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    lumpy pockets

    Talking about quilting: "The spacing of the quilting isn't always universal; you need to consider the batting quilting intervals (...)Antique quilts are very closed spaced. This spacing keeps the batting's cotton fibers from migrating into corners and creating lumpy pockets".
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    Value Finder

    This is a little gadget for quilters... which is a little rectangke of transparent red plastic that, when held over printed fabric, allows you to see the color value without the clutter of the print getting in your way... Any idea of how do you call this gadget in Spanish?
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    Polyester-core, cotton wrapped thread with a polished finish

    This is describing a type of thread used in quilting
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    quilt block

    Esto es para un libro sobre Quilting. Es para España. Mi editora sugiere que no diga "bloque" para block así que bienvenidas sugerencias o comentarios. Quilt, dependiendo del contexto, lo estoy traduciendo como "colcha" o "acolchado". Gracias.