1. Q

    Punjabi: The verb chaluNGNRaa

    Supposing you were unfortunate enough to have your bathroom flooded and the water was standing ankle deep on the floor! You wood possibly begin by filling bucketfuls of water and then pour it into the bath itself. At a later stage you might use a towel to soak up the water and then rinse it into...
  2. M

    Punjabi: what's "bili"?

    Algú em podria ajudar amb el significat de "bili" en punjabi/ panjabi? Agrairia qualsevol ajuda. Moltes gràcies. Alguien puede ayudarme con el significado de "bili" en punjabi? He encontrado algunas páginas que su significado es blanco. Gracias por la ayuda I need to know the meaning of...
  3. M

    Punjabi : "bili"

    NEcesito saber el significado de "bili" en punjabi i la fuente de la información.He encontrado en algunas webs que su traducción es blanco, cojín o ganar. Agradeceria cualquier ayuda. MUchas gracias. I need to know the meaning of "bili" in punjabi and where you found the information. I have...
  4. panjabigator

    Punjabi: especially

    A while back, Qureshpor Sahib mentioned that his family uses another word for ਖ਼ਾਸ ਤੌਰ ਨਾਲ خاص طور نال. I unfortunately can't locate this post any more, but I did find the word اچیچی ਉਚੇਚੀ in a Shahmukhi text today (Sedhan by Najam Hussain Syed). Is this the word used in speech? Best wishes, PG
  5. J

    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: crowbar

    Hi, Any one can tell me the accurate name for Crowbar in "Hindi".
  6. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Gardener/Garden

    One comes across the common word "maalii" for a "gardener" in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. There is also of course "maalaa" for a "garland". I am wondering what the related word for "garden" is. And here is a Punjabi couplet. maalii daa kam paaNRii deNRaa p_har p_har mashqaaN paave maalik daa kam...
  7. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi:The Subjunctive Mood

    I am starting a thread on the topic of "Subjunctive Mood" because in another thread entitled " Hindi/Awadhi/Bhojpuri: "Daal and bhaat chaah kar ke khaao" Athansios asked the question, "...What exactly is a subjunctive?". In Urdu/Hindi tense system, there is one tense which older grammars...
  8. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi-Persian: I don't have a crystal ball!

    How would you express something like: I could n't have known. I don't have a crystal ball. In Urdu, would "jaam-i-janaaN-numaa" be a suitable "tool" to look into the hidden?
  9. panjabigator

    Punjabi: rising tone or level tone

    Greetings all, One of the many pluses of Punjabi is that its plurality means that you'll encounter a different speech pattern everywhere you go. Not just vocabulary differences but tonal ones as well. Since I am most exposed to Malwai, that is the dialect I'm trying to speak (though it's not...
  10. L

    Hindi or Punjabi: How to thank or praise a talented musician

    There is a word that I forget, which is what you exclaim after someone of extraordinary talent has performed or accomplished something amazing. I think the definition is something akin to giving thanks or bowing down in reverence, something to do with the gift a musician/performer/chef has...
  11. Q

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: Melons

    Muskmelon is called "Kharbuuzah" in Urdu. In Punjabi it is "khakhRii". The watermelon is known by two names, tarbuuz and hindvaanah. Kharbuuzah, tarbuuz/hindvaanah are from Persian. Are there seperate Hindi words for these two fruits?
  12. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Quarantine

    What do we use for "Quarantine" in Punjabi/Urdu/Hindi?
  13. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Curfew

    What would the Punjabi/Urdu/Hindi equivalents be for "curfew"?
  14. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Boycott

    I think that almost invariably we use the English word "Boycott" in the sense of "boycotting" a country's trade, sports etc. "Embargo" is another word with a similar meaning. What word would we use in our respective languages for "Boycott"?
  15. panjabigator

    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: تراشنا तराशना

    Greetings: I'm curious to know if the word "tarāshnā" is used in Hindi or Punjabi. I believe it is used to cut w/ some finesse rather than just plain "kāṭnā" or even even "katarnā". Kh, PG
  16. panjabigator

    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: crying

    Greetings: Just some general questions about crying that I'd like to straighten out. 1) I've never really used "lenā" or "denā" with "ronā", though I've heard them in songs. How might we distinguish them from plain old, regular crying? I'd imagine that "ro lenā" involves crying because of...
  17. Q


    If one is unfortunate enough to get a very small piece of glass or more often wood, otherwise known as a "splinter", what would it be in your respective languages?
  18. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Reluctant

    Searching the whole of Platts yields only one entry for "reluctant" and even then it does not provide its meaning. What would your equivalent be in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi? For "reluctantly", "baa-dil-i-naaKhvaastah" comes to mind. But, what would we say for "reluctant"?
  19. Q

    Punjabi-Hindi-Urdu: machh-linked words

    I think that "maachhii", "machhu'aa" and "machheraa" are related words. How would you translate these three into English? "machheraa" no doubt is the easiest!
  20. M

    Punjabi: Pyaar naal na sahi پیار نال نہ سہی

    Can anyone please help me identify what language this is and translate? A friend of mine sent it to me and asked if I could help find a way to figure it out. She's not very internet savvy which is why I'm asking.
  21. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Behave/Behaviour

    If you were telling a child, "Behave!", how would you say in Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi? Also, could you please come up with suitable words for "behaviour". In a gathering at an Urdu speaking university friend's house, a Punjabi friend's wife said to their small boy "insaan baNR!" [insaan ban] by which...
  22. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Embarrassment,shyness and shame

    There seems to be a close connection in the choice of words for Embarrassment, shyness and shame. Can we please discuss various words in Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi which convey these meanings.
  23. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Adjectives for colour

    We have had a thread for names of colours. This one is for adjectives describing them. I would like to know which word/s you use to describe: dark deep fast
  24. Q

    Hindi-Punjabi-Urdu: pitaa-samaan

    In Hindi one comes across the sentence, "vuh merii maata-samaan" haiN. This means, "She is like a mother to me". In Punjabi I have heard the equivalent term, "maaN-bajaa". Do we have something similar in Urdu?
  25. A

    Punjabi: past tense forms

    Hi I'm trying to get to grips with Punjabi as it is spoken in Huddersfield, UK. I'm working on transcripts of children telling stories. I have a lot of questions (!) that I haven't yet managed to find answers to... very excited to find this forum and hoping someone can help. For starters...
  26. panjabigator

    Punjabi: dream

    Curious, is the word ਸੁਪਣਾ سپنا (supNaa) ever used in Pakistani Punjabi, or is the word always خواب?
  27. L

    Pakistani Urdu/Punjabi: muhaajir

    In another thread, Qureshpor referred to Punjabi Pakistani muhaajirs. Though technically any migrant is a muhaajir, in my observation, when someone is labeled a muhaajir, or perhaps belongs to a muhaajir organization or club, only Indian origin Urdu-speakers are meant by this social distinction...
  28. Q

    Punjabi/Urdu: Allah huu

    Although my question appears on surface to be an Arabic language query, which it is, nevertheless it is confined to Punjabi/Urdu literary background- perhaps more precisely to Punjabi/Urdu muslim background. You will have heard the well known qavvaalii by the Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, "Allah...
  29. Q

    Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi: Adjective emphasis.

    In Punjabi, there is a somewhat strange way to emphasise colour adjectives. At least I am aware of a couple of examples. There might be more. chiTTaa safaid/safaid chiTTaa = extremely white kaalaa shaah*/shaah* kaalaa = jet black chiTTaa/safaid both mean white *shaah is the corrupted form of...
  30. Q

    Punjabi/Urdu/Hindi: Ice cold

    In Punjabi, we have the following way to express "Ice cold" type of formation. Ice cold (sharbat) = ThaNDaa barf (sharbat) You will have noticed that the adjective comes first. There is intonation in the pronunciation. Other similar examples are: Silk smooth = kuulaa paTT (smooth as a...
  31. Q

    Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu: Lukewarm, warm

    In Punjabi, "warm" is "kosaa". What is the equivalent word in Urdu/Hindi? And is Lukewarm the same as warm? I know "Morris Dancing" does n't mean someone called Morris dancing away but who is Luke anyway!?:)
  32. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: Hot

    In Punjabi one word for "hot" is "tattaa". We know it is "garm" in Urdu. Do Hindi speakers use "tattaa" as well or do they use only "garm"? I think modern Farsi speakers use "daaGh" for hot, believe it or not! And for them "garm" is just plain warm (?).
  33. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: Safed

    In Punjabi, for skin colour both "goraa" and "chiTTaa" are used. For milk, for example, we would use "chiTTaa" only. Before "safed", what would have been the KhaRii-Bolii word for "safed". Does modern "High Hindi" use just "safed" or is there another word too?
  34. Q

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi:Hazaar

    What Indic word for "thousand" was being used before "hazaar" landed in the subcontinent?
  35. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: kursii

    We are blessed with languages which draw their vocabulary from Sanskrit/KhaRi-Bolii base on the one hand and Arabic, Persian, English and other languages on the other. At once we can have at least three equivalents for the same concept. raat/lailah/shab suuraj/shams/aaftaab jii/qalb/dil...
  36. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: kursii

    We are blessed with languages which draw their vocabulary from Sanskrit/KhaRi-Bolii base on the one hand and Arabic, Persian, English and other languages on the other. At once we can have at least three equivalents for the same concept. raat/lailah/shab suuraj/shams/aaftaab jii/qalb/dil...
  37. F

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: robot

    The technical term for a robot in Urdu and Hindi are: ruubalah (روبالہ) in Urdu and yantr maanav (यंत्रमानव) in Hindi. At least these have been proposed! But since robots include humanoid forms of mechanical devices that can be either masculine or feminine in appearance, we can discuss...
  38. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: Utopia

    We have had reasonable "success" with "Nostolgia". Let's see how Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi speakers cope with the "challenge" posed by "Utopia". How would we express the concept behind this word?
  39. Q


    The word aagaa= the front of vs. piichhaa= the rear part aage= in front of/ before (time and space) vs. piichhe= behind/after (time and space) aglaa= aage vaalaa vs. pichhlaa= piichhe vaalaa aglaa= next/ what is in front(time/space) vs. pichhlaa= last/ what is behind (time/space)...
  40. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: One bite, two bites.

    In Punjabi, a bite is "chak". So one bite is "ik chak" and two bites is "do chak". Can we express this in Urdu and Hindi?
  41. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: along/across/through

    How would you express along/across/through in the following sentences, which are directions to a palce "x". 1) Go along road "A". This bends to the left at a right angle and joins road "B". 2) Go across road B. On the other side of this road is a tunnel. 3) Go through the tunnel and at the...
  42. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi:Too little too late

    In English"too" is used frequently. What he did was too little too late. He is just too good for me, I am afraid! How would you express this use of "too" in your respective languages?
  43. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: Upside down

    What would your equivalents be in your respective languages for: Upside down Downside up Inside out Wrongway round ............................. May be you can think of some more of these kinds of words.
  44. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: The suffix-wise

    In English language the suffix "-wise" is used frequently epecially in day to day speech in words like: length-wise breadth-wise .................... clock-wise ...................... work-wise (from work perspective). What word/suffix would you recommend in your respective language?
  45. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: Victim

    In Urdu the English word "victim" is often depicted as "shikaar" and less frequently as "mazluum" or "aafat-zadah". But, sometimes I wonder if there could be a better equivalent in Urdu. hazaaroN log is sailaab kaa shikaar ho ga'e. Thousands of people became victims of this flood. Offenders...
  46. panjabigator

    Punjabi: pachi

    I've just encountered this word "pachi" in Romanized Punjabi from a Ghalib verse (translated into Punjabi): "Sheeshe’ch vekh aap nun oh ho gaya pachi" I am told that the word translates to "astonished, surprised, or shocked." Can anyone tell me more about this word? How would you write this in...
  47. Q

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: aar paar and related words

    "aar paar" normally means "across" when one is talking about one dimensional concept such as the width of a river or "through" when we have a three dimensional body in mind. In theory therefore, this side of a river is "aar" and the far side is "paar". However one often hears "is paar" and "us...
  48. Q

    Urdu-Hindi-Punjabi: Nostalgia

    In a recent post, janaab-i-Faylasoof Sahib made mention (semi-seriously) of "The Language Language Authority". Supposing this authority was to contact our section of the Forum and asked us to coin a suitable word for "Nostalgia", what would our reply be?
  49. panjabigator

    Punjabi: apaRna

    Greetings: I understand the word "aparna" from the following Bulle Shay verse to mean "pahunchna", but I'd like to ask how to use it. Is it oft used/understood? Here is the verse: The transliteration is a bit shaky, so keep that in mind when you read my feeble and liberal translation: "No...
  50. Hulalessar

    Hindi / Punjabi :Namaste

    Which syllable does the stress (if there is any) come on please?