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    Somali: Occupied. Do not disturb!

    Hi How do you say "Occupied. Do not disturb!" in Somali language. I've asked two persons I know and one said "Rabsha hasubin" and the other ""Dadka dagan ha-dhibin". Are those correct? If not, what should I use? Thank you in advance! -Ion
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    Somali: mister

    Hi all, How do you say 'Mister' in Somali? I'm teaching in a London school with a large Somali population and would like to put my name on the wall. Thanks!
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    Somali: Ma xiran yahay Xayawaankaaga rabaayadda?

    Can anyone tell me the translation or subject of this Somali string? "Ma xiran yahay Xayawaankaaga rabaayadda?" I am wondering if it matches close to this English string: "Are your pets secured?" Thank you!!