1. panjabigator

    Punjabi: Present tense

    Greetings all, I've wanted to start this conversation for so long now, but I'm afraid that I may have already and am unable to locate it. I'll ask for your pardon in case I've committed the unspeakable. Punjabi has two ways of forming a present tense. One way takes the stem and tacks on "da"...
  2. panjabigator

    Punjabi: vowel sounds

    Greetings: I've noticed that the short vowels I use in my Punjabi don't really match the Malwai Punjabi I heard everyday in India. The short "i" from "kis" sounds a bit more like "kes," or maybe something in between. Kind of like "ithhe" and "aithhe." The short "u" from "uddhar" becomes...
  3. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: What kind of accent has /s/ ellipsis?

    There are some people who have a type of accent in their Urdu, I believe they are Punjabiphones, and they sometimes drop /s/ in certain places. Like they say masjid as majjid (have heard this widely) and ao mere paas as ao mere paa'. What type of accent is this and what is the underlying reason...
  4. F

    Punjabi: ਜੂਠਾ

    I know what ਜੂਠਾ means but I was just wondering what the equivalent English word would be. Can it even be represented by a single English word?
  5. panjabigator

    Punjabi: karde ne, karden

    Greetings: I'm told that the third person plural auxiliary verb "ne" is a trait of "shairi" Punjabi speakers. My friend from a Punjabi village in the Malwa district of Indian Punjab will say things like "oh otthe jānde" whereas I'd tack on a "ne" at the end of that sentence. I'd say things like...
  6. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: bastii vasdii - V->B shifts

    In another thread when we were discussing a vegetable, hindiurdu wrote: Why this shouldn't serve as a pretext for discussing what is described above. As the first person to start the discussion I'd like to deal with the last sentence: Punjabi: vastiyaaN vas paiNdiyaaN Hindi/Urdu: bastiyaaN...
  7. panjabigator

    Punjabi: chhaju

    Greetings: I just read this proverb and wondered about the word "chhaju." Is there a verb ਛੱਜਣਾ چھجنا, and if so, is this the subjunctive form of the verb? Maybe this is related to "chhajj." I appreciate the help. PG
  8. L

    Punjabi: Kaur

    Do only Sikh women use Kaur? Are there Muslims Kaurs?
  9. Q

    Punjabi: saNR vs san

    In another thread I suggested to Alfaaz that for the verb "to be" in the 3rd person plural, the Punjabi verb is "saNR" and not "san" in the past tense. marrish SaaHib indicated that "san" is correct. A couple of questions for friends on this forum who know Punjabi.. Do you say "saNR" or "san"...
  10. K

    Punjabi: Pillar

    Dear All, What are some of the Punjabi words for the English 'pillar'?
  11. Q

    Punjabi: The gradual NR > n shift

    In the "honii de Hiile" thread, I pointed to Alfaaz that the word is "hoNRii" and in the quoted Punjabi verse I said that the third person plural for the verb "to be" in the past tense was "saNR" and not "san". There was a "disagreement" shown by marrish SaaHib over my latter remark although he...
  12. A

    Punjabi: ہونی دے حیلے

    Background: Muneer Niazi: ہونی دے حیلے : کجھ انج وی راہواں اوکھیاں سن کجھ گل وچ غم دا طوق وی سی کجھ شہر دے لوک وی ظالم سن کجھ مینوں مرن دا شوق وی سی Question: (This is a really vague one, but...:)) What does this part of the poem mean....? Is the poet presenting a حیلہ for whatever...
  13. Q

    Punjabi: Dying or forgotten words

    There are lots of "TheTh" Punjabi words which one hears in perhaps Punjabi films or from the older generation. In Pakistani Punjab, these are invariably substituted with Urdu equivalents. One such Urdu equivalent is "balkih". Possibly, a similar situation exists in the Indian Punjab, where...
  14. Q

    Punjabi: magar

    If someone said to me, translate the following sentence into Punjabi.. "He started chasing after me."...my first choice would be.. o mere magar/maGhar lag gayaa. For "Get off my back" (not literally), I would say "mere maGhroN lo_h". People also use this word in the following sense. "mere...
  15. Q

    Punjabi: xore/wavre

    The other day marrish SaaHib was asking about a Punjabi word "lax" which surprisingly had a "x" sound when the word was n't of Persio-Arabic origins! Another word which is pronounced with "x" is "xore/xavre" and the best translation that I can think for it is "I wonder.." (jaane). Where does...
  16. Q

    Punjabi: horii

    I believe the word is "horii" and to illustrate its usage I'll try to construct a couple of sentences. 1. Bulle Shah horii te baRe vaDDe shaa'ir hoye ne. 2. tusiiN Qureshpor horaaN nuuN jaaNRde o? I know in the second sentence this word is seemingly different but I think there is a...
  17. Q

    Punjabi-Urdu-Hindi-Persian: Similarity of words with English

    Only the other day there was mention of words having similarities. I think it started with the Arabic "banaa" (To build/He built) and the conversation moved onto Urdu/Hindi "banaanaa" (and somehow, I think to the fruit "banana"!). We know that the Arabic and Urdu/Hindi would be a pure...
  18. marrish

    Punjabi: lax

    One comes across an interjection in Punjabi, lax la3nat. May I please ask for the exact meaning of it?
  19. Q

    Urdu-Hind-Punjabi: Talk of the devil!

    Not too many moments ago, I was talking with a dear friend when a certain person's name came up in the conversation. Then, lo and behold, that very person "appeared". In such circumstances, in English one utters, "Talk of the devil"! How would we express this sentiment in our languages?
  20. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: taash ke pattoN ke naam

    marrish SaaHib has mentioned "chiRii" as name of a "suit" in another thread. To start this thread, what do you call the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the four "suits" in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi?
  21. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Secret Squirrel

    You must have come across people who hardly say anything in a gathering of people. They listen quite attentively themselves making the usual facial impressions as the situation demands. But you don't really get to know them because they are so secretive, perhaps unnecessarily. I am not sure if...
  22. F

    Urdu-Hindi/ Punjabi /Persian: knight

    The word knight was mentioned by QP SaHib here (post 15). Now literally, faaris means a rider in both the Arabic original and Urdu but faaris in Arabic also has the meaning of knight. So I think we too can use it so: بخدا فارس ِ میدان ِ تہور ِتھا حر ایك دو لاكھ سواروں میں بہادر تھا حر نار...
  23. Q


    The word "DhiiT" (Punjabi T_hiiTh) has a wide range of meanings (as per Platts) including "shameless", "barefaced", "insolent", "rude" etc but the meanings that interest me in this thread are "obstinate" and "stubborn". What other Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi words convey this meaning. I must admit...
  24. K

    Punjabi: You have a nice smile

    Hi, How can I say "you have a beautiful smile" to a guy, in Punjabi, Haryvani, and Hindi? And what other nice phrases involving the smile do you suggest?
  25. Q

    Punjabi: Tone representation in Shahmukhi

    We know that Punjabi is a "tone" language and possibly the best examples that one can offer are: kÒRaa (horse)-low tone kORaa (bitter)-middle tone (or no tone) kÓRaa (leper)- high tone How could these three words be written in Shahmukhi?
  26. panjabigator

    Punjabi: "laiNRaa" and "ghinNRaa"

    Greetings: Siraiki, Hindko, Pahadi, and some dialects of Punjabi use the verb "ghinNRaa" for to "to take." I'm curious if this verb is pronounced with a falling tone or not. And would "ghinNRaa" speakers also say "laiNRaa" as well? This verb would not be widely understood on the Indian side...
  27. panjabigator

    Punjabi: taim sir

    Greetings, Can anyone tell me more about this word "sir," as in the sentence "taim sir aapNRaa kamm kareo" or "oh bandaa nit taim sir aaundai." I would say "'time' se" in Urdu for this construction.
  28. panjabigator

    Punjabi: han ہن

    Greetings: In Standard Indian Punjabi, the auxiliary verb for the third person plural is "han," something that I have never heard spoken at home or by anyone I know. Recently, though, I've noticed that some people do say "han" when they're speaking formally. And come to think of it, a friend of...
  29. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi/Persian: achaar, aachaar (pickle)

    I am starting this thread in order to change the flavour of the forum! Usually, Fatima SaaHibah asks food related questions but recently BP SaaHib has also joined in when he began a thread on "torii/tora'ii". So, not wishing to stay behind I thought I would talk about "achaar" (pickle) The...
  30. panjabigator

    Punjabi: تھندا thi.nda

    I've learned that this word تھندا means oily. Anwar Masood uses it in his "Chah te Lassi" to describe lassi's detrimental (sebaceous inducing) effects on containers: "te tainū.n pīN de lai je koi bhā.nḍe de vich pāve, thi.ndā ho jāve bhā.nḍā, nāle mushk nā osdī jāve." I didn't know lassi had...
  31. panjabigator

    Punjabi: "tarkāuNā" for "mailā karnā"

    Example sentence: "tū.n baRe taRke kapRe pae ne" Have I understood this sentence to mean "you're wearing filthy clothes" correctly? Can you tell me more about this word? Is it commonly used? Well understood? Cheers, PG
  32. panjabigator

    Punjabi: "paṭṭī" as a suffix

    Greetings: I've been transcribing Anwar Masood's poetry from youtube lately to get a better grip on his intonation and delivery. The following comes from an incredibly intelligent mubaahisaa between chah and [I]lassi. *I don't know how we transliterate the shaddah here, but I think this...
  33. panjabigator

    Punjabi: توٹ to mean گھاٹ

    Has anyone ever heard the word توٹ to mean گھاٹ or کمی in Punjabi? Context: os nū.n kade kise gall dī toṭ nahīN sī āuN dītī.
  34. A

    Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi: Gender and terms of endearment

    Hi, I have a question regarding fathers and their terms of endearment for sons. Do fathers normally use phrases such as: - mere laal - raaje (i.e. vocative of raaja) when referring to sons? Or are these terms restricted to mothers? Thanks, Amir
  35. eskandar

    Punjabi: nu (and other postpositions)

    Does "nu" in Punjabi correspond to "ko" in Hindi/Urdu? Through listening to lots of Punjabi qawwalis, manqabats, and other music, I've started to pick out some of the postpositions and compare them to my incredibly limited knowledge of Urdu (ie. "da/di/de" corresponds to "ka/ki/ke"; "vich"...
  36. panjabigator

    Punjabi: continuous tense

    Greetings: I apologize for not writing in Gurumukhi (computer issues). I've noticed that we have several ways of expressing the continuous tense in Punjabi. I'll use کرنا (karnaa) as an example. Please do let me know if I need to transliterate to the Roman script. ۱ میں کم کر رہا اں ۲ میں کم...
  37. Q

    Urdu-Hindi and Punjabi: -ke pahle vs -se pahle

    I instinctively use -se pahle although I have seen -ke pahle noted in Urdu grammar books. Today, I came across a piece written by the noted Urdu critic and poet, janaab-i-Shamsur Rahman Faruqi SaaHib. This is the sentence in question.. Miir ne yih masnavii dillii chhoRne ke pahle ya3nii 1782 ke...
  38. C

    Persian/ Punjabi/ Urdu/ Hindi: Friends for ever

    Hello friends.... I am looking to say "Friends Forever". For example, a picture of 2 girls and below picture words "Friends Forever". When I translated it to Hindi I recieved हमेशा के लिए दोस्तों. is that correct or is there a better wy to say it? I am also looking at saying this in...
  39. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Khushwant/xushvant

    What is the etymology of the word "Khushwant" as in "Khushwant Singh"? Does it have any Persian connections?
  40. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: On hindsight..

    How would you express, "On hindsight"?
  41. Abu Talha

    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: yih gaaRii dhone waalii ho gai hai

    Hello, Can you say, "yih gaaRii dhone waalii ho gai hai" for "This car needs to be washed"? The reason I'm asking is that dhonaa is transitive so I would think one should use dhulnaa here, unless waalaa can be used with either the subject or the object. Thanks.
  42. Q

    Punjabi-Urdu-Hindi: The consonant h

    In "TheTh" Punjabi accent, if I were to say the word "haTT" as in "haTT paraaN" for Urdu-Hindi "haT pare", the "h" in the Punjabi "haTT" to my ears is quite different from the Urdu-Hindi "h". I am no linguist so I shall try to explain it in the best way I can. In Punjabi, the h sounds "drier"...
  43. Q

    Punjabi-Urdu-Hindi: Paindu/Pendu/PeNDuu

    Paindu/Pendu/PeNDuu has frequently been used in this forum. The latest entrant has been Alfaaz SaaHib/ah. I am interested in knowing what latent meanings are attached to this otherwise innocent looking word. Prior to visiting this forum, I thought this word just meant a "villager". It seems I...
  44. L

    Pahari - Punjabi: Allah ne marzi

    Used to express condolences for someone's death - can someone tell me if the potwari phrase "Allah ne marzi" has the same meaning as the urdu "Allah ki marzi"? (ie: ne = ki)
  45. marrish

    Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi: dard (gender)

    Hi, the noun dard in Urdu, meaninng pain is a peculiar word. I hear it very commonly being used as a feminine noun, like مجھے درد ہو رہی ہے mujhe dard ho rahii hai. I haven't yet come across of this gender assignment in [classical] Urdu poetry or prose. Platts doesn't acknowledge the feminine...
  46. Abu Talha

    Punjabi: suggestions for Punjabi grammar book

    Hello, I hope this is within the scope of the forum. I was wondering if someone could recommend a comprehensive book on Punjabi grammar that I could use to teach myself Punjabi. If one exists which is written as a coursebook but doubles as a reference grammar that would be preferable. Also, I...
  47. A

    Hindustani/Punjabi: Gender and the word 'Jaan'

    Hi, I just wrote a whole post that got lost in cyberspace. I will summarize again. Essentially I have a question on the use of the word 'Jaan' as a term of endearment. Specifically: 1) "Meri jaan" -- is this just used by females to men (i.e. wives to husbands, mothers to sons?) or also males...
  48. I

    Punjabi: ਵਿੱਢਣਾ / ودھنا (viḍḍhṇā)

    Hello all, My dictionary states that this verb carries the meaning "to start, begin". Is the meaning the same as śurū hoṇā (ਸ਼ੁਰੂ ਹੋਣਾ / شروع ہونا)? If not, can you provide some demonstrative examples? If so, what's the transitive equivalent (like śurū karnā)? Note: I made an error in the...
  49. I

    Punjabi: partṇā vs. vāpas āuṇā vs. muṛnā

    partṇā (ਪਰਤਣਾ / پرتنا) vs. vāpas āuṇā ( ਵਾਪਸ ਆਉਣਾ / واپس آنا) vs. muṛna (ਮੁੜਨਾ / مڑنا) Hello all, Are the aforementioned verbs identical in meaning? I've been told that they are, but would like confirmation. My understanding is that partṇā is dialectical. Where in Punjab is this word commonly...
  50. I

    Punjabi: vassna (وسنا / ਵੱਸਣਾ) vs. rahina (رہنا / ਰਹਿਣਾ)

    (Forgive me for any errors I make when using Shahmukhi!) I'm currently trying to "purge" my Punjabi of deeper influence from Hindi and Urdu. I realize that this is somewhat pointless given the undeniable impact both have had on the language, as well as their basic shared vocabulary, but my goal...