1. S


    A reactor is a piece of code that runs when some event takes place. It is also sometimes known as 'call back code'. AutoCAD programmers will be familiar with this term. Can anyone help me find the equivalent in Spanish? Or can I leave it as is in English? Thanks in advance!
  2. S

    Administrator tools

    Bonjour, Je suis en train de traduire l'interface utilisateur d'une application logicielle et je devrais traduire 'Administrator tools'. Est-ce que 'Outils d'administration' serait une bonne traduction française? Merci!
  3. C

    chemin absolu

    Bonjour une autre petite traduction En particulier, l'argument / est un ''chemin absolu'', ce qui veut dire qu'il spécifie un lieu. Voilà, j'ai essayer de vous trouver un peu de contexte, mais excepté ce petit bout de phrase je n'ai rien d'autre il s'agit d'un logiciel informatique. merci...
  4. F

    Inferiore/Superiore (Finestra applicativa - software)

    I have to describe a software application. That is, I have to describe the elements (icons, inscriptions, etc.) compounding its graphical interface. The main window of the application is split in two sections (sides? portions? parts?). Una superiore e una inferiore. How would you suggest...
  5. N

    software design facility

    Salve, pensate sia attendibile la traduzione dell'espressione "Software Design Facility" in Italiano con "centro di sviluppo software" (creati negli anni Ottanta dei paesi asiatici da parte delle multinazionali statunitensi del settore IT)? Vi ringrazio per i suggerimenti...
  6. LimeyDi

    marché-cadre à tarifs

    Totally stumped by this term in a software contract I am attempting to read. I think "marché-cadre" is an industrial sector (as in NAICS or SIC coded sector) but I cannot despite siligent searching find the correct English phrase that corresponds to "marché-cadre à tarifs". Fee-paying business...
  7. HaHa08

    Represents a escher picture.

    Hello, I am creating an Excel with Apache POI, and in the documentation I have met the following description for the tag "HSSFPicture": Represents a escher picture. The problem is escher, someone knows to what it refers? Thanks a lot.
  8. L

    Software standards

    Hola, a qué creen ustedes que se refiere lo que está subrayado: "Internet changed the rules of networked competition. Internet software standards are more open than those in the PC industry" Creen que se refiere a que los atributos de los softwares en Internet los hacen más accesibles...
  9. M


    Hi I'm translating some software code that has been written partly in french; there are several instances where the word "chaine" occurs - for example: functions like "getChaineDansFlux()" and "getChaineNiemeDansFlux()", as well as "getParamChaineDansFichier()". Am I correct in thinking that...