1. P

    Slovak: Place names including the sound [g] in Slovakia

    I have noticed that there is a number of towns/villages in Slovakia including the letter <g> and sound [g] which is supposedly absent from native Slovak phonology (having evolved into [ɦ] written as <h>). Some examples: Galanta, Gelnica, Gabčíkovo, Gbely, Graltovce Any reason/explanation how...
  2. A

    a picture of my mother['s]

    it is correct to translate the different meanings like this: A PICTURE OF MY MOTHER matkin obraz; obraz/ potrèt mojej matky malba od mojej matky obraz patriaci moje matke does matkin obraz suggest more possession or podoba matky? A PICTURE OF MY MOTHER'S jeden z mojej matky obrazov
  3. A

    Slovak: nouns from verbs

    Hi, is there a specific word in Slovak to refer to a noun derived from a verb, like arrival from to arrive i.e. varenie from varit, citanie from citat etc.?
  4. M

    Slovak: A váń listkov bozkáva ho

    Could anyone please help translate the two phrases marked in bold from the poem below? 1) A váń listkov bozkáva ho, Je mu blízky, 2) Vej, vetríček: viej si lipu uctiť Slavín, “Boleslavínovi Vrchovskému.” Kto sa pod tou, pod košatou, Lipou modlí, Lipou modlí, Lipou modlí? A kto na ńu upiera...
  5. Encolpius

    Slovak: rezne bez strúhanky

    Zdravím, ako sa nazývajú rezne (bravčové či kuracie) pripravené bez strúhanky? Našiel som len slovo: strapaté rezne. Ale zaujímalo by ma, čo Slováci používajú, rôzne regionálne varianty by boli úžasné. Vďaka, Encolpius
  6. Encolpius

    Slovak: Don Quijote (pronunciation)

    Zdravím, ako sa vyslovuje v slovenčine Don Quijote? Wikipédia uvádza: kichote. Je to pravda? Ďakujem.
  7. SuprunP

    Slovak: Her name is now Sokolov.

    Bratislava. [...] She fell in love with a Russian and they are married. Her name is now Sokolov. (The Tattooist of Auschwitz; Heather Morris) If she were Russian (or Ukrainian for that matter), her name would be Sokolova. It looks though that Slovakian surnames also differ according to gender...
  8. M

    Slovak to je/je to

    In Slovak, what is the difference in meaning achieved through the reversal of the subject and the verb in sentences like "Je to lacné" as opposed to "To je lacné"? Is it a matter of focusing, or do they actually mean different things?
  9. A

    SLOVAK: Keď len to...

    Hi, according to the Slovak dictionary this is show of good-will I suppose it is understood ...bol problem , meaning to je maličkosť Is that correct? and what would be a correct translation: " no problem" "that's all right" or the more slangy "ain't no biggie, pal!" Can you write a whole...
  10. L

    Slovak: Construction of 'tá moja sestra.'

    Hey guys, I am not sure what this sentence exactly means and the reason for it assuming it's a good construction. It talks about my sister but when do I use it? The usage of 'tá' is confusing here. I would think 'to je moja sestra.' would mean 'It's my sister' or 'ona je moja sestra.' to mean...
  11. L

    Slovak: Accusative case declension for the statement 'I have (number of something).'

    Hey guys, I am not sure of the pattern of the change of the numbers when answering the above question with 'I have..' ie. in the accusative case. Does it change like an adjective change of form? Eg1. I have two sisters. The correct version is 'mám dve sestry'. I have three sisters. The correct...
  12. L

    Slovak: 'Tejto' vs 'Tento/Táto/Toto'

    Hey guys, I am not sure what is the difference between the above 2 words and their usage when they are used to say 'This <noun> ...' For Eg. This photograph is... Would it be Tento fotografii... or Tejto fotografii...? I am assuming the noun 'fotografii' is masculine, if it's feminine, it will...
  13. EpicjokerXD

    I need some native slovakian expertise, anyone just give me a reply

    Hi, I think my girl is naughty texting someone... but I'm having trouble understanding some sentences/ texts, and I could really need some help from a native slovakian speaker 😅 The texts goes like this: Unknown 1) Furt si velky viking. Unknown 2) A hlavne tvoj foter. Unknown 1) Presne tak...
  14. L

    Slovak: 'To je...' OR 'Je to...'

    Hi, I am curious to know how to say 'It is...' in Slovak. From an English to Slovak translation it looks like 'To je...' makes sense but quite a few texts start with 'je to...'. Egs. Je to pekná žena a malé dieťa. Je to šteňa. Would they be interchangeable? Cheers
  15. L

    Slovak: Nech sa páči

    Hey guys, I created this thread for people now starting out in the Slovak language. I just started learning this language and it will be great to hear your comments about some doubts I have along the way either in all basic aspects of the language.. To start off, I am not sure why 'Nech' in...
  16. B

    Slovak: sťa (= ako)

    Právě čtu knihu Mayday (Thomas Block) ve slovenském překladu (1982). Běžně čtu slovenské knihy bez problému, často ani nevnímám, že jsou ve slovenštině. V uvedené knize jsem narazil na slovo "sťa" (případně "sťaby"), které se velmi často opakovalo. To slovo jsem v životě neslyšel ani nečetl...
  17. M

    Soft consonants in Polish and Slovak

    Comparing the descriptions of Polish and Slovak phonology, it seems that Polish has more pairs of hard and soft consonants than Slovak. I was surprised to see soft m, p, b, f, w indicated in a Polish dictionary, but I have trouble hearing much of a difference between how for example "mi" is...
  18. Everydayhero

    All Slavic languages: Can you help me indentify this surname?

    Hi! I'm new here and I'll really appreciate if you try help me in this matter: I recently begun being interested in genealogy, so I started digging in my family history and also tried with the DNA kits for ethnicity with my parents. It turned out my dad is 15% Balkan and so am I (4'9%), and...
  19. M

    Slovak: Inanimate plural of animals

    Looking at the conjugation tables for certain masculine animals in Slovak, it looks to me as if the singular forms were on the pattern of animate masculine (the genitive being used for accusative, for example), but the plural on the pattern of inanimate plural. Is this indeed the case, or am I...
  20. M

    Slovak: Case with weekdays

    From what I've read, I thought the preposition v/vo always takes the locative case. However, for the days of the week, it seems they are in the accusative: v pondelok, v utorok, v stredu, etc. Is this a particularity for the days of the week, or does v/vo take the accusative in other...
  21. M

    Slovak: všetok

    I can't figure out when the dictionary form všetok would be used. In the singular, the pronoun use seems to be limited to the neuter form všetko (as in "chcem všetko alebo nič"), and as an adjective it's always in the plural ("všetci ľudia sú vytvorení rovní"). Other meanings of "all" seem to...
  22. Saltie

    Slovenian / Slovak / Romani (?): Andro verdan drukos nane

    Hi! This song originates from Slovenian Romanies (at least, that's what I read about it), and it became famous due to the Soviet film "The gypsy camp goes to heaven". I could not find any reliable information about the language it's written in, and Google can't translate it at all. Some say it's...
  23. C

    Slovak: Či vieme uniesť príbeh vášní

    Hello everybody I would like to know the meaning of this sentence, since "uniesť príbeh vášní" has several meanings and senses. Context: Láska je silná, skúša nás Či vieme uniesť, príbeh vášní Tak prosím pomôž, nech dokážem Ťa nájsť Ak Ťa mám (Kým nás máš, Marcel Palonder) All the best Carlos...
  24. J

    Slovak: získava

    Dobrý deň, je nejaký dôvod, prečo je posledná samohláska v tomto slovese krátka? Ostatné slovesá sa vždy končia na dlhú A okrem tých obmedzených rytmickým zákonom, čo nie je prípad potenciálneho tvaru získavá*, lebo by sme nemali dve dlhé samohlásky hneď za sebou.
  25. J

    Slovak: Bo še [śe] usram

    Some time ago I asked a Slovak sales assistant at a gas station for help, and he refused me saying something like "bo se usram". I do not remember the full phrase, but I understood that he didnt want to become dirty (indeed, it would be possible). However, is the word "usram", which he used, a...
  26. NewAmerica

    Slovak(?): Luxturna (voretigene neparvovec-rzyl)

    Google Translate says voretigene neparvovec-rzyl is Slovak. So I post it here. What does "voretigene neparvovec-rzyl" mean? Thanks in advance **************************** The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Luxturna (voretigene neparvovec-rzyl), a new gene therapy, to...
  27. K

    Slovak: Verbs ending -júc

    Hi guys, I was wondering about the verb form ending -(uj)úc. I collected some examples below. It seems to be the verb of a dependent clause, suggesting some kind of continuous or unfinished action. I can't find anything about it in my course books though and I am trying to figure it what...
  28. L

    Slovak: Ihowak/Iohawk (?)

    My three year old son, who is half-Slovak, has just come back from his summer holiday in Slovakia. So now instead of asking for a cake in a cafe, he asks for kolacik. But the most surprising thing is that he seems to have picked up the word "ihowak" which he has used when we are looking at...
  29. G

    Slovak: aby si sa nepo*ebal

    Zdravim, Ako sa po anglicky povie zname slovenske uslovie, ktore pouzijeme napriklad, ked od nas niekto pozaduje dodrziavanie zbytocnych az prehnane puntickarskych pravidiel, "aby si sa nepojebal"? Dakujem vopred
  30. M

    Mutual Intelligibility: Slovak and Ukrainian

    I am curious if there were any studies about the mutual intelligibility of Slovak and Ukrainian. Slovak is West Slavic and Ukrainian East, however, Slovak is perhaps the "most east" West Slavic language and Ukrainian is the "most western" East Slavic languages. I am a native Slovak speaker...
  31. I

    Slovak --> Swiss German: Daj mi jeden švajčiarsky frank na gyros

    Dobrý deň, ako sa povie táto veta vo švajčiarskej nemčine? Daj mi jeden švajčiarsky frank na gyros.
  32. Roy776

    Slovak: Použitie slova 'no' v slovenčine

    Ahojte, Dlho sa už učím slovenčinu, ale to slovo dodnes úplne nechápem. Pretože poľština bola prvý slovanský jazyk, ktorý som sa učil, poznám "no" len ako poľský ekvivalent pre "hej". Dnes som prečítal článok na o nemeckej armáde a tam bola taká veta "Sedem a pol desaťročí po tom, ako...
  33. Rory74

    Slovak: plynutie času a lehoty v práve

    Hi everyone, I need some help please translating the title of a law paper "plynutie času a lehoty v práve". The subject of the paper is how time works in law (how lawyers count time limits) and about time limits in law. Here is my translation attempt, which I'm sure can be improved upon...
  34. S

    Slovak: Accusative Form of Foreign Names

    Ahojte! What are the accusative forms of the names Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Slovak? Or are they not declined? Thanks!
  35. I

    Slovak: Michaela Pašteková

    Dobrý deň, ako sa vyslovuje meno speváčky Michaely Paštekovej? S t pred e alebo s ť pred e?
  36. S

    Slovak: "Sorry for the late response"

    Ahoj! I would like to know whether "Prepáčte, že neodpovedam skôr" is an appropriate translation for "sorry for not replying sooner" or "sorry for the late response" in Slovak. Ďakujem!
  37. M

    Mutual intelligibility of Slovak and Slovene - lower than Slovak/BCS?

    The South Slavic languages are separated from West and East Slavic ones by Hungary and Austria. Slovene however shares many linguistic features with Slovak and is closer to Slovak in the old pre-Hungarian arrival dialect continuum. Yet, I find BSC (Bosnian-Serbo-Croatian) one of the most...
  38. M

    Slovák: etymológia 'úprimný', 'stred', ..

    Zdravím, v češtině došlo historicky oproti slovenštině ke změně hlásek 'ie' na 'í' uvnitř slov (třídní × triedný atp.), ale dnes mě při čtení několika staročeských textů napadlo, že zatímco většina slovenských slov si ponechala 'ie', stejně jako další slovanské (a hlavně směrem na východ)...
  39. Encolpius

    Slovak: narodeniny

    Zdravím, v češtine existuje kratšie slovo pre narodeniny (narozeniny > narozky). Existuje nejaké kratšie slangové slovo v slovenčine? Vďaka. Enc.
  40. S

    Slovak: I think that my pronunciation is bad

    Ahoj! I was wondering how to form an indirect statement in Slovak. For example, how would I say: "I think that my pronunciation is bad"? I know in Latin you would use an accusative and infinitive structure for an indirect statement. Is there a similar structure in Slovak? I've tried to...
  41. N

    Slovak: need help with handwritten text

  42. Karton Realista

    Slovak: Dať si niečo

    Ahojte, nazdar, servus, whatever I'd like to know where (in which contexts) should one use the expression from the title. Let us do that on the example of ice cream: 1. On dal si zmrzlinu. On ju práve kúpil v obchode. 2. On dal si zmrzlinu. On ju práve vytiahol z mrazničky. 3. On dal si...
  43. L

    Slovak: adjective ending in -o "cierno psiča breše"

    It's been a while since I looked at any Slovak grammar books but I do get to listen to Slovak nursery rhymes. I've noticed there's a version of the song "Pod horou, Pod horou" which uses the adjective "čierno" e.g. [...] Mod note: Video links removed please see rule 4 I have a vague memory...
  44. Karton Realista

    Slovak: Zemiakové hranolky vs. hranolčeky

    Hi I just wanted to know how to say "fries" and I've encountered this: So I go on with my life satisfied UNTIL I see hranolky on the fries I bought. It was a really bad translation from Czech, so I suspended my disbelief. But then I discover that every fries with Slovak description that I...
  45. S

    Slovak: Letter Closings (e.g. Best wishes...)

    Hi Everyone, I have been learning a bit of Slovak so that I can write emails to my cousin in Bratislava. I was wondering what some common letter closings are (i.e. translations of 'Best wishes' or something similar). I've tried searching the internet but haven't come up with anything. Thanks...
  46. D

    Slovak: rucitelske vyhlasenie

    Ciao a tutti / hi everybody so che è il formu del ceco, ma magari qualcuno riesce ad aiutarmi anche con slovacco / I know this is the czech forum but maybe somebody manages to help me also with slovak sto traducendo un contratto di garanzia in cui l'azienda A fa da garante per l'azienda B...
  47. D

    Slovak: contratto di garanzia

    Ciao a tutti / hi everybody sto traducendo un contratto di garanzia in cui l'azienda A fa da garante per l'azienda B (debitrice) nei confronti di una azienda C (creditrice) e non riesco a capire il significato di una frase, qualcuno mi può aiutare a capire il senso per favore? / i am...
  48. Karton Realista

    Slovak: Ale nech, keď si ty taký

    Hi I would like to understand the highlited sentence from this part of text: "Bože, čo si ja len teraz už počnem? Ale nech, keď si ty taký! Ja sa radšej do vody hodím, ak ten nepríde; aby zo mňa viac nikto nerobil posmechy." And what does the word "nech" mean in this context. Thanks in advance
  49. Karton Realista

    Slovak: Into him/it

    Hi Some time ago I learned that in Slovak you also can say "naň" instead of na neho. Can you do the same with v neho? What would that form be? "Voň"?
  50. P

    Slovak: krásny

    Dobrý deň, prosím o pomoc. Ako povedať po anglicky o človeku, že je krásny (celkovo, nemám na mysli v zmysle atraktívny zovňajškom)? Potreboval by som slovo vhodné pre obe pohlavia, niečo ako handsome použiteľné pre ženy alebo gorgeous pre mužov. Aké prídavné meno by bolo najlepšie použiť? Ďakujem.