1. S

    mantener poca vela (barco)

    Hola a todos, Me encontré esta frase: "Los barcos mantuvieron poca vela hasta que los piratas les dieron alcance". La expresión "mantener poca vela" no la entiendo ni en español, supongo que quiere decir que fueron despacio (no a toda vela). ¿Alguien podría explicarmela y decirme cómo se...
  2. B

    Heel - a sailboat heels in a heavy wind

    What is the Spanish nautical term for "heel" as when a sailboat heels in a heavy wind?
  3. F

    zerlo della randa

    Hi there can someone help translating the sentence 'zerlo della randa applicato a bocca di lupo' It is sailing terminology - I believe 'randa' can be translated with either mainsail, spanker, or gaff (though I am not sure). 'Zerlo' should be a sort of string or rope. 'A bocca di lupo' should...
  4. C

    senza l'usuale spiaggetta poppiera

    senza l'usuale spiaggetta poppiera Nice day! "external aerea exceeding 230 sq m due to the unusual stern with no sun pad". How would you put it in a better way? Thank you
  5. C


    Nice day! I'm wondering if someone can to tell me difference between: a wheelhouse a pilot house helm station and navigation area. I got these words for "timoneria". Maybe it dependes on what there really is in this sort of room..(don't know much about boats but I'm translating for a friend) - I...
  6. C

    sporgenza poppiera, dritto di prora

    good day! this Motor Yacht has "una pronunciata sporgenza poppiera e il dritto di prora è quasi verticale".... unfortunately no idea of what it means.. thank you.
  7. L

    Taccaggio (naut.)

    Dear all: I need to translate the term "taccaggio" in nautical context. "Taccaggio" is that operation that places the boat on a series of wooden piles thus maintaining the boat hightened from the ground. I don't know how it can be translate. Since "tacco" is "heel" I would say: "heeling"...
  8. M


    I'm translating an invoice from English to Italian. It's about some boats supplies. Can anyone tell me what is a "o-ring" in this kind of contest? And, if possible, what is the italian translation... Thank you all!
  9. P

    orzare (sailing)

    I have a list of Italian nautical terms which need translating into English. Unfortunately, because it's just a list, there is no context - someone has suggested 'luff' as a translation, but I've never heard the word before! Thanks for your help.
  10. entrapta

    sail closer to the wind

    In contesto nautico si dice che le navi 'clipper' riuscivano a 'sail closer to the wind'. In italiano ho trovato una cosa simile ovvero si dice che quelle navi riuscivano a 'stringere di più il vento'. Ora, non me ne intendo affatto e non so cosa significhi, ma ad orecchio mi pare che ci siamo...
  11. D


    hi can anyone help with the following sailing terms UPWIND ( sailing into the wind) [...] Any help much appreciated PETER
  12. V


    Dalle mie ricerche "gavone" (termine navale-nautico) si traduce come peak. E' corretto? Grazie Vasil
  13. S

    draft (náutica)

    Hola, quería saber si alguien me puede ayudar con la traducción de la palabra 'draft' en referencia a un barco. Les dejo la oración donde aparece: 'The longship had a long and narrow hull, as well as a shallow draft, in order to facilitate landings and troop deployments in shallow waters'...
  14. raffavita

    pipe hitch

    Ciao a tutti, qualcuno sa come si traduce questo tipo di nodo? E' usato dai marinai. Ho trovato una foto. E questa spiegazione su come farlo. Grazie mille a tutti. :)
  15. C

    albero rastremato

    I have to translate "albero rastremato", a sailing term to say that the mast goes "thinner"
  16. I

    Vi auguriamo ciò che siamo abituati a fare. Il meglio.

    Hi, I'm writing a Christmas card for a sailing company and I need to translate this sentence: Vi auguriamo ciò che siamo abituati a fare. Il meglio. I've translated: We wish you what we are used to do. The best. Is it correct? Does it makes sense in English? I would like to say that the...
  17. T

    Mercato della nautica da diporto

    Ciao a tutti, devo tradurre la seguente frase: "Mercato della nautica da diporto". Mi potete aiutare? Andrebbe bene "Pleasure-crafts market"? Grazie, Tosco
  18. María Madrid

    Leeboard - partes de un barco

    Two panels of wood, presumably leeboards, extended on either side of the hull. Veo que lee es sotavento, pero no sé si se habla de "paneles de sotavento" en jerga marinera o cómo se llaman esas piezas. Alguna sugerencia? Gracias! :)