1. D

    Sanskrit: अग snake

    Looking up English "snake" at this site yields, within the first two pages, अग and several other results that end the same way but have different other things attached before it: नाग उरग भुजग पन्नग उरङ्ग कालिङ्ग This looks as if अग were the original root word for the animal and the rest were...
  2. pdxmariposita

    Blusas Snake

    Hi, I am translating a business description for a woman who sells clothing, as well as gas canisters and soft drinks. I am totally baffled at what the word "snake" could mean in this context: "Con este préstamo de S/ 2,500 el cual será pagado en 5 meses comprará mercadería (pantalones, blusas...