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  1. M

    Irish/Scottish Gaelic: Gobh-an-Abhainn

    Hello everyone, From the documentary Scotch: A Golden Dream. The documentary is in English, but in the picture below is what I can see at the beginning. Is "Gobh-an-Abhainn" Scottish Gaelic? When I make a Google search for the whole phrase, I get nothing. Is "Gobh-an-Abhainn" a geographical...
  2. Viscount Balmond

    Scottish Gaelic: two hearts

    Hoping to translate "two hearts" into Scottish Gaelic. I would have thought it was "dà cridheachan", but there are far more web pages containing "dà cridhe", so I'm not sure! Any pronunciation guide on the correct one would be appreciated too.
  3. M

    Proto-Celtic: -edo, -eda

    Hello, I remember I read somewhere that the proto-Celtic suffixes -edo and -eda would be respectively masculine and feminine, that is, the one terminated in o would be masculine and the one in a, feminine. I wonder if anybody can confirm this information and guide me to sources of it. Any help...
  4. S

    Scots Gaelic: Scottish by marriage

    Greetings, I am having no success figuring this out from online sources. What is the Scots Gaelic for "Scottish by marriage?" I am trying to design a t-shirt for my daughter-in- law with three national flags--for her ancestry, her husband's (my son's) ancestry, and USA. Many thanks and...
  5. N

    Scottish Gaelic/Irish: ma'am, sir, miss

    In true American hypocrisy, many people still used feudal titles whilst decrying the system's inequalities. I, however, am one of them. With a Southern mother, I was trained to say them habitually. How would I do this in Scottish Gaelic/Irish? If not done, would I just ignore the title, use the...
  6. Scholiast

    Gaelic (Gàidhlig): Laus Deo, Patri omnipotenti, Alleluia, Amen

    Messieurs, Mesdames Some years ago I composed a short anthem for a church choir, originally only to the rather elementary Latin words Laus Deo, Patri omnipotenti, Alleluia, Amen. Gloria! As I now find myself (enthusiastically) singing with an a capella choir in Dundee which specialises in...
  7. WestFevalia

    Irish/Scottish Gaelic: Mac

    Hello, When I use Gaelic names like Mac Carthaigh, Mac Dhòmhnaill, etc. I pronounce them [mak]. But I once heard [max] :confused:. What's more, I saw that the article mac on Wiktionary uses other pronunciations: Irish Gaelic: [mˠɑk], [mˠaːk], [mˠak] Scottish Gaelic: [maʰk], [maxk] So I wonder...
  8. F

    Scottish Gaelic: Gu mo chéile, anns an lorgar mi fhéin

    Hi guys! Is there anyone who speaks or knows Scottish Gaelic? On a dictionary about Celtic Mythology I found this dedication: Gu mo chéile, anns an lorgar mi fhéin Do you know what does it mean? I'm not sure, but I think it's Scottish Gaelic, and using online dictionaries I did a partial...
  9. K

    Scottish Gaelic: Daddy, you're in my heart forever

    Hi Could someone help me translate English into Scottish Gaelic? I want to have some script tattooed on my back so I really need it to be correct. I lost my dad who was Scottish so I want the tattoo to say,'daddy, you're in my heart forever' Hope someone can help me!! Thanks very much xxx
  10. ryba

    Scottish Gaelic: ana-bhlasta

    Hello, Could someone be so kind and tell me what Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh meant when he said what follows? I don't need a word-for-word translation. What I need is just a hint about whether or not my assumption is right, the assumption being that there is an opposition in meaning between...
  11. R

    Scottish Gaelic: duine uasal agus mnathan uasal

    A phrasе: ladies and gentlemen! Is it correct to say: duine uasal agus mnathan uasal! (?)
  12. M

    Scottish Gaelic: Seize today, place no trust in tomorrow

    I am getting a tattoo so I would like a proper translation of the phrase "Seize today, place no trust in tomorrow" please. I will really appreciate it thanks.
  13. L

    Scottish Gaelic: Never give up

    Can someone translate never give up and or strength to never give up in Scottish Gaelic. Please and thank you!
  14. winklepicker

    Scottish Gaelic: You do not fall

    I want the original Scots Gaelic last line of the prayer that begins 'As the rain hides the stars' (complete version below) - in other words, a translation for 'you do not fall'.* My own feeble attempt is tu na tuislich - but I'm probably just showing my ignorance. Any suggestions please...
  15. P

    Scottish: Catanauch or Catnauch

    Any Scots out there can help me with the above, It was my Fathers middle name which we never found out until his death, not sure of the spelling, need to know correct spelling and meaning if possible, my grandparents were born in Scotland, hence the name.
  16. J

    Scottish Gaelic: bailceach rainig

    i'm exploring the sense of a phrase meaning " moving with the strong man". Could you comment on this Gaelic expression? Does it seem to have a Celtic heroic aspect to it, or suggest a line in ancient poetry? My idea is to link it with Sanskrit: balin ring "warrior. advance, move", and...
  17. W

    Scottish Gaelic: If you are the seer, we moved the stone.

    Hello all! I'm new and I hope I'm posting this appropriately. I'm writing a book and need help translating a fictional letter. I would like it to read: If you are the seer, we moved the stone. < Additional questions have been deleted > Thanks so much! And if you'd rather email me off the...
  18. W

    Scottish Gaelic: Make certain the time is right.

    Hello all! I'm new and I hope I'm posting this appropriately. I'm writing a book and need help translating a fictional letter. I would like it to read: Make certain the time is right. < Additional questions have been deleted > Thanks so much! And if you'd rather email me off the forum...
  19. W

    Scottish Gaelic: If the English take it, all is lost, and our pride dies.

    Hello all! I'm new and I hope I'm posting this appropriately. I'm writing a book and need help translating a fictional letter. I would like it to read: If the English take it, all is lost, and our pride dies. < Additional questions have been deleted > Thanks so much! And if you'd rather...
  20. H

    Scottish Gaelic: Cœur de Lumière

    Je cherche à traduire en écossais : "Coeur de Lumière" et "Lumière du Ccoeur". Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider ? Merci Hermeline
  21. B

    Scottish Gaelic: they watch over us from heaven

    I'm trying to translate the phrase "they watch over us from heaven" This is what I have so far: Tha ’d ri faire o Nèamh, I would like the phrase to be as idiomatic as possible if anyone can help it would be appreciated
  22. G

    Scottish Gaelic: Griffin, Gryphon

    Hello, I have received a school assignment to research my name as it relates to my family ancestry. So, my name is Griffin and my mother's family has been traced to Scotland. I have searched the internet and found the Scottish Gaelic for the word Griffin (Gryphon) is "Griobh". Each student must...
  23. D

    Scottish Gaelic: Sèitheach

    Hi I have found this (accordingly) Scottish Gaelic word Sèitheach, but since Scottish Gaelic isn't exactly my stronges language, I would like to know, if anyone knows a site where I can hear it being pronounced?
  24. C

    Scottish Gaelic: Hidden Village

    I'm writing a book and have created a village in the Scottish Highland. I would like to name it 'hidden village,' in Scottish Gaelic, but I need help with the translation. Thanks.
  25. A

    Scottish Gaelic: your parents were happy

    I'm an author teaching myself Scots Gaelic to use in a book I've just started. I have a computer program coming to help me in that area . . . but, in the meantime, I need to keep writing. Please: the Scots Gaelic translation for 'your parents' (as in 'your parents were happy') {do faic tùsan?}...
  26. A

    Scottish Gaelic: do myself a big mistake

    I was watching a bit of BBC Alba before and there was a cooking programme on, subtitled in English, and the woman who is hosting the show moves away from one of the contestants and says something like "I should move over here now", followed by "before I do myself a big mistake". I was a bit...
  27. G

    purism in Irish/Scots Gaelic

    Is there a puristic movement in Irish or Scots Gaelic? Many words for modern objects in these languages seem to be taken from English (e.g., Irish teilifís "television" and ceimic "chemistry"), but are there any ongoing efforts to coin native Gaelic terms for new items/concepts?
  28. S

    Scottish: She Swims Against the Tide

    I'm getting a tattoo of a mermaid in the next few months and thought it would be cool to have the "She Swims Against the Tide" in Scots Gaelic underneath it. The phrase itself is one that is engraved on a necklace my brother gave me when I turned eighteen (as a lifeguard and a die-hard...
  29. M

    Scottish Gaelic: Never a failure, Always a lesson

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to look. I need help in a translation into Scottish Gaelic. I am getting a tattoo and I want it to be right. The phrase I want translated is "Never a failure, Always a lesson". Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks in advance.
  30. T

    Scottish Gaelic: Who sows hate shall harvest pain

    What I'm looking for is the Scottish Gaelic translation for "Who sows hate shall harvest pain" I'd imagine the translation would not be exact but fairly similar. I've had no problem paying for the translation either but I'm having a hard time finding anyone nice enough to do the translation...
  31. 涼宮

    Scottish: Aensland

    Hello everyone :) How do you pronounce the surname Aensland? It comes from a character called, Morrigan Aensland and Lilith Aensland. Thanks in Advance!
  32. R

    Scottish Gaelic: When we're on the road there's no stopping us

    Hi i had "When we're on the road there's no stopping us" translated in to Scottish Gaelic.would appriciate if someone could confirm the translation Thanks Rags
  33. K

    Scottish Gaelic: Love with honor

    Can anyone tell me how to say "love with honor" in Scottish Gaelic? Thanks!
  34. C

    Scottish Gaelic/Gàidhlig translation

    Hi all, I'm hoping to find an accurate translation of the phrase: you cannot escape you(rself). The closest I have gotten is with Irish Gaelic: tú féin ní éalaíonn tú, and I know that grammatically it is completely incorrect. I also know that Scottish Gaelic is a little bit different from Irish...
  35. W

    Scottish Gaelic: One day, you'll be real

    Hello can anyone translate this for me in gaelic (from highlands - Scotland), please ? One day, you'll be real. real standing for:you will exist. thanks for your help
  36. F

    Scottish Gaelic: control yourself

    hello, I am wondering if anyone can translate this saying, "control yourself" from english to scottish Gaelic. Thanks for your help
  37. B

    Scottish Gaelic: Grammar

    Please could someone tell me which of these sentences are grammatical in Scottish Gaelic? Calum chunnaic an gille. Bhuail an beag cu Tearlach. Bhuail an gille mor an cu. Chunnaic Tearlach an gille. I think it's 2 and 4 but if I've got that wrong then my whole assignment will be ruined!
  38. C

    Scottish Gaelic: the eyes are blind, seek with the heart

    i am trying to translate from english to scottish-gaelic the phrase "the eyes are blind, seek with the heart" other variations can be "your eyes are blind, seek with your heart" but if anyone can help translate, the first quote is preferred. thanks for the help.
  39. T

    Scottish Gaelic: Seosaidh

    Lately I have been interested in some Gaelic languages. I have some words that I would like to know the pronunciation for. Scottish name: Seosaidh Moderator Note: Please ask one question in a thread. This thread has been branched from here.
  40. G

    Gaelic: Is math na bheil crioch mhath aige

    Is math na bheil crioch mhath aige Could anyone translate this Gaelic for me please- I can get a few words, but the whole lot is beyond me! Thanks.
  41. G

    Scottish Gaelic: Chan eil fhios agamsa

    A friend has written this phrase to me a couple of times- I don't know what it means. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  42. F

    Scottish Gaelic: Niamh

    Do you know how to pronounce Niamh?
  43. H

    Scottish Gaelic: The girl made lovely by sorrow prays...

    I know it might not be possible by I am looking for the Scottish Gaelic translation for this phrase: The girl made lovely by sorrow prays he'll never rest until he finds her. If anyone knows the translation or any suggestions on how I may find it, it would be much appreciated.
  44. 2

    Scottish Gaelic: Caileag

    Callidgh I'm not sure of the spelling. It's part of a pet name that my Highlander used to call me, as in mo callidgh beag + (my name). What does the word mean? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  45. I

    Scottish Gaelic: Sisters in arms

    hey guys, im getting a tattoo into scottish gaelic "sisters in arms"... for me and my friend who are in the military can anyone translate it (not literally) but in reference to the army. thanks
  46. F

    Scottish Gaelic: Mighty In Battle

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. I really hope sombody can help me. I have been trying for several months now to get a translation from Engligh to Scottish Gaelic. The sentance I want translated is "Mighty In Battle" I have tried a bunch of the online translation sites but...
  47. E

    Scots Gaelic: You are the most beautiful woman in the world.

    I'm trying to find out if the Gaelic phrase below is a correct Scots Gaelic translation of "You are the most beautiful woman in the world." is tusa a bhoirreanach as bhoidheach san t-saoghail Thanks,
  48. S

    Scottish Gaelic: the love of family is life's greatest blessing

    could someone translate this from english to scottish gaelic? "the love of family is life's greatest blessing" or something that means the same thing if that isn't able to be translated and how do you pronounce the translation as well? thanks in advance.
  49. M

    Scottish Gaelic: Mother is all that I am, father is all that I hope to be

    I've been looking for weeks online for a translation and there is nothing anywhere that can simply translate a sentence for me. Please help me with the phrase: Mother is all that I am, Father is all that I hope to be into Scottish Gaelic. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  50. G

    Scottish Gaelic: Ochòin fhèin!

    Hello. Can someone telle me in English or French what that means : Ochòin fhèin! Thank you.