1. venenum

    Czech, Slovak, Polish: Who's the owner of the vehicle?

    Ok, again a tripple translation. The phrase: who's the owner of the vehicle? Slovak: Kto jest vlastník vozidla? This time I'm clueless about Chech and Polish. Appreciate your help. Poison
  2. venenum

    Czech, Slovak, Polish: what's your name

    I need the phrase: "what's your name?" in these three languages. Slovak: Ako se máte? Polish: Jak ma na imie i nazwisko? Chech: ? Probably got something wrong, plus I need the formal form. Appreciate every suggestion, thankes in advance, Poison
  3. venenum

    Czech, Slovak, Polish: what's your passport number

    I need help - how do you say: "what's your passport number?" in these 3 languages? In Slovak, it would be something like: Ako je číslo vašo pása? Or not? Polish: Jak jest wasz pasport numer? Or not. For Chech, I don't have the faintest idea. So, please help. Thankes! Poison
  4. Setwale_Charm

    Slovak: učebnica vs cvičebnica

    Aky je rozdiel?
  5. Setwale_Charm

    Czech/Slovak: working for

    Which preposition will be used in a sentence like: working for an organisation?
  6. Setwale_Charm

    Slovak: expert

    What preposition with which case is used to say: expert in (subject, discipline, science etc)? Vel`mi Dekujem.
  7. Setwale_Charm

    Slovak: Ahoj - Servus - Nazdar

    Which of these are more common and what is the exact difference in usage?
  8. Setwale_Charm

    Slovak: USA

    Casto stretavam skratenie "USA" v slovencine. Ale ako sa vyslovuje?
  9. Setwale_Charm

    Slovak: Brit

    I am not sure about what the dictionary is trying to tell me. Is Brit als "Brit" in Slovak? Is there any possibility of producing a female form from it?
  10. Setwale_Charm

    Slovak: Chechnya

    What does one call Chechnya in Slovak? I tried to search on the Internet but am not even sure which letter to begin with. I suppose it is C^?
  11. S

    Czech/Slovak: Fleet Report

    How would you translate fleet report into Czech/Slovak? And sheet updating dates? I would appreciate your help.
  12. S

    Slovak/Czech: Limit the increase percentage

    Limit the increase percentage to an average of ...% How to translate this into Slovak or Czech, pls? Thanks!
  13. F

    Slovak: radios

    Hi all, Learning Slovak from now, I'm looking for web streaming radios that I could listen to. Do you know a good source for this kind of media? The best would a 50/50 speaking and musical radio. To hear Slovak songs and Slovak spoken language.
  14. venenum

    Slovak: Mačik

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me with this: I'm interested in a Slovak transcription of a last name. It's originally Slovak, but its transcription was changed - first Hungarian, and then Croatian transcription was used, and now it looks like this: Mačik. If anyone could offer a...
  15. I

    Slovak: Happy Birthday

    and is it Slavic or Slovak or Slovakian? for my friend, anyone?
  16. G

    Slovak: Ďakujem, že si mi napísal

    Hi... anyone knows of free Slovak-English online translation? In any case, can someone perhaps translate this for me? Ahoj, ahoj ïakujem, že si mi napísal. Neviem angliètinu na komunikaènej úrovni.... Thanks a million :)
  17. W

    Slovak: Miroslav Šatan

    Hello all, I ran into this name while flipping through channels on TV. Satan is a very strange name for anyone to have. He is from Slovakia and plays hockey in the NHL.
  18. Louanna007

    Polish/Czech/Slovak: travel phrases

    could you please translate the following into polish. how much does it cost? do you have a larger/smaller size? can you send this directly to the U.S? does it come in other colors? where is the bathroom? where can I find a taxi? could you recommend a restaurant? thank you!! oh and...
  19. I

    Slovak/Czech: Czołem żołnierze!

    Hallo :) can sambody translate this polish sentence : Czołem żołnierze! into slovak. Thank you in advance. greetings :) ...May be in check will be similar or the same :confused: Anyone can help ? greetings :)
  20. natasha2000

    Slovak: Gymnázium

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I agree with you on that. It makes learning of a foreign language easier. At least at the beginning...:) I think you are making a mistake as far as a Gymnasium... In Serbian, we also call the secondary school Gimnazija, but if you say like this in English, you will...
  21. P

    Slovak: prevodovka

    Dear everybody, I'm translating an invoice from slovak into italian, it's about a truck which had to have its "prevodovka" repaired. There are words which I don't even find on the dictionary. Could someone help? Unfortunatly there's no context, being an invoice there's just a list of things...
  22. J

    Slovak: Pre vas vsetkych mojich drahych

    Can anyone tell me what this says? Pre vas vsetkych mojich drahych, vsetko najlepsie do noveho roka, nech sa vam splni to, po com tuzite, nech novy rok je plny stastia, pevneho zdravia, nekonecnej lasky a nech na Novy Rok je to poriadne po slovensky "so spevom a na mol" :) Stastny novy rok...