1. tsoapm

    Tuboni Tdg

    Ciao, I’m having a lot of trouble working out how to translate Tuboni Tdg here; there are very few hits that I find all about the same thing with no useful description. I imagine that they’re something like a rail for snowboarding along or jumping or whatever, but tubular and I suppose large, if...
  2. tsoapm

    prova fra i pali stretti

    Hi all, At Madonna di Campiglio, apparently, as part of the Ski World Cup, they have a “prova fra i pali stretti” which a colleague says that they think is a way of saying that it’s not a giant slalom, that the poles are closer. The text also refers to “slalom speciale”, which I suspect may be...
  3. A

    aftrapstip [football]

    My text is talking about playing fields, and how the grass tends to wear away in certain places: "Dit is veelal zichtbaar bij voetbalvelden in het strafschopgebied en bij de aftrapstip." My dictionaries give "aftrap" as "kick-off", but the centre circle doesn't tend to get worn, does it? And...
  4. N

    ser internacional - fue internacional

    Cómo se traduce la siguiente frase? Tiene que ver con el equipo de fútbol nacional español. ¿Cuántas veces fue internacional Iríbar con la selección española? Gracias de antemano.
  5. laura05

    faire le pont (gymnastique)

    How would you translate it? Fitness : 5 très bonnes raisons de faire le pont tous les jours Thanks.
  6. tsoapm

    vettura scomposta

    Hi, This is a term which has rather piqued my interest. I should invent a phrase I think, because what I have comes straight from a client:La vettura si era scomposta in curva. I received 6 lines of explanation in Italian from the client, which I don’t really think I can reproduce, but this...
  7. semillas

    Flashing the leather (baseball)

    This is an expression used in baseball. I need to know the meaning and how to say it in Spanish. Thank you.
  8. G


    Can anyone help with the translation of "Leistungsbringer" in this sentence? Aber nicht nur für die Leichtathleten sei gute Kost ein Leistungsbringer, denn „auch beim Fußball gewinnt die Mannschaft, die die meiste Kraft hat“.
  9. L'irlandais


    Bonjour, In the context of rugby à XV, mostly popular in the South of France, I'd like to translate this sudiste phrase. For a little more background : Contepomi scored a drop-goal, a couple of seasons ago, but has yet to live it down. To be honest, I reckon he must have been concussed at...
  10. E

    ir bien de cabeza (fútbol)

    hola, tengo otra pregunta sobre el fútbol: Qué significa "ir bien de cabeza"? Cabecear o más bien jugar con decisión? Gracias!
  11. tsoapm

    curva sopraelevata

    Hi, I’m hoping that someone might be able to fill me in with the English for this term. I believe that it refers to a curve with the outside edge raised so that it can be travelled at higher speeds, and that it is also known as a curva parabolica. I think I could validly translate it...
  12. K

    hacer penalty

    Hola a todos, Me gustaría saber cómo se dice en inglés cuando alguno de los futbolistas hace penalty. He commited a penalty?, he did/made penalty ?. Thanks for the help
  13. A

    Cambiar - un cambio en equipo x

    Buenas a todos. Quería saber,porque no estoy seguro,cómo sería el hecho de cómo se dice "cambiar" en un contexto más deportivo,es decir: Por ejemplo,en un partido de baloncesto: "Hay un cambio en el equipo 'X' : se retira 'W' y entra en su lugar 'Y'",porque realmente no sé si valdría la palabra...
  14. raffavita

    If I'm open on the three, point guard better feed me

    Ciao a tutti. ;) Aiutissimo!! Non mi intendo di basket e devo tradurre questa frase. So che cosa significa. Ovvero, "I'm ready to shoot a three pointer, so the point guard had better pass me the ball". Ma come si traduca resta un mistero per me. Qualche intenditore? Grazie mille a tutti. :):)
  15. DearPrudence

    être démarqué (sport)

    Good afternoon :) In team sports, in French, we say "être démarqué(e)" when there is no player from the opposite team surrounding / marking (UK) ? / covering (?) (US) you. Apparently, in American English, this is "to be open". What is it in British English? I give you an example "Passe la...
  16. S

    monter au filet

    Hello, I am trying to translate the following sentence "monte au filet" when describing a tennis player's aggressive reaction "goes to the net"? Thanks : )
  17. Yellow Parrot

    non-contact sport

    Hallo, I would like to say "non-contact sport" in German ( ie: sports where physical contact is not allowed). A literal translation would be "ein Sport ohne physische Kontakt", but is there a specific term for it? Thanks :)
  18. F

    golpear en la entrada (rugby)

    Hi How do you translate: ‘golpean en la entrada' in the context of a rugby scrum? CONTEXT: Tambien, el scrum, no lo dan la importancia que lo damos en mi pais. Es una formacion muy importante para nosotros. Ellos solamente ‘golpean’ en la entrada, sacan la pelota rapido y después salen a...
  19. E

    turnover (basketball)

    Ciao a tutti!!!! Volevo sapere se qualcuno per caso sa il significato di "turnover" usato in ambito sportivo, specialmente nel basket. La mia ipotesi è "contropiede" , ma non sono riuscita a trovare riscontro da nessuna parte. Grazie
  20. J

    Scienze delle attività motorie e sportive

    Hi guys, could anyone please tell me how to translate this degree course title? "Scienze delle attivita' motorie e sportive" my try: Motor and sport activities science Help! Thanks!
  21. J


    Hi all! Would cinesiologia be kinesiatrics? This transcript is KILLING me! :eek: Thanks!
  22. hedz

    sport di resistenza

    how would this expression be in English? (fare degli) sport di resistenza (sport dov'è necessario "avere fondo") I mean the ensemble of all sports like running long distances, cross country skiing, cycling, swimming.
  23. T

    pressing alto

    ciao The context is calcio.I know the term pressing, but as for the "alto" not sure abot in here. Looking forward for some help. When a team do a pressing alto over some other team. Grazie
  24. T

    ala rientrante

    Ciao Talking about "calcio" here. "con Zagalo ala rientrante in aiuto di Zito e Didi e Garrincha, Vava e Pelé liberi di inventare." And I would appreciate some explanation on this "rientrante". Grazie
  25. Necsus

    Sweep (football)

    Buondì! Chi mi sa dire come rendere in italiano questa frase gergale del football americano? O almeno suggerirmi il significato... :( Come si può tradurre sweep? COACH BARKER - Wagner, gimme a twenty-eight sweep on two. WILL - Yes, Coach. All right. Everyone know the new play? Ready...
  26. raffavita

    tournament bracket

    Ciao a tutti, ;) Ho un problema di traduzione. Si parla di un torneo di scacchi e sotto a un crocifisso, appeso a una parete, c'è il "tournament bracket." Credo si tratti di questo schema. Ha un nome preciso? Non so se è il tabellone delle partite. Ma certo è bruttina come traduzione...
  27. M

    gara secca

    Hello everybody! I'm translating a lot of stuff for a football team and I'm having troubles in finding some expressions which are of common use in Italian but which I don't think have a direct equivalent in English... Could you please help me? The terms are: "gara secca" meaning those football...
  28. somedo

    Circuito Ciclistico Interforze

    Hi all! how can I translate "Circuito Ciclistico Interforze" ? The contest is the following: Il CIRCUITO INTERFORZE è una challenge rivolta al personale appartenente alle FORZE ARMATE, ai Corpi dello Stato, alle Forze di Polizia, Guardia di Finanza, Penitenziaria, Vigili del Fuoco...
  29. R

    prove speciali di Formula 1

    Ciao, secondo voi le prove speciali di Formula 1 si possono definire "special trials"? Grazie
  30. LDATirro

    kick boxer

    Ciao a tutti, qualcuno saprebbe come tradurre "kick boxer"? Sto parlando di quelli che praticano il Muay Thai. Mille grazie!
  31. T


    I am wondering how to translate "riflery" into italian. Riflery is the sport of shooting with a rifle and bullets to hit a target. Perhaps it does not exist in italian? Thank you.
  32. V

    Campo per tiro con l'arco

    I wonder how you would say in English " Campo per il tiro con l'arco" Here is the context: C'erano tre piscine, due campi da tennis ed un altro campo per il tiro con l'arco. There were three swimming pools, two tennis courts and another court for archery? Many thanks for your help.
  33. U

    Sport minori

    Hi everybody! I need to translate this sentence: "La manifestazione vuole dare visibilità agli sport minori" This is my attempt: "The event wants to provide more visibility to less important sports" It sounds too literal for me. Thanks for help and corrections.
  34. entrapta

    chopping away at my stomach

    chop away A guy trying a slimming machine working on the abs says (I do feel I'm getting a workout) "so much chopping away at my stomach here". By this I guess he means his stomach is already being trimmed or something? It sounds a bit weird... but you know we're talking science-fiction here.
  35. entrapta

    core area

    core area I'm a bit confuse as regards the meaning of core here. If i say that a fitness machine gets right to the core area of your body, what do I mean by core? I assumed it was something like "parte interna" like "interior part" (sort of like the sitimuli go deep into the muscles) but then I...
  36. yanein


    Si tratta di un video in cui un uomo mostra delle canne da pesca: "These are all custom rods, two thin off fifteen wides with Avalon line. 4 30 10 TWs". "Sono tutte canne artigianali, da cm. 60 a m.4,5, con lenza Avalon. ....." Ammesso che vada bene la prima parte, potreste aiutarmi a capire...
  37. E


    Hi, can anyone help me with a specialized baseball term. It's from an article in the El Sentinel newspaper in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's about the 600th homerun that was hit by Alex Rodriguez and caught by a security guard named Babilonia. It's as follows: "Babilonia candido trabajador de...
  38. Eugin

    buzo deportivo (Buceo)

    Buenas tardes! Estoy traduciendo un diploma expedido por la Cruz Roja de un curso de "Buzo deportivo", y quería chequear con ustedes cómo se diría esa especialidad en inglés. ¿podría ser "sport scuba diver"? o ¿sports scuba diver? ¿o es otra opción diferente? Desde ya, muchas gracias por su...
  39. S

    Ippica: fare un percorso netto

    Ciao a tutti. Qulacuno sa come si dice "percorso netto"? E' un temine specifico che riguarda l'ippica ed e' quando in un percorso nessuno degli ostacoli viene abbattuto. Grazie a tutti!
  40. E

    Federazione Ciclistica Italiana

    Salve, come si può tradurre in inglese: Federazione Ciclistica Italiana? Grazie
  41. W

    fondo/fondo lento

    Hi guys, I am struggling to find the correct translation for "fondo" or "fondo lento" in terms of athletics. I understand the concept, having done distance running training in Italy, however, where this appears in a marathon training manual, I can't settle on a good English equivalent. My...
  42. Matching Mole

    Soccerball [the game]

    Term: (A word or expression you have seen in writing) soccerball Your definition or explanation: A term I have started to notice recently which is used in Britain to refer to the game of football (soccer) in the context of the game as played or understood in the USA. It's an allusion to the...
  43. J

    hustle play

    Sapete dirmi il significato di "hustle play" nell'ambito sportivo?
  44. M

    Il calcio mi piace un pò

    Come posso tradurre il calcio mi piace un pò... Pensavo I like football a bit oppure I like a bit football ma non sono convinto... Grazie....
  45. arthurlee

    lady jockeys

    Dubbio esistenziale: ma si dice "fantini donna" o "donne fantino"?:confused::p "There is to be a race between lady jockeys at the end of the Digue too, I perceive!" "Vedo che ci sarà persino una gara tra fantini donna alla fine della Digue!" Che ne dite? E' abbastanza orrendo secondo me...
  46. G

    a five-a-side pitch

    Credo che 'five a side pitch' significa 'calcetto a cinque'. In questa frase 'on a flood lit five a side pitch', capisco che si gioca 'calcetto a cinque in un campo di erba sintetica e illuminato'. Ma ho capito bene?
  47. L

    play off ten

    "He plays off ten" C'è un esperto di golf che sa come si traduce in italiano questa espressione? Non c'è altro contesto specifico: semplicemente si parla di una persona che gioca a golf, sport di cui purtroppo non so nulla. Grazie. lisozima
  48. S

    the point guard-shooting guard

    Ciao! C'è qualcuno che si intende di basket o che può aiutarmi con la traduzione di questa definizione? Sasha Vujacic, *the point guard-shooting guard* of the Los Angeles Lakers' triangle offense. Sasha Vujacic, la ?????? guardia del ???? dei Los Anglese Lakers Grazie sin da ora, S
  49. J

    he positioned himself to receive a pass from a teammate under pressure

    Translating from English to Italian: "... he clearly positioned himself to receive a pass from a teammate under pressure. But instead of passing the ball, the teammate attempted a difficult turn and passed the ball directly to an opponent." "... e' ovviamente mosso ad un posto di recevere un...
  50. C

    run a half marathon

    Hi all, I would like to translate the phrase "I have the intention of completing the Bath half marathon next year". My attempt: "Ho l'intenzione di completare la mezza maratona di Bath l'anno prossimo". I have a feeling that my attempt is completely wrong :p Thanks.