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    Punjabi, Seraiki, Pothowari: possessive pronouns

    I would like to know all the possessive pronouns in Panjabi. Can someone tell me the equivalent of these in Panjabi: mera/tera/uska/unka/hamaaraa/aapkaa bacchaa meri/teri/uski/unki/hamaarii/aapki bacchii mere/tere/uske/unke/hamaare/aapke bacche
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    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: congestion

    To add to all the other threads on nose and nose related actions :) What are some ways to talk about nasal congestion in Hindi/Urdu and Panjabi? PG
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    Urdu/Punjabi: Gulaabi

    Greetings, What does it mean to call someone's Urdu "Gulābī?" This was said of my friend's Urdu; she is a non-native but has progressed to an advanced level. The other day, her friend (a Hindko/Urdu speaker) called her Urdu "gulābī". I then remembered this thread where Cilqui mentioned...
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    Punjabi and Urdu: phir bhi

    Is it common to use <phir bhī> in Pakistan to say <phir se>? Is this a Pakistani Punjabi locution or would other Urdudaan also use it?
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    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: rags

    Greetings, I am trying to remember some words for "raggedy clothing." What do you think of the word: <chī.ntṛe>? I think the Punjabi word is <līr>.
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    Urdu/Punjabi: Should We Cross Here? (Cross The Street)....

    "Kya ham saRak ki dusri taraf par jaen?" Am I even close?
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    Urdu/Punjabi: You been lifting? You look like Tyson!....

    How would I translate this English phrase in order to ask someone if they've been lifting weights, because they've gotten pretty built since the last time I've seen them? "Kya tum weyts lift kerte ho? Kyunke tum bahut mazbut lag rahe ho!" Close?
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    Urdu/Punjabi: Your nose is running....

    How does one say this in Urdu/Punjabi. "Nak ___ hey"?
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    Urdu/Punjabi: Awesome, Great and "You Rock"

    How would you say "awesome" like if you schedule a meeting for lunch with someone or something or to go see a movie or something and they're like "Okay, see you then" and you're like "awesome" or "great". Or if someone saw let's say such-and-such a movie and you say you saw it too, and...
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    Urdu/Punjabi: Knock Someone Out, Score A Knockout And Knockout Punch

    How are "Knock Someone Out", "Score A Knockout" And "Knockout Punch" expressed in Urdu and Punjabi?
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    Urdu/Punjabi: Punch and Kick

    How does one properly deliver a "punch" and a "kick" to someone in Urdu (and Punjabi as well for that matter)?
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    Urdu/Punjabi: ـھائی or بائی?

    When people refer to women as bai, such as in this kind of sentence: اپھا خیال ہے، بائی۔ ("Good idea, kiddo" is how I might translate that...), are they using bhai (brother) or are they using bai (lady)? I'm thinking particularly of how people speak in Lahore, so I'm thinking it might be just...
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    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: ال/ उल्ल

    Hi Guys, During my dictionary searches, I happened across this incredible word: <ull> [double L indicates a double sound (tashdeed)]. This dictonary defined it this way: My Patiala dictionary said: "headache with pain in eyeballs". I'm more interested in the second definition. Any...
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    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: disgust, aversion

    Hi there, I am sure we could probably write a dictionary with the myriad of words for "disgust" or "aversion," so I'll do my best to limit my question. The Punjabi word for disgust - though I'm sure there are many more - is "ghin" (گھن/ घिण - since so few people read Gurmukhi on this forum...
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    Hindi/Punjabi: iski kea jrurt he...

    I will appreciate please if some one help me to find out what is the meaning of the following phrases: kion (9:31 PM) Macky Lakhvir Singh: ? (9:32 PM) Macky Lakhvir Singh: iski kea jrurt he bondu (9:33 PM) Macky Lakhvir Singh: mujhe samash nahi ati...
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    Punjabi/Hindi/Urdu: slurp

    Is there a nice onomatopoetic word for "to slurp?" I feel like it might be <saṛap> or something similar - I should call my parents and inquire! Totally irrelevant, but writing this message from a café. Getting belligerent because the ullu next to me is slurping his coffee. Insert...
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    Punjabi: hi.nḑā ke

    Greetings, Cilqui and Bakshink (but of course, others are also invited), would you mind assisting me in a translation? I am trying to figure out how to use the word "hi.nḍaunā" here, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'll post in romanized: <panjābī shā'irī dī tārīkh vich kadī.n eh...
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    Punjabi: saṭā kadhaiṇā

    Greetings, Any ideas what this might mean? ਸਟਾ ਕਢੈਂਣਾ/سٹا كدھینا Is it 'to speculate?' Sorry, I don't know what the nastaliq isn't connecting...
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    Punjabi: Waheguru

    Hi friends, I searched wiki for the meaning of 'waheguru' and it gave the result 'The Wonderful Teacher' But I came across this discussion which gave me different meanings... http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/4-the-real-meaning-of-waheguru/? So what do you really mean when you say...
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    Punjabi: peri pauna

    Hello friends, What phrase shall I use when I touch feet of a Sikh elder person ... is 'peri pauna' right word for it? Also I would be pleased if somebody tells me the type of dress Karina & Shahid wore in ‘jab we met’ song ‘nagada’. I can't wear shorts when I will be visiting golden...
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    Punjabi: Please forgive me

    Hi, I'm not a Punjabi person. English is my first language. If you can please help me to translate this words in Punjabi: "please forgive me for all the things I have done. Isincerely regret it and shouldn't promise anything, but I am trying to change. If you can give me one more chance....'...
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    Punjabi and Persian/Urdu: ژاله

    Greetings, I just learned that this word means 'dew' in Persian. Any ideas as to how it became hail in Urdu? Best, PG
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    Punjabi and Hindi/Urdu: Cloudy

    What is the most common way to express the concept of cloudy or cloudiness. I know baadal and abr mean clouds, but how would the weather report say "It will be cloudy today"?
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    Punjabi: ਲੌਢਾ, लौढा, لوڈھا

    Greetings, Do you recognize this word to mean "afternoon?" If so, how would you use it? Many thanks, PG
  25. C

    Punjabi : vaavaa

    Hello, The best word I've found to translate this word is something like : zabarbast... (in Urdu).... Great in English. Can you give different examples of how it is used? P.S : To moderators (I think the proper spelling should actually be vaahvaa, if you feel like bothering changing...
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    Punjabi : karaara

    Hello, What are the uses and meanings of this word ? It seems to translate : tasty, delicious... Are there other meanings?
  27. T

    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: grinding stone or mortar and pestle

    What are the most common terms for the kitchen-type of flat grinding stone and for the cylindrical pestle used with it?
  28. panjabigator

    Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi: Bhejaa vs dimaaG

    Is there any difference between the two?
  29. C

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: Consume/Consumption

    Talking of a car or any other machine... I have heard different expressions... Let's take a sample sentence... This car consumes a lot of gas / petrol. Yeh gaaRii bohot petrol kharch karti hai. (it is the normal Urdu I hear in Lahore) Yeh gaaRii bohot petrol Sarf karti hai (this would be...
  30. panjabigator

    Urdu and Punjabi: قد و قامت

    Urdudaan, How would you translate the following phrase in this sentence: قد و قامت stature/build? جب سے دیكھا تیرا قد و قامت دل پٗھ ٹوٹی ھوی ھے قیامت It's from the Qawalli "Gardishon ke hain mare hu'e," performed by (none other than) Nusrat. My heart has been in turmoil since the moment I...
  31. P

    Punjabi: tenu ini samaj hi nahi hai , jo samajdaar di gall samaj aa s

    Can you please translate what does this means? The phrase is 'tenu ini samaj hi nahi hai, jo samajdaar di gall samaj aa sakke'... Actually, the main topic was this... 'tuj me rab dikhta hai ,yaara main keya karuuu'. And I cant understand it because I'm English. These phrases comes from a...
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    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: چونكنا (चोंकना)versus (चढाना) چرھانا

    Could someone help differentiate these two verbs in reference to cooking? If I were cooking rice, I would use the second one, correct?
  33. panjabigator

    Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi: nikalnā

    Greetings all, Pronunciation question: when I use the verb <nikalnā> (िनकलना نكلنا), I tend to place the stress on the first part of the word, something that I must have learned from my family. I have noticed that speakers also do the opposite. Do you have any comments on this? I'm not...
  34. C

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi : to sniff

    hello, How do you say to sniff in any of those languages (not in the sense of suu.Nghnaa suu.Ngh lenaa), but when you have a nazla for instance.... the best I could get from my Punjabi sources is : sho.N sho.N karnaa.... Hmm. I won't call this a proper verb...
  35. C

    Urdabi (Urdu/Punjabi): Khich

    Hello, I'm once more dealing with the mixing up of languages and asking your help in order k doodh ka doodh aur paani kaa paani ho jaae.... I'm dealing with the expression : to have a cramp... IN dictionaries it is : (kisii ko) maroR aana or ainThan hona I think.... Now when it comes to...
  36. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: khaa mar

    What is the implication if a person says: Aa, yeh le, kha, mar! What does the mar mean hear? "Die"? The context was someone told someone to eat something, the other person declined, and then the one offering food said the above phrase.
  37. X

    Punjabi: mere tabh

    In another thread, someone posted the mystery sentence "acha... acha... mere tabh shunjie bahardi." What interests me is that bakshink recognized it as probably Punjabi from this little fragment. My question is, what is obviously different from Hindu/Urdu here? Is it the word tabh? If...
  38. C

    Urdu / Punjabi : Gapein Maarna

    Hello, My question is to the experts of Urdu, (Faylasoof, BP, etc.), it is about the use of the verb Maarna: Since I'm living in Punjab, all the following expressions are common in the Urdu I hear here: Gaapein Maarna - such as : woh gaapein hi maarta hai... (He is full of sh...) I've...
  39. panjabigator

    Punjabi: Bride/groom

    Greetings all, I was under the impression that <banno> was a Panjabi word for "bride," but I now hear people say that this is Hindi. What words do you hear/know? <lāṛā>/<lāṛī>? Cheers, PG
  40. F

    Punjabi: dushman mare te khushi na kariye sajnaa vii mar jaanaa

    I’ve been listening to Ataa’ullah Khan’s Punjabi and Urdu lyrics on Youtube. The one I liked very much was the kalaam of Mian Mohammed Baksh Kharii(?) Shariif Sahab. Don’t know this Punjabi poet. Essentially, the poet is saying something about mortality, the uselessness of enmity, the...
  41. S

    Punjabi: conjugate certain verbs in different tenses

    Hey there, I am Shehzaad. My question is, how do you conjugate verbs in Punjabi in different tenses, more specifically, the present tense, the past tense and the future tense. I just want to know what are the things that are comoon in all the verbs for a particular tense. I am fluent in Urdu or...
  42. panjabigator

    Punjabi/Multani/Siraiki: subjunctive

    Greetings everyone, Can anyone tell me what the subjunctive is in Siraiki/Multani for the verb <jāṇā>? So many Multani questions, I don't know WHERE to begin. Cheers from a wet India! PG
  43. L

    Punjabi: she-buffalo

    Can you please write how one should pronounce the word that means she-buffalo. It is maj or something but I am not sure if I am missing an aspiration or what have you.
  44. C

    Punjabi: karta...

    Hello, The Punjabi I here around me in Lahore is using a shortened form of : kar ditta : karta maar ditta : maarta etc... Is it also used in any other Punjabi dialects (especially the ones spoken in India) ???
  45. C

    Punjabi : Subah for kal

    hello, In spoken Punjabi, subah (morning) is often used to mean tomorrow (and not specifically tomorrow morning, but just tomorrow, as if it'd mean : after next morning)... asi ê kamm subah karaa.n ge does any other Indian language has this feature or use different words than the usual kal...
  46. panjabigator

    Punjabi: ਨਿਬੇੜਾ <nibeṛā>

    Greetings, What are some uses of the word ਨਿਬੇੜਾ <nibeṛā>? Cheers, PG
  47. panjabigator

    Punjabi: ਹੂਜਣਾ

    Greetings, The dictionary defines ਹੂਜਣਾ as "to sweep." I'm curious to know if this is synonymous with ਝਾੜੂ ਲਾਉਣਾ. Best wishes, PG
  48. panjabigator

    Punjabi: ਢੁਕਣਾ versus ਢੁੱਕਣਾ

    Greetings, ਢੁਕਣਾ versus ਢੁੱਕਣਾ. <ḍhukṇā> versus <dhukkṇā> I am confused on how to use these two words. The latter of the two carries an adhak (the equivalent of the nastaliq tashdeed) and I wouldn't even think to pronounce the word without it. I happened upon a near duplicate of this word...
  49. panjabigator

    Punjabi:ਅਾਪ ਵਿਹਾਜੇ ਮਾਮਲੇ ਅਾਪੇ ਹੱਡ ਪਏ। وہاجنا ਵਿਹਾਜਣਾ

    Greetings, This line comes from the Bhai Veer Singh short story "Satvant Kaur," and I'm confused as to what it could mean. It might be some saying that I fail to recognize. The line is ਅਾਪ ਵਿਹਾਜੇ ਮਾਮਲੇ ਅਾਪੇ ਹੱਡ ਪਏ। In Roman transliteration, <āp vihāje māmle āpe hadd pae>. Any ideas? Be...
  50. L

    Urdu/Punjabi: eaten a lot

    I hear these expressions like: ...DaD ke khaaya Tok Tok (or is it To.Nk or T.hoNk---I am not sure) as in ...Tok Tok ke khaaya and ...rajj khaya I get that they mean something like I have eaten a lot or over-eaten or what have you. But do these words have literal meanings? *Kindly...