1. M

    9-hole pitch and putt

    Hello, how would you translate the following expression into Italian "9-hole pitch and putt"? I think it refers to the domain of golf...I need a precise translation...Thank you!:confused::arrow: Mille_parole
  2. P

    100m aux JO

    Salut, Comment traduiriez-vous "l'épreuve reine des JO"? Merci Pasqualie
  3. V

    to claw that gap back

    ¡Hola! ¿Alguien puede mejorar esta traducción? Se trata de un artículo sobre un equipo deportivo que ha tenido un mal resultado. The team must wait four weeks for the chance to claw that gap back. Yo lo he traducido así: El equipo debe esperar cuatro semanas para poder subsanar esa brecha...
  4. V

    manufacturers' championship

    ¡Hola! Quisiera que alguien que sepa de Rallyes me dijera si en español, "manufacturer's championship" se traduce como Campeonato de Fabricantes o de alguna otra manera. Gracias.
  5. PetiteDanone

    Game Winner

    Bonjour! Je me demande s'il y a une expression française pour "game winner"? La phrase pourrait être, par example, "He scored a power play game winner" Ça indique le but gagnant de la joute, et dans mon example, ça indique que le but gagnant a été fait lors du jeu de puissance. Merci!
  6. P

    pelota o bola

    ¿Qual es la diferencia entre "la bola," y "la pelota"?
  7. C

    wrestling or gymnastics mat

    What is the word used for a large "mat" used to do gymnastics or wrestling? Would esterilla work? Or is that for a smaller mat? ¡Gracias! Chalk
  8. S

    Rugby Union

    Estoy a vueltas con un artículo en la wiki y no sé como traducir Rugby Union, básicamente porque soy una ignorante total en este campo. Sé que no significa liga de rugby... tampoco tengo nada claro lo de Rugby League... Debería dejar los nombres tal cual?? Cualquier idea se agradecería!!!:o
  9. J

    Men's track and field event

    Bonjour. How do you translate Men's Track and Road events, in the Olympic games??? Is it, L'athlétisme de l'homme??? [...] Thanks.
  10. T

    quanto stai a rosica

    Ho visto questo frase quando sono andata a una partita di calcio di Roma contro Inter Milan: "Roooma, Roma, Quanto Stai a Rosica" Come se dice in inglese? Forse questo frase e' in un dialetto? Rome, Rome, how many you are a rock?
  11. P

    Injury crisis

    Hello everybody, I looking for the meaning of "injury crisis". I think it's a specific word for sport. Could the translation be "Blessure grave" in French ? The player is confident of getting over her current injury crisis. Thank you very much, Merci
  12. P

    Sail out

    Hello, I can't properly translate the following verb "Sail out". Is anyone want to help me out ? The document speak about Tennis. Here's the context of this sentence: The girl screamed when her opponent last shot sailed out, then hopped for joy and hit an extra ball high into the stands...
  13. L

    Se glielo chiedessi tu, forse accetterebbe

    Se glielo chiedessi tu, forse accetterebbe. I would translate it like this: If you ask it to her, probably she will accept.
  14. TravelinTom

    Football Play

    I tried to respond to a previous thread and couldn't find in the dictionary or threads how to translate a football play or playbook. I couldn't help with Razzle-Dazzle much either, should you want to go help there.
  15. P

    bajar la guardia (deportes)

    Hola: ¿Podrían ayudarme a traducir "bajar la guardia"? Esta frase es en un contexto de deportes, más que nada en los deportes de combate como taekwondo. Gracias :D
  16. B

    sports/academic letter (in high school)

    Hola a todos How would you say "sports letter" or "academic letter", as in the awards you get for acheivement in high school? Most of my Spanish speakers are from Mexico or Central America. Thanks!
  17. N

    Masque de ski/snowboard

    Hola/bonjour! J'aimerais savoir comment les espagnols appellent un masque de ski (ou de snowboard)? Como se dice unas gafas especiales par esquiar? Mascara? Gafas? Aqui un ejemplo para ser seguro que hablamos de la misma cosa. Gracias/Merci
  18. S

    Join our team and play soccer

    ¡Hola todos! I have translated these phrases but they just seem awkward. Can anyone help? "Need something to do after school? Want to be part of a team? Looking to have fun? Join our team and play soccer, write poems, and make a difference in the community with your teammates!" ¿Necesitas...
  19. F


    OG Beijing: there is the word "lapped" in a comentary about an athlete in triathlon in the result list. What does it mean. Thanks.
  20. baldpate

    quando parte non trova mai il bersaglio

    Hello everybody, in this recent thread, about a boxing match, there is the sentence : "Non è una bella sfida, l’americano fa davvero poco, è attendista e quando parte non trova mai il bersaglio." In "... quando parte ...", is partire used in the sense of " ... when he let fly ..." ...
  21. A

    keep up the paste

    Hello! I can't quite understand the meaning of the phrase "keep up the paste". I'm reading it in the following context: "During the following lap, the rider just could not keep up the paste and also felt behind the group" - talking about a Motorcycle race. Could you guys help me?
  22. S


    Il trottolino ex Empoli affianca Amauri nel 4-4-2 bianconero. The uppity kid an ex-Empoli player next to Amauri in the 4-4-2 bianconero. Does 4-4-2 bianconero refer to a soccer formation? Thanks for any assistance.
  23. S

    in mezzo alla difesa

    Ranieri, che tra infortuni e impegni con le Nazionali, è privo di una decina di giocatori , schiera una squadra molto giovane con Nedved e lo stakanovista Legrottaglie, che nemmeno 24 ore dopo aver sfiorato il gol vittoria dell'Italia contro l'Austria a Nizza, dà ripetizioni all'interessante...
  24. B

    roll cage

    El otro día vi en un foro sobre portátiles la palabra roll cage, busqué en internet y sólo encontré coches y mas coches, no encontraba la respuesta, así que pregunté. Un rollcage es una estructura metálica o de plástico duro que sirve para proteger los componentes de un portátil, a la misma...
  25. K

    conclure un point à la volée

    Hello, I'm looking for the English translation of the above.
  26. R

    estar en forma

    Alguien sabe cómo decir "estar en forma" en francés? existe alguna manera especial o es la simple traducción? Merci!
  27. F

    descerrajar la portería

    Qué quiere decir en el fútbol: descerrajar la porteria.
  28. D

    playing out the string (soccer)

    Int he context of soccer, what's the meaning of a player "playing out the string"?
  29. C

    Nice serve, Nice hit, good hit

    I was playing volleyball with some guys from Columbia and I wanted to say Nice serve, nice hit or good hit but I wasn't sure how to. I am not sure at all how to say nice serve. For nice hit or good hit I wanted to say buen tiro but that didn't sound right. If you could let me know about these I...
  30. E

    provare qualcosa

    Ciao This is a football article. I try to translate the following lines but I don't know the blue part. Does anybody help me please ? (Pavel criticized the fans who booed Zambrotta ) Il suo amico Pavel ha bacchettato i tifosi bianconeri per averla insultata e fischiata al Trofeo Tim. «Pavel è...
  31. S

    s'allonger, se coucher sur le dos

    j'aimerai traduire "allonger vous sur le dos" et "couchez vous sur le dos". Aucun site de tracduction ne me donne une réponse satisfaisante. merci d'avance
  32. J

    medal tracker

    hello everybody. now, I have another doubt hoping someone to help me out. I wonder what Medal tracker is. Also if it is related to the Olympic Games. cheers, JOindre
  33. bambou80

    cross training regimens

    Hello all! I'm translating the bio of a Capoeira (danse-combat brésilienne) teacher and don't have a clue what cross training regimens and how to translate it in French. Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider svp? Voici la phrase complète: Professor Comprido is certified in first aid and...
  34. C

    anchor leg

    Hi everyone, Please help me translate "anchor leg", that I often hear in the sports context : "Alain Bernard avenged his loss to Lezak on the anchor leg of the 400 freestyle relay" Thank you!
  35. chefurbo


    ¿Qué significa la palabra "esculturista" en inglés? Aquí está un ejemplo: "Los levantadores de pesas y esculturistas que buscan un suero de leche ..." Gracias por avanzado.
  36. I

    cumplir con creces

    What does "cumplir con creces" mean in the following context: "Al principio fue su grave lesión de rodilla lo que le mantuvo apartado del equipo blanquiazul, pero una vez recuperado no contó con la confianza de Joaquín Caparrós, primero, ni de Miguel Ángel Lotina, después, pese a cumplir con...
  37. E

    round of 8

    Does "round of 8" mean the round in which 16 teams(persons) compete to advance to final 8, or the round in which 8 teams(persons) compete to advance to final 4? Many thanks.
  38. O

    Olympic games, Olympics

    How do you say this in your language, and what is the literal meaning and the origin of the two terms? In Portuguese: Olympic games - Jogos Olímpicos Olympics - Olimpíadas Borrowed from Greek, via other European laguages. Thanks in advance for all replies.
  39. ozon

    entremaliadura - degut a les seves entremaliadures

    Hola, estic escrivint sobre las cabres salvatges i la traduccio que he trobat per entremaliada es 'mischievous'. · We also found that goats is an animal which sometimes is not as appreciated as could be the deer for example, perhaps because its mischievousness. Doncs el que voldria dir es: El...
  40. I

    jugar por decreto

    No entiendo el significado de "jugar por decreto" en este contexto: "Eso sí, por favor, en caso de que viniera Villa habría que tratarle como uno más y darle minutos de calidad, nada del tiempo de la basura. Hablamos de un jugador que vendría a disputarle el puesto a jugadores consagrados y...
  41. L

    Budding sport star

    Hola, mil gracias de antemano. Quisiera que alguien me ayudara a entender qué significa "budding". El contexto habla sobre las trampas que hacen algunos deportistas al doparse para rendir más. Entonces, al final del artículo, hay una especie de reflexión que dice: " What message will our...
  42. crises

    ganar la espalda [fútbol]

    Hi!! I would like to know the verb (phrasal, I pressume) or idiom equivalent in English of Spanish 'ganar la espalda'. Is 'ganar la espalda' the same as 'to skip past a player'? Thank you in advance! :)
  43. crises

    rechace [fútbol]

    Hi! I would like to know how it is said in British English the action of a ball being cleared by the a football player. In Spanish one might say: [noun] un rechace: "a ball has been cleared and sort of rebounds" [verb] rechazar (el balón): to clear the ball? [passive] el balón fue...
  44. E

    football nickname

    I need a Spanish (or Portuguese) football slang term for a 'football nickname', the name that football players are known by - like some actors are known by their 'stage names'. For example, Fernando Torres's football nickname is 'El Nin~o' and Paul Gascoigne's football nickname is 'Gazza'. Please?
  45. T

    alpine bowl

    context: winter resort description phrase: "200 trails, 3 glaciers and 12 alpine bowls". Is that a ski trail for children to practice? Thanx everyone
  46. S

    tagging in relays

    Bonjour, quelqu'un peut-il m'indiquer ce que signifie "tagging" dans une course de relai. contexte: Changeovers and tagging in relays Exchanges or changeovers in relay event shall be effected by a competitor "tagging" the next team member unless otherwise provided. Merci
  47. C

    fastest growing

    I was asked by our local ski club how to translate fastest growing ski centre. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for any help or suggestions
  48. R


    how do I translate into Spanish flyfishing
  49. piraña utria

    goal-to-goal goal

    Hola a todos: Una curiosidad deportiva: ¿alguno de ustedes tendría, en fútbol (soccer), una forma para denominar un gol de esos bien extraños anotados por el disparo de un arquero directamente a la portería/arco/cancha contraria? A mí se me ocurre la del título, pero me parece extraña por...
  50. aieruz

    Práctica deportiva dirigida: defensa personal

    "Práctica deportiva dirigida: defensa personal" is the title of a college subject. My question is whether this 'dirigida' should be rendered as 'coached' or otherwise. Thanks aieruz