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scottish gaelic

  1. jess oh seven

    Scottish Gaelic: 19th of December

    How can I say "the nineteenth of december 2006" in Scottish Gaelic? Thank you!
  2. A

    Scottish Gaelic: You only live once

    Hi there, I was wondering if there are any Scottish Gaelic speakers out there and would possibly be able to help me. I am looking for a translation of "you only live once". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. P

    Scottish Gaelic: Today is your birthday

    Hello. Could anyone try to translate the sentence into Gaighlig, please: "Today is your birthday." The stress is on today. Paul
  4. P

    Scottish/Irish: I'm happy to have you as (a) friend.

    hi everybody, how do you say : I'm happy to have you as (a) friend. Je suis heureuse que tu sois mon ami (ie) in Scottish English in Irish ... thanks. don't hesitate to correct me.:)
  5. V

    Scottish: an diugh

    hi, Can you help me please? I would like to know how to say the scottish words. I don't understand phonetic, so if you can use another way of explaining this to me.:confused: Many thanks :) an diugh: 1. today an dé: 1. yesterday boireannach: 1. woman bòidheach: 1. pretty
  6. S

    Gaelic: Independence

    Hiya, I'm hoping to get the word "independace or something close to it tattooed in Scots Gaelic.....but i can't seem to find an online translation anywhere! if anyone could help me that would be brilliant!! Thank you!!!
  7. N

    Gaelic: Tha mi air mo sharachadh

    Hola chicos y chicas, me podeis ayudar, alguno de vosotros sabe o conoce algo de gaelico o escoces, no estoy segura de que es. Por fa. Muchas gracias Tha mi air mo sharachadh
  8. N

    Gaelic: Tapadh leat ;De tha sibh ag larraidh?

    Hola hay alguien por ahi, que domine el gaelico, creo que es gaelico o escoces antiguo, no estoy muy segura. A ver si me podeis ayudar con estas dos frases, por favor. Tapadh leat De tha sibh ag larraidh? Muchas gracias
  9. T

    Scottish Gaelic: no regrets

    If anyone can help me out with the translation & pronunciation of "no regrets", "regret nothing" or anything along those lines it would be GREATLY appreciated! -Thanks.
  10. natasha2000

    Irish / Scottish Gaelic: Difference in Vocabulary

    Hm, excuse my ignorance, but... How different Irish and Scottish Gaelic are? For example, a toponim in Scottland - can it be read according to the pronunciation rules of Irish Gaelic?
  11. E

    Scottish Gaelic: pronunciation

    Hello! I am trying to study Scottish Gaelic on my own, but I have not yet been able to find a good site on the internet where the pronunciation of the words is explained. I would prefer a site with phonetic transcriptions, but other suggestions are also welcome :p Thank you very much!! Eáránë
  12. K

    Scottish Gaelic: My veins flow (in) the bloodline of Cochranes

    Hey, I'm keen to get a translation of a sentence into scottish gaelic. The sentence is for a tattoo of my family name of cochrane. "My veins flow (in) the bloodline of Cochranes" Any help at all would be appreciated! kyle
  13. M

    Gaelic: I am given

    Hi thanking anyone in advance! I have a line I would like to be change to Gaelic for a wedding sample I am doing for my niece. It IS ( I AM GIVEN ) Can anyone help me?
  14. S

    Scottish Gaelic: "soul mate" and "love of my life"

    I would like to know if anyone can translate English to Scottish Gaelic. I have just a few phrases. "soul mate" and "love of my life"
  15. H

    Scottish Gaelic: I'll always love you

    I've been searching for the Scottish Gaelic translation for over a year now. I really hope somebody can help me. I'm looking for the translation of: ''I'll always love you.'' It doesn't have to be translated literally. Many thanks!
  16. M

    Scottish: My love for all time.

    Hello! I've just joined as I'm in need of some linguistic help. :-) I have purchased a gorgeous pocketwatch for my Scottish fiance, and would like some help finding the proper wording for the engraving I'd like to inscribe on the back of the watch. He's an Edinburgh boy, so Lallans would be...
  17. O

    Irish/Scottish Gaelic: Spelling

    One of the things that make Gaelic spelling challenging is the abundance of silent vowels. They're not altogether silent, but more precisely serve to signal that the consonant beside them is "broad" or "slender" (velarized or palatalized, in contemporary Irish). I'm curious to know if these...
  18. B

    Scottish Gaelic: tips for learning

    Hello to all! I know that Scottish Gaelic ISN'T a common language but, if there is anyone out there wanting tips, you can e-mail me. I provide a few starters: 1) Learn the verb "to be" in the present tense -- "tha" (pronounced "ha", as if you're laughing). It's the same for all persons...
  19. A

    Scottish/Welsh: Are they in any way similar?

    Can rules be taken from both that are the same?
  20. B

    Scottish Gaelic: Knowledge is Power

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to look. I need help in a translation into Scottish Gaelic. I am getting a tatoo and I want it to be right. The phrase I want translated is "Knowledge is Power". I have found it in Latin which is extremely close, but I want to make sure. Any help you...
  21. C

    Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Anglo-saxon: Woman

    can anyone help me. im trying to find the word for woman in welsh. and also anglo saxon if anyone knows could you let me know as soon as possible. im doing a demo next week on England scotland ireland and wales and needed the word to woman in all 4 gaelic irish, gaelic scottish, welsh and anglo...
  22. M

    Scottish Gaelic: I'd rather die on my feet, then live on my knees

    Hello All, A friend of mine is desparately looking for a translation of the english phrase: "i'd rather die on my feet, then live on my knees" into Scottish Gaelic. We cannot find a translation site anywhere on the internet that can do this for us. It has special meaning and is meant to be...
  23. H

    Scottish Gaelic: All that you love will be carried away

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me a translation of this phrase: "All that you love will be carried away." I am having a hard time with the grammar and sentence structure. Thanks!
  24. M

    Gaelic: If you mess with me, you will regret it.

    Hello to all. I'm needing a hand with these sentences. I would like to know which one would you chose if you would have to pick "The most proper translation" for: ("If you mess with me. You will regret it.") (1) -Ma bheanas tu riumsa. Bidh aithreachas ort. (2) -Ma's buair thu...