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    Pronunciation of 委員

    There are quite a few words like this and I am just using 委員 as an example. 委員 is いいん in hiragana. What is its proper pronunciation? - いいん in one syllable with a long [i] sound - い and then いん with a very brief stop between the two い's (since there are two distinct kanji) Thanks!
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    online resources for japanese literature titles

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any website where I can search for the titles of japanese literature works in romaji. I'm working on a translation and I need to check some titles. thanx
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    pronunciation of ei and ou

    I've heard before that えい and おう are synonymous with えー and おー. Is this true? Should せんせい be pronounced like se, n, se, i or like se, n, seh? Also, are the answers to this question posted on Yahoo Answers correct? I'm under...
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    Scripts for movies?

    I have two scripts, howl's moving castle and spirited away. Does anyone know where to find movie scripts to Japanese movies? Like yojimbo? Please let me know. Thanks
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    catchfrase for a tattoo

    hello everyone, i need to know how 'raving bitch' can be written in Japanese. i've looked in the dictonary for both words but there are too many versions i don't know which one is the rightest. i need this expression for a tattoo. thanks, e.