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    Sicilian: Balance

    Can anyone translate the word Balance (as in 'having a balanced life' or harmony) in Sicilian for me? My mother is Sicilian and I would like to use it for a tattoo. Thanks for your help!
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    Sicilian: Scowl

    When we were kids, our Sicilian father called a scowl or frown "fungia". That's the way it sounded to us, "foongia". I have been unable to find a translation. Any ideas?
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    Sicilian: my love

    How do you say 'My Love' in Sicilian, this would be pertaining to a child, the context would be a grandmother saying it to a granddaughter. Thanks
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    Sicilian: Quandu si las 'a vecchia p'a nova

    Ciao Tutti A dear friend sent me this email today. She knows I am fond of Italy and knows I have some knowledge in the language. Yet, as I tried to translate these few phrases, I found it much more difficult than anything else I have translated. I will try to post what I know but most of it...
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    Sicilian: Sesame Seed Candy

    Hello there, I need some help with translation. My father used to make a sesame seed candy at Christmas. Other ingredients are honey & almonds. Growing up, it was called Gigulena??? Jijulena??? I would love to know the proper spelling for this candy. Merry Christmas and thank you for the...
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    Sicilian: mpare ri unni si?

    This is a msg I received as an In Game msg its a war game and I had just attacked his village. His full msg to me was: 'mpare ri unni si? u neon see full me now (this is probably just incorrect english) I then msg'd back that I didn't understand what he was saying then he replied with...
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    Sicilian: faccia bedda

    My nana used to say "faccia baida" to me when I was little, but I can't find the second word anywhere...I know that I'm probably spelling it wrong. Does anyone recognize this saying?
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    Sicilian Idiom - Pilatue, ne sarvu ne dannatu

    Ciao: Hopefully someone can help me here. My maternal grandmother just passed away. She was 102 and had a good life. Going through her papers I found the following annotation on an old deed: "Pilatue, ne sarvu ne dannatu". I've found literal translations on the web, but am not sure what it...
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    sicilian: sabbenerica

    Vado in Sicilia per una vacanza (oggi!) e ho ricevuto questo email dal una amica: "Ti invidio molto, buon viaggio e "sabbenerica" come direbbe Montalbano." I envy you a lot, have a good trip and "sabbenerica" as Montalbano would say (so che Montalbano referisce al Commissario Montalbano di...
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    Sicilian: stupagghiara

    Just thought it would be fun to hear comments on some of my favorites..... today's choice is: stupagghiara
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    Sicilian dialect: I can't wait to see you!

    How do you say, "I can't wait to see you!" in Sicilian Dialect? Molte Grazie!
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    Sicilian: Chiamài a l'orvu pri dárimi ajutu. Rapíu l'occhi e mi fici scantari.

    "Chiamai al lorvo per daremi aiuta. Rabi gli occhi e mi fis scandare!" I'd like to know the right spelling for this proverb. "Called the blind to give me help. He opened his eyes and scared me." Thank you.
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    Sicilian: Argument

    I would appreciate information of a word and its spelling in the Sicilian dialect that means argument. It sounds like "sciarsiate." Thank you.
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    Sicilian: Ti amo

    Can someone please help me. I have a friend who told me he loves me, now I thought I love you was 'ti amo' and he said yes it is, however the way he said he told me it was in Sicilian dialect. Can someone tell me what it would be (I can't remember EEK!!) also, what would 'I love you beautiful'...
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    Sicilian: camurrìa

    Does anyone know the definition of cammoria? I am not certain of the spelling. I did check this site and the closest I came was cammora which means organized crime. That may be it and the version I grew up hearing was just a result of a dialect. Any help is appreciated!