1. V

    Language in Yugoslavia: Slovenian; Macedonian; Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS)

    Hey everyone, can anyone tell me what language is spoken in Yugoslavia? Like in 'Ulcijn'??
  2. S

    Slovenian: pravna ureditev

    Pridružujem se zadnje čase tipičnim vprašanjem: kako bi v angleščini rekli pravna ureditev? Legal order ali legal arrangement mi nekako ne zveni najbolj primerno. edit: mišljena je pravna ureditev države
  3. *cat*

    Slovenian: integumentary system

    Hello! How would you translate "integumentary system" (one of the body systems) in Slovenian? Thanks.
  4. *cat*

    Slovenian: okostje - skeleton

    Hello! I need help with translation of names of human bones. I have Slovenian words and I need English translations. I have something, but don't know if everything is ok. Can somebody please check? - ključnica = collar bone - lopatica = shoulder blade - prsnica = breastbone - rebro = rib -...
  5. janecito

    Slovenian: case-ready packaging

    Na pomoč! :) Ma kdo kakšno idejo kako mi temu rečemo? Gre pa za takole pakiranja – ki nam je vsem dobro znano ;) — — —...
  6. A

    Slovenian: If I could swim an entire ocean to get to you

    How to say : If I could swim an entire ocean to get to you, I would do it without any hesitations.
  7. A

    Slovenian: Če bi ena dežna kapljica dokazovala, koliko mi pomeniš

    če bi ena dežna kapljica dokazovala koliko mi pomeniš in kako zelo te imam rad. Bi deževalo vsaj še eno tisočletje. Thank you!
  8. A

    Slovenian: Cases

    Is it possible for you to give me an an example of sentences in every case : Imenovalnik : vodilnik: dajalnik: tožilnik: mestnik: orodnik:??? Because most of the time in English as in French, the noun does not change depending of the "case" of the sentence! I'm sure that I have to learn...
  9. A

    Slovenian: tenses

    I am a girl, if I want to say : I go to school I'm going to school I will go to school I went to school And if ME and my GIRL friend are going to school, it's going to be "we" so (prva oseba, dvojina, zenski) We go to school : We are going to school : We will go to school...
  10. A

    Slovenian: Lepo mi ajaj pa pridna bodi!

    Translate please (Slovenien). My friend in Slovenija sms to me in Canada. epo mi ajaj pa pridna bodi!
  11. *cat*

    Slovenian: Tipi mostov

    Hey! Potrebovala bi prevod nazivov, ki označujejo tipe mostov iz slovenščine v angleščino. Mi lahko kdo pomaga? I would need to translate some names that describe types of bridges from Slovenian to English. Can anyone help? - Pri nekaterih besedah že imam nek prevod, a nisem ravno prepričana...
  12. L

    Slovenian: opravljene storitve

    Hi, I have to translate a facture from Slovenian, I don't speak Slovenian, please, help me. What does it mean: opravljene storitve? You can translate it to English, Polish or Spanish. Thank you a lot!
  13. Saipal

    Slovenian: Happy Labour Day!

    Hi! I have tried to construct this sentence in Slovenian using different dictionaries:- Happy International Labour Day, comrade! (communist)This is what I came up with:- Vesele mednarodni praznik dela, tovariš! 1. Is it correct? (male/female form) 2. What would be the right thing to say...
  14. H

    Slovenian: Vsem ostalim antipatom in podobnim

    Sorry, I don't even know the language... We have been looking for the word "antipatom" on another forum and only this entrance was found on google. Could anybody help me with the translation? Anything at all to do with hospitals?
  15. C

    Slovenian: bolje išta nego ništa

    Zivjo. Kako bi ta rek prevedli v slovenscino? Ima enak pomen kot : Bolje vrabec v roki kot golob na strehi. hvala:)
  16. F

    Slovenian: ham

    Hi everybody, which is the difference between "Šunka" and "pršut"? Thank you very much!
  17. C

    Slovenian: Na zahvalnem dnevu v Levu je s slovenske strani sedel pri mizah

    Hello, could someone please help me understand/translate the below section of a news article? Many thanks/ lepa hvala Na zahvalnem dnevu v Levu je s slovenske strani sedel pri mizah, ozalj šan z metuljčki, kadil cigare in razstavljal prelepo oblečene spremljevalke cvet mlajše generacije...
  18. F

    Slovenian: Ley Orgánica

    Por favor, alguien sabe como se puede traducir Ley Organica en esloveno? Gracias.
  19. janecito

    Slovenian: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

    Hi! Now, this might sound like a silly question, specially coming from a native speaker, but... How do we count in Slovene? I mean, I know how to count, but what are the correct forms (according to the grammatical normative) of cardinal numerals in Slovene (that is, when you simply count...
  20. R

    Slovenian: searching for locations

    Hi guys! I have a question, are Slovene and Slovenian the same thing or are they different? Also, would anybody be able help me with translating a short video news report in Slovenian? I'm not really a speaker so I have trouble understanding when it is spoken...
  21. B

    Slovenian: Zelo, zelo sem zaposlena.

    Can anybody help me with this? Ojla zelo zelo sem zaposlena. Sem uredu mocno te progresam in mislim nate. Seveda se dobiva in vidiva ko prides. komaj cakam!! Thanks in advance
  22. Agatka

    Slovenian: slangs and dialects

    I need a help in Slovenian. I need to prepare a discussion at the university. The topic is Slovenian Language (in generaly and its dialects and slangs). So... could anyone from Slovenia help me and write me some sentences (in Slovenian of course) using only any dialect (narečje) and something...
  23. Setwale_Charm

    Slovenian: shame/shame on me

    Does anybody happen to know the translation? I generally have trouble with finding Slovene dictionaries.
  24. C

    Slovenian: happy birthday song

    Hello, could somebody please write me the text of the "happy birthday to you .. happy birthday, dear XY" song in Slovenian, or if this is not used in Slovenia, the national equivalent of it? Hvala : )
  25. A

    Slovenian: Phrases related to colours

    Hello! I am student of slovenian language. I have a problem...In slovenian doesnt exist fraseological dictionary. I am writing my final work from colours in phrases. My problem is that i cant find almoast anything. I need phrases, f. ex. belo na črnim napisano etc...related with white, black...
  26. P

    Slovenian: Vse znaš, če vse bereš

    In the Other Languages forum we have a mystery phrase which we now think is a corruption of a Latin proverb. I found a website where this phrase is translated, I believe into Slovenian: Cuneta sapis,si cuncta legis -- Latin Vse znaš, če vse bereš -- Slovenian ?? Can somebody confirm the slavic...
  27. H

    Slovenian: Tips for learning

    I am one boy who needs Sloevnian badly. I would appreciate any help with basics and how to cope wid with dis this cool language...any help would be highly appreciated... and thank u you...
  28. J

    Slovenian: decimernica

    I never heard, and nowhere found this expression. I suppose it's a machine for timber-cutting, because it's placed in a sawmill. "V proizvodni hali sta žagalnica in decimernica" Must translate it in Italian. Sb.encountered it?
  29. M

    Slovenian: V vetru nocoj bomo spali

    My friend and I are joking around about taking over eachother's planets:o, and apparently he speaks another language - I have NO clue what language this is in, much less how to translate it into English, but any help from all you genius languagers would be much appreciated: V vetru nocoj bomo...
  30. T

    Slovenian: Rog in fagot s tremolom zvočil kot so

    This text is using Unicode. Any odd characters should be a lowercase c with hacek. It is from a piece of music by Lojze Lebič called "Dogodki II". Can anyone tell me what it means? "Rog in fagot s tremolom zvočil kot so: flavta na poteg, okarina, ustnik kljunaste flavte ali podobnimi...
  31. E

    Slovenian: zdaj si me pa malo presenetila

    Hello can someone please translate this into english! 'zdaj si me pa malo presenetila, sam tako, da me tvoja zgodba se bolj zanima:)?? a mi lahko se kaj vec poves?' Thanks!
  32. R

    Slovenian: Enolončnica - a dish?

    Hello! Could anyone please help me solve this puzzle?? I have been to Slovenia a couple of years ago and I still don't know what it is?!? I ordered it once in a restaurant but the dish never arrived as I was explained there were no eggs (the restaurant was in the mountains:) ) So... if anyone...
  33. B

    Slovenian: Zaznamki

    hello, could someone please help me translate this slovenian word ASAP? i can't seem to find it in the dictionary. in the sentence i have, it reads: "poznejsi vpisi in zaznamki" my guess is that it's a legal term--no? what meaning would it have in this sentence? thank you in advance
  34. martinemussies

    Slovenian: Relation to Slovene

    Jana, you seem to be such an expert !! :D *thumbs up* Could you also teach me when to use "Slovenian" and when "Slovene" ? Bit stupid question... I've studied this language and don't even know how to call it properly in English.... :o
  35. martinemussies

    Slovenian: Basic phrases

    Hi everybody !! :D As I mentioned in the Sloveniantread already, I used to study this beautiful language a few years ago. And I was thinking that it would be nice to share some of my very modest knowledge of Slovene with you... ;) Please correct my mistakes... Na swidenje, xx Martine. YES =...