1. Konstantinos

    Romani, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Hindustani: Sokerde

    Sokerde, sokeresa, ne de ne de... This is from a Romani song. I want to ask: 1) What are the meanings of these words in Romani? Something like "how are you?"...? 2) Do these words have meanings or make any sense in Rajasthani or Gujarati languages? How are they translated into these...
  2. D

    Sanskrit-Hindi-Nepali यक्ष & Romany "yag"

    Looking up translations of "demigod" in Sanskrit, Hindi, and Nepali yields यक्ष. The Sanskrit word also gets translated into English as "spirit" and "ghost". In Romany, "spirit" gets translated as "yag", but the associated examples show a different meaning: not "spirit" meaning something like a...
  3. cHr0mChIk

    Romani (Gypsy): ake/akhe

    Could someone tell me the etymology of this word? If I understand it well, it means something like "so" (such as "tak" in Russian) or "here/lo/behold" (such as "vot" in Russian)... Do you believe it's originally an Indic word, or an European borrowing? Thank you in advance :D Also, I've been...
  4. L

    Romani: Affectionate Words

    Hey guys I'm working on a book that includes a romance with a British-Romani boy and I'm looking for some affectionate words and phrases that he can use for his newly acquired girlfriend. For some background; his parents taught him the language when he was young but at some point he was taken...
  5. A

    Romani (Gypsy) : čavorenge

    Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone out there who speaks Romani and who would be able to help me with the lyrics of a song. We are preparing a concert for our community and would like to know what the lyrics mean. It is a traditional song, and I believe the dialect is of Russian Roma. I am...
  6. E

    Romani: Learning resources

    Hello guys! I wanna know if you can provide links for the Romany language. Am I requesting this in the wrong place? Romany is an Indo-Iranian language. Some months ago I came across a website that contained audio material for learning Romany but I lost the address. It also had materials for...
  7. S

    Romani: She is obviously not Roma

    Hello, Can anyone help me with a Southern Vlax-Romani translation?: "She is obviously not Roma." Specifically Romanian descent. Thank you!
  8. C

    Romani (Gypsy) dance: Balkanic khaliandra (closed temporarily, please be patient)

    Hello, I'm reading a book in French and it mentions a Serbian/Bosnian dance called "khaliandra". I have tried searching the net but I could not find any useful reference about it and I wonder if it is correctly spelt. Does anybody know anything about this dance? Thanks in advance,
  9. G

    Romani (gypsy) vs. Indo Iranian Languages

    Anything Look Familier out of these common words? Please post. Mouth or Face - Muy (Moo y) Teeth or Tooth - Dand (Dahnd) Nose - Nak (Nahk) Hand - Vast (Vahst) Foot - Punro (poonrow) Hair - Bal (bahl) 1 or one - Yek (Yakh) 2 - Duy (Dooy) 3 - Thrin (Thareen) 4 - Shtar 5 -...
  10. noali

    Romani: Korkore zab ande kalyi Ratyi

    Hello Guys, "Korkore zab ande kalyi Ratyi" is the name of a hungarian song that I really like. could you please translate it into English for me? Thank you, Noa.
  11. D

    Romani (Gypsy): devla

    Does anybody knows what's the meaning of the Romani/Gypsy word devla? An example: Me sam devla romani. I suppose that it means: I'm a .... Gypsy. Thank you very much :)
  12. S

    Romani/Gypsy: Comparison with Indian languages

    I am posting some words and phrases in Romanes. I would like to know how similar they are to North Indian languages. Are they recognisable? I= Me/men/man you= tu you plural= tume we= ame he/she= voy they= von Numbers: yek, duy, trin, shtar, panj, shov, yefta, okhto, inya, desh,/11 deshu...