are contradictory translations online, I felt chambaa means a flock of birds, in this case sparrows but some online sources state...
  19. M

    Pakistani Punjabi: salwaar kamiiz, shalwaar qamiis, shalwaar qamiiz

    Which of the above pronunciations is used in Pakistani Punjabi, or is another pronunciation used instead? Thanks
  20. S

    Punjabi: ਡੋਡਾ/ڈوڈا vs ਭੁੱਕੀ/بُھکی

    Hey guys, how are you! I'm sorry to ask a question on this topic, but unfortunately I do hear these words thrown around in the local community quite a bit. I seem to hear some people using DoDaa and pùkkii as if they are consumed in two different ways. I thought that DoDaa just meant "poppy...
  21. M

    Pakistani Punjabi: ninety

    Hi, What is the usual word for ninety? Thanks
  22. N

    Punjabi (gurmukhi): Grilled chicken and wedge potatoes

    somebody can translate it in gurmukhi punjabi please: Grilled Chicken + 2 naan (bread) + Salad + Wedge Potatoes
  23. S

    Punjabi: Is tone sometimes used to complement stress?

    I've long noticed that words like pushaak, xudaa, kalaam, Bashiireyaa will be pronounced by some Punjabi speakers as pṷsháak~pᵊsháak, xṷdáa, kᵊláam~kláam, Bᵊshíireya~Bshíireya. That is, vowels before a stressed syllable are very reduced in length, sometimes in quality or even deleted. Strong...
  24. L

    Punjabi, Urdu, or Hindi proverb meaning "can't pick fruit without climbing the tree?"

    I've been instructed to provide the original wording for a proverb from north India that translates literally as "to pick fruit, you have to climb the tree." I'm stumped. This sounds too superficial to be a real proverb, but it might be a simplified version. If anyone can give me the original...
  25. F

    Pashto, Punjabi, Urdu: ډېره ਡੇਰਾ ڈيره

    This question is regarding the degree of mutual intelligibility (or lack thereof) of the Pashto word ډېره (pronounced ɖe̞·ra) with Punjabi. I would use it interchangeably with the word ਬਹੁਤ بہُت which is an adjective meaning much, many, etc.. Example: A Punjabi speaker gives you some food...
  26. F

    Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Urdu: مننه

    In your opinion, will مننه (if used for thank you) be understood by Punjabi speakers? I would use it for thank you, like Punjabi ਧੰਨਵਾਦ or Hindi धन्यवाद. This question is intended for Punjabi speakers, as I am curious to know if مننه would be understood by some of them.Note: مننه is understood...
  27. M

    Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu: flower names

    I hope this thread is appropriate. I wanted to discuss the names of flowers. One particular flower group I'm interested in is Hibiscus. Are the guRhal and aRhul flowers both called Hibiscus? What names would you use for it? (Most of the results in Platts don't represent the modern...
  28. Q

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: chaa'e vaa'e (echo words)

    Friends, just a light hearted topic. An Urdu and I presume a Hindi speaker would say "chaa'e vaa'e piyo ge?". In Punjabi it is normally "chaa shaa", "roTii-shoTii" etc. Is this how it is Urdu and Hindi? Are there other ways of expressing this kind of construction?
  29. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: why?

    Dear members, members to be and all the ones in short who care to have a look, The question is about the pronunciation but also about the etymology and all pieces of information which we are able to put together. Why? Because "why" is so common that it tends to have variations in pronunciation...
  30. D

    (Pakistani) Punjabi: capital city

    Is raaj-ghar used for capital city? I would interpret this to mean a palace instead. Thanks.
  31. S

    Punjabi: use of subjunctive

    I'll write this one in English because I'm not sure how to talk about grammar in Punjabi, but feel free to respond in Punjabi or Hindi-Urdu if you yourself are capable of it, it would help me practice and I understand it written better than I can write it. There's a whole range of verb...
  32. S

    Punjabi: تھلّے، ہیٹھ، نیجے

    اس الفاظاں دے وچوں کیہ فرق اے؟ اردو وچّ سرف "نیچے" کہندے نیں، اہس لیئ شاید ایہہ ٹھیٹھ پنجابی نہیں ہووے۔ لیکن "تھلّے" تے "ہیٹھ" 'چوں کوئ فرق اے یا نہیں؟
  33. S

    Punjabi: رلتی

    http://www.wichaar.com/news/117/ARTICLE/31492/2014-12-20.html رلتی کی ہوندا اے؟ گوگل تے لبھن توں بعد مینوں سرف اہس "وچار" وبسائٹ دے لنک ملے نیں۔ اہس ارٹکل وچ ترے "رلتی" واری ملیا۔ مثال : "جی ایچ کیو حملے وچ رلتی اک دہشت گرد نوں پھانسی دے دتی گئی اے۔" Translation in case what I wrote was...
  34. G

    Punjabi: راج کرے گا خالصہ باقی رہے نہ کوئی

    "Raj karuugaa xaalSah, baaqii rahe nah ko" is the title of a chapter in shahaabnaamah (p.63). Is the language Panjabi? :)Thanks for an answer.
  35. Kahaani

    Punjabi, Hindi: Madhorama Pencha

    Hi all, I recently saw the movie monsoon wedding and I thought the family was Punjabi so I just assumed the folk song they were singing was Punjabi too. However, after examining the lyrics (the part that I could understand at least) I did have my doubts. Maybe you could help me out. ...ni gore...
  36. A

    Hindi: Punjabi influenced Hindi as spoken in Delhi

    Hi friends, Could someone please provide with me typical Punjabi 'slang' as it is seen in the Hindi spoken around Delhi! I'd like to master that accent. :P I'm referring to stuff like kardiyo instead of karo which I believe shows someone's Punjabi background! I already learned Hindi! Thanks!
  37. marrish

    Punjabi: bandaa/bandah

    In the thread "behave/behaviour", the Punjabi phrase 'bandah baNR jaa' was mentioned. bandaa is a common noun meaning a (hu)man, to the best of my knowledge. I am not sure whether it should be spelt with -ah or -aa ending but I tend to go with the latter. What is more intriguing is the...
  38. I

    Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi: mairaa/tairaa vs meraa/teraa (ɛː vs. eː)

    Hello all, I am curious as to whether anybody on this forum has ever heard "mairaa/tairaa" in place of "meraa/teraa" for "my/mine" and "your/yours", respectively. This is a bad habit of mine, being an English native speaker, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I've also heard these from...
  39. Q

    Punjabi-Urdu-Hindi: voiceless and voiced H

    I am starting this thread as a consequence of a recent thread named "visarga pronunciation". http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2909577 I have for long been aware of a difference in the pronunciation of the Punjabi h, as in haTT paraaN! (haT pare!) Would I be correct in assuming...
  40. panjabigator

    Punjabi: to cut

    Good evening, Curiosity about the words ਕੱਪਣਾ and ਵੱਢਣਾ। Are they completely synonymous with ਕੱਟਣਾ? Instances where you'd use one and not the other? Many thanks, PG
  41. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: maiN hii ne میں ہی نے मैं ही ने ਮੈਂ ਹੀ ਨੇ

    Is "maiN hii ne" usual and does it sound well? کیونکہ میں ہی نے یہ فرمایا ہے kyoNkih maiN hii ne yih farmaayaa hae. From an Urdu version of the Old Testament (Ezekiel), verse 34. What are the known grammar rules on the subject?
  42. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: unanesthetized slaughter

    Vegetarians, I ask your pardon and many others. This is a language question. Now that I have asked a question about a Hindu festival of Navaratri, I'd like to know more about the Muslim one which falls incidentally about on the same day. In many countries there is a tendency to or legislation...
  43. marrish

    Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and others: jay maataa dii

    Hi, In India it is often exclaimed by people ' jay maataa dii '. Some still say ' jay maataa jii'. My friend said he was going to worship God by performing a 'puujaa' to the Goddess, he was not sure if he was going to do it alone or with his family. He said 'maataajii kii puujaa karuuN gaa"...
  44. marrish

    Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu: Navaratri

    Now that Navaratri is bound to be observed, please give it's names in the target languages.
  45. marrish

    All IIR Languages: rape

    Dear all of the moment, I've been hesitating for a long time, approximately for two years, to ask this question as due to international press reports of rape cases in India it made me think how it is addressed in the target languages and I wished to avoid being the one who brings this topic to...
  46. S

    Urdu/Persian/Punjabi: To mean business

    Dear forum members, In this thread i wold like to ask how would speakers' of all three languages above express the following sentiment i.e. that "someone means business". This English saying is used when you are absolutely sure that a certain someone is up for a task and won't take "No "for an...
  47. S

    Punjabi: "kileh te bhajaa katta bara zor da tap da hai"

    Dear forum members, The metaphor given above is related to pet cattle. Firstly, I would like to know if anyone is familiar with it or it is merely a dialectal phrase understood by very few. From what I have understood the following is what it conveys: A pet cattle tied to a stump dances with...
  48. marrish

    Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi: child to father: father

    Recently there's a thread about talking to children in Hindi or in Urdu. I would like to know what usages there are for the three languages, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi when a child calls his or her father, as well as what father calls himself because it is likely to be similar. Now, paapaa...
  49. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: windy

    Hi, How would you say "windy weather" in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi? Thanks.
  50. Q

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: To go off on a tangent

    We are all probably guilty of going off on a tangent in our discussions in this forum sometime or other. How would you express this concept in any of the languages listed in the thread title?