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    Norwegian: Appropriate use of "glad i deg" or "Du betyr så mye for meg"? (Stavanger area)

    Hello! I've browsed this forum (and many other websites) but I'm still left unsure about something. What would be the appropriate or typical response in this situation? Two estranged adult friends reunite. One of them has been "in forelsket" with the other for years, secretly. After reuniting...
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    pet names

    Hello, Can you guys help me out and submit some sweet and romantic pet names in Russian? Also I'm assuming pet names that girls call guys can be different from the ones guys have for girls? I only know sol nysh ka meaning little sun :):) I realize English is so unimaginative... baby, darling...
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    Сведёшь меня с ума

    Hi all! I'm trying to learn Russian as best as I can but sometimes the nuances are hard to pick up! My boyfriend left me this message in the morning on skype before leaving for work... 'You will dement me!' Am, I correct? Please help me translate the rest of this too! Солнышко, что же ты со...
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    Transparente...como un amanecer

    Mi prometida mexicana y yo esperamos casarnos al inicio de septiembre y ella va a emigrar la proxima semana a los EEUU para que ella esté conmigo. Entonces nos escribimos muchas cartas. En una carta reciente, ella escribió estos pensamientos poéticos: QUIERO DECIRTE QUE ERES TAN...