1. littlebone


    How look like in italian a pair of loafers? Thanks.
  2. M

    casual summer slides

    This is for men shoes, they look like some sandals with some criss-cross strap but I am having trouble with the word "slides" any idea anyone? Thanks
  3. M

    shimmering ankle straps

    Bonjour, J'ai traduit par "bride de cheville lumineuses" is that correct or is there something better this is for women shoes thanks
  4. M

    Pencil heel

    Hello, What does "pencil heel" translate by for shoes..I know it is a little smalle rthan a stiletto but I do not know how to translate it.. Thanks
  5. Aserolf

    All-weather boots, moon boots

    ¡Hola amigos! ¿Alguien conoce este tipo de botas?, el contexto dice: If your child has all-weather boots (snow boots, moon boots, etc...) to wear outside during stormy weather and when the playground is muudy and wet, please bring another pair of shoes to wear inside the building. Solo...