1. R

    Hindi: सलीब

    Hello, First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to speak your beautiful language. I would like to know if the word सलीब has any kind of primal root (S-L-B, to my understanding, when the word is romanized) and if there are other similar words in Hindi that share that same...
  2. Thime

    To put up a Nativity scene

    大家好! I'm writing a text about Christmas, and I would like to say: "Every years on December 8, according to tradition, people put up the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene". I don't know how to correctly say in Chinese "to put up a Nativity scene" Here's my attempt: 每年十二月八日,...
  3. k_georgiadis

    Passover wishes

    I have determined that Pasqua (Ebraica) is the term for Passover. What do Italians wish their Jewish friends for Passover? Buona Pasqua?
  4. G

    The Last Supper

    Come si dice: Jesus had the Last Supper with his Apostles. Gesù ha fatto l'Ultima Cena con gli Apostoli. Grazie, Gemelle.
  5. G

    Stations of the Cross

    Come si dice "Stations of the Cross" in italiano? Cioe' quello che si fa nella Chiesa Cattolica il Venerdì Santo. Si usa la frase in latino? Stations of the Cross = Via Crucis? Non penso che sia "Le Stazioni della Croce." Grazie, Gemelle.
  6. L

    Are you a Christian?

    I am looking for a translation of the following two sentences (into Italian) with formal forms please: "Are you a Christian?" "Are you interested in Christianity?" Thanks.
  7. M

    one-pointedness of mind

    "One-pointedness of mind" is a common term to refer to the state of Samadhi. I would like to find an equivalent term in Spanish. Original: The third stage consists of the development of four qualities, without which further progress on the path will not be possible: (1) aspiration (strong...
  8. M

    Lord's prayer

    Как по-русски "Lord's prayer"? Спасибо.
  9. H

    lifted the excommunication

    Ciao - vorrei sapere come dire 'to lift the/a excommunication' in Italiano - la frase viene di questo contesto : 'The Pope has lifted the excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church of four bishops ' La mia supposizione e 'revocare una scomunica'? Any help much appreciated! thanks!
  10. H


    Some of these words within this sentence about the appearance of the current Pope are causing me a bit of trouble to understand: 'dal pastore sportivo e casual, si è passati al pontefice paludato in vecchie mise tridentine, con copricapo desueti, pianete dimenticate e vanitose scarpette...
  11. catherineosb

    Matthew was showing how Jesus was fulfilling the Scriptures

    Ciao a ognuno!:) Come si dice in italiano: "Matthew, throughout his Gospel, was showing how Jesus was fulfilling the Hebrew Scriptures and introducing some new life - which came through the 'mother'."? Si trova nel brano mensile che la Badessa scriva per il nostro sito inter­net, e sta...
  12. R

    Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

    Bonjour! Je ne sais pas comment traduire "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." Si vous pouvez m'aider je vous dirai mille fois merci!
  13. sabrinita85

    Funeral / entierro

    Hola: Bueno, alguien me explicó una vez que había diferencia entre los dos términos ya que son dos cosas distintas que se hacen en días diferentes. Es que en mi lengua existe una palabra sola para decir las dos cosas y adémas se hace todo el mismo día. Como no me acuerdo muy bien, lo que...
  14. T

    are these spirits on a par or are some original?

    Ciao a tutti! Ho difficoltà nel tradurre la frase che ho segnato in rosso. Avete qualche suggerimento? Grazie in anticipo! “Let us begin by asking ourselves what was the precise ground originally covered by animistic belief. The answer, if purely tentative, is soon. made. The savage as we know...
  15. Kerena

    to be forgiven of their sins

    Cordial saludo: Tengo la siguiente frase: "The Bible certainly teaches the pressing need for everyone to be forgiven of their sins." La he traducido así: "Ciertamente la Biblia enseña sobre la necesidad apremiante que todo el mundo tiene de que sus pecados le sean perdonados." Pero me parece que...
  16. DDT


    Glossaires Français Le guide du web chrétien - 500 sites internet testés et notés par les journalistes de et du mensuel Panorama Tout savoir sur toutes les religions du monde