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    Как будет по-русски "mashup"? (a mixture or fusion of disparate elements, especially a musical track comprising the vocals of one recording placed over the instrumental backing of another.) мэшап / машап гибрид (hybrid)
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    toi mon nombril et moi ta glace

    I have almost figured out all the English lyrics for Carla Bruni's "Le Toi de Moi" but I do not understand these: Toi mon nombril Et moi ta glace Is it: "You my navel, and me your mirror" or "You my navel, and me your ice cream" :) Neither one makes sense to me! :confused: Can someone please...
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    fearing lullibies

    el contexto es un tema musical de Dwele, el tema se llama "Hold On" y la estrofa dice algo así... "Open your ears Don’t allow these words to be ignored by years Fearing lullibies, containing the same old lies (same old lies) Dealing just to deal is a crime, Besides I know you wouldn’t mind...