1. M

    You rock [American? British? Australian?]

    Hi, I'd like to say to someone that he is very talented and that I respect his skills very much. Can I say "Man, you rock!"? How would a native say it in a very informal way, please? Thanks.
  2. zippiezen

    an internationalized version

    Hi guys! I'm seeking an adjective, which means that someone has an internationalized version. I vaguely remember it might start with a 'C' (or not <<...>>). I saw it the other day in some book. Who could tell me what this word is, please?:) Thank you so much!
  3. T

    formal prose

    What is formal prose?
  4. A

    "meds" in a company's name

    Hi everyone, Is it somehow common to use the word "meds" as a part of a company's name, such as in "Smith Pharmaceuticals" (or "Smith Meds" in this case)? If yes, does this word contain any connotations, maybe cultural or something?
  5. W

    in want

    Hi, I'm wondering if "in want" in this sentence has a real meaning poetically speaking: "High amidst barren seeds of clouds in want a march of stars invincibly passes by". Thanks.
  6. JunJiBoy

    the game would be offered to cities <on a bid>

    Hello, dear friends: "In the post-merger era of the NFL, the World Championship Game (as it is officially called) would be offered to cities on a bid" - from Wikipedia I understand the rest of the senntence just fine, but 'on a bid' makes no sense to me, I've looked in many dictionaries, but...
  7. O


    Hello, how would you paraphrase outputs in the following sentence? Credit Specialist uses a number of tools and prepares a set of outputs for decision-makers TIA
  8. C

    commentator's curse

    What is meant by 'commentator's curse?'
  9. U

    Expressions of surprise

    Hi everybody A friend of mine got a card from an acquaintance of his who never writes to him, so he was telling about this on the phone. I wanted to express my suprise, but I got stuck cos I couldn'the remember whether there was an idiom which started like this: Pigs or The heavens So I...
  10. V

    Foxing around

    Hello, I can't find this expression on the dictionary. Could this mean to spy around? Can you please help me to get the meaning of foxing around? Thank you. VOLVER
  11. High on grammar

    Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth and a Navy helicopter pilot [apposition: order?]

    Hello everyone: I came across the following sentence in the introduction to “Longman Guide to English Usage” by Sidney Greenbaum, which the book says is grammatically faulty but doesn’t offer the corrected version: “Buckingham Palace said that 22-year-old Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth...
  12. K

    mirrored truth

    what does "mirrored truth" mean?
  13. U

    Hay vs. straw

    << --- What's the main difference between hay and straw? --- >> Any difference?
  14. F

    Changing an appointment

    Hello everyone. I´d like to know how I can suggest changing the time or date of an appointment with a friend using informal language. We have planned to go to a pizza place but something has come up and I´d like to meet up another day or time. I´d try something like "Hey, do you mind if we...
  15. Jigen

    Making offers

    What expression would you use to offer somebody something or to ask if they want to do something? The only expressions I know are "would you like" and "would you care",can you write me other synonims or similar expresssions?
  16. A

    advances made <in/of> this field

    "...these advances made of this field the most prominent in the world" Is the "of" fine, optimal or wrong? Thanks