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  1. B

    Hindi: karke (in Mumbai Hindi)

    After talking to a Mumbai friend in English who spontaneously said something like "we'll have to wait and see karke", I again got curious about the use of the word 'karke'. Why do you think, she might want to insert the word 'karke' here? Another friend said, she might use it to mark adverbs...
  2. L

    わこつ and ワロタ

    わこつ and ワロタ What do these words mean?
  3. swift

    bro handshake / homie handshake

    Buenos días: El saludo que se representa en la siguiente imagen se denomina, en inglés, “‘bro’ handshake” o “‘homie’ handshake” (a veces también “‘bro’ shake”). Un ejemplo contextualizado: ¿Conocen algún nombre para este tipo de saludo en español? A mí lo único que se me ocurre es “saludo (al...
  4. Sherlockat


    Hi guys, Reading an Financial English book, I run into the following sentence: A manager is making a telephone call and says: "Have I (hic) godda deal for you!" (I don't believe that it's "good") I can't understand the word "godda". Given the wording, it looks a "slang" doesn't it? I'm...
  5. M

    webona [huevona]

    ¿Qué significa la palabra "webona"? Creo que es un insulto, pero no lo entiendo.
  6. D


    Hola, Como se dice 'puke' (argot por 'to vomit') en español ? Gracias.
  7. D

    peuca / peucas

    Qu'e significa la palabra peucas? Es de chile. Alguien sabe la lenguaje español de chile, si no m'as de otro lado?
  8. R

    no le pongás mucho coco

    Hey all, I have a sentence in Spanish I couldn't understand. It is from a letter and is latin american slang. "Que la fuerza te acompañe, y no le pongás mucho coco a la sele hombre, que no hay mucho que esperar de ellos." ---I think I understand the beginning but the last part gets me confused
  9. A

    Richal from Richard

    Curious one this - undoubtedly slang - possibly also a private joke but why might Richard be changed to Richal chalado - nutter/nuts/crazy etc.. (You might appreciate I ask since I am the subject of the 'nick' but aren't in a position to ask the nicknamer why?) Subject: Moderate...
  10. A

    comer(se) los mokitos [moquitos]

    I'm beaten; I've trawled the web and I've no idea.. comer(se) los mokitos/mojitos - slang clearly.. can anyone help?
  11. A

    This jives with our experience that...

    Dear colleages, I'm really confused with the meaning of 'jives' in this sentence (within an alternative medicine study guide): "Tension of the tissues on the right side, which causes obstruction of the foramen of Monro, can cause dyslexia. Release the tension, re-establish the fluid flow...
  12. T


    Hey everyone. I have this question for you all. Specially for Australian xD I've heard that it's called bumkins to those who live in little towns, not major ones like Sydney. Is that true? What's the meaning of the word, if it has a different meaning...? and what would be the Spanish word for...
  13. D

    un bagnetto insieme

    Hi all, An italian friend is coming for a weekend to a place near where I live soon, and wrote this in her letter: "..non è male no se ci facciamo un bagnetto insieme o una serata!" This has me stumped - surely it's a saying and doesn't mean what it literally says?! (We've always been purely...
  14. L

    tita" y "prix"

    Que signifcia "tita" y "prix"? cuando se dice, "lo siento tita" y "hola prix"
  15. S


    I'm trying to translate the word in english, as in the sentence : " Je suis super blazé par ce qui m'est arrivé hier soir!" Anyone can help?
  16. J

    Abadesa, Bolado...player?

    Quieria saber si estas palabras - abadesa, bolado – ¿siempre son negativos? O si hay situaciones, donde se puede decir en broma, o como complemento (depende en su perspectivo) – como “player/ playa” en ingles. A player es un mujeriego, un bolado, que tiene mucho exito con las mujeres, pero no...
  17. Vanda

    scissor/ slang

    Não, nada de tesoura nem de tesourar.:) To scissor (verbo intransitivo no inglês), na gíria, quer dizer praticar sexo lésbico. No português, a única gíria que encontrei foi 'fazer sabão". Alguém conhece mais algum verbo usado na gíria?
  18. C


    Comment dit-on "cockblocked" en francais?
  19. N

    y juela [híjuela]

    Several years ago when I lived southern New Mexico (specifically about 2 1/2 hours northeast of Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua), I used to hear bilingual coworkers use an interjection "¡y juela!" or "¡íjuela!" or some similar spelling. The stress was on the first syllable. It was used as a general...
  20. 3

    straight from the horse's ***

    I want some clarification on what this means. I have interpreted it to mean "direct from the official source." provided that source is being disparaged. Perhaps a fellow employee is talking to you about new instructions from the boss: "I have some new instructions, straight from the horse's...
  21. Trisia

    Wrinkle ranch

    Hello, I recently saw "wrinkle ranch" mentioned in a chat room, so naturally I asked what it was. They claimed it's Canadian/US slang for an institution for eldelry people. Is it really? On the web, wrinkle ranch was a place where they breeded pugs... By the way, what do you really call those...
  22. G

    douche bag

    Hi folks, today I was translating a short text from English to italian, and while trasnlating I've had a doubt concerning a pair of sentences. The first is: The punk hears this and says, "I may be an :warn:asshole but at least I'm not a :warn:douche bag" which I have translated thsi way: Il...