1. R

    subire un goal

    Hi! I was wondering how to translate in English the following expression : "subire un goal". Is it "to get a goal"? Isn't there any better expression? thank you in advance
  2. cuchuflete

    Contorted baseball verb forms [sports: verbs]

    If you have played the game, watched it, listened to it on radio, or read about it, you will be comfortable with these baseball verbs: grounded out - from to ground out flied out - from to fly out fouled out - from to foul out All of these are shortened forms derived from, "the batter was out...
  3. P

    30-30 (tennis)

    What the french equivalence for 30-30 (thirty all)? I watch the RG at the moment and I never get to understand the result. is it "trentaines"?
  4. B


    cestinha Is that equivalent to "star" in a sporting context?
  5. B

    dolphin kick

    Bonjour a toutes et a tous. J'enseigne francais au lycee, et j'ai une etudiante qui voudrait m'expliquer en francais sa passion pour la natation. Notre recherche pour trouver une traduction du terme " a dolphin kick" n'etait pas tres reussite. C'est une sorte de mouvement physique dans lequel...
  6. N

    Grand Slam Tennis

    Comment dit-on en français - a Grand Slam or the Grand Slams? Merci.
  7. S

    macaquinho, macacão (de escuderia)

    Oi. Estou fazendo uma tadução ao português (obrigada Vanda) sobre a escuderia Nissam, mas não sei como traduzir aquela roupa utilizada pelos pilotos da rallye. Agradeço sua ajuda. Saudações.
  8. Rebecca Vegas

    dente - straight-jump

    Hi I'm translating a skiing school website, in particular a glossary for snowboarder and I've got problem translating in English the various names of the parts of a straight-jump. In Italian they call the highest part of the jump "il dente". Has anybody any idea of how that is called in English...
  9. F

    finale des sélections / match de sélection (Soccer/Football)

    Hi there, I'm having trouble finding the equivalent in English for these Soccer terms. Here is the sentence: Tu vas assister à la finale des sélections d'Afrique de l'Ouest pour le prochain mondial! Here's my attempt: You get to attend the West African final trial match for the next world...
  10. S

    To keep myself in shape, I go jogging.

    Come si dice.. To keep myself in shape, I go jogging. My attempt: Per tenermi in forma, faccio il footing. Thanks.
  11. R

    Le milieu de terrain est très accrocheur et technique

    In “Le milieu de terrain est très accrocheur et technique”, accrocheur could mean “eye-catching” or "attractive", but this sounds a bit odd in English so perhaps is not the meaning which is intended. All suggestions most welcome!
  12. F

    Gardien de but titulaire (Soccer/Football)

    Hello again, I really appreciate all the football/soccer help I've gotten from all you pros on this forum. Here's one more (and I hope it will be the last!): How would you say "gardien de but titulaire" Would the correct terminology be "Official goalkeeper" or "starting goalkeeper"...
  13. F

    Jouer le haut du classement (Soccer/Football)

    Hello, it's me again with another football (soccer) question. How would you translate "jouer le haut du classement" in the following sentence? (Note: this is a club, not a national team) "Nos objectifs sont clairs: le premier d'entre eux est de jouer le haut du classement." To "make it to the...
  14. F


    Hi all you sports experts out there, I'm translating a fiction program about soccer players (footballers) and I'm having trouble with the word "titularisation". The press relations person is on the phone with a journalist and she says: Comme je vous l'ai expliqué, Léon Dubois ne donnera pas...
  15. A

    breakaway rim (basket ball)

    Hi ! I have a translation about basket ball: I don't know much about the game. a guy talks about a breakaway ram(at least that's what I hear...) what is it? thank you!
  16. L

    end zone

    Hola a todos, este es el contexto de la frase: "If a defensive player intercepts or blocks the disc, they get to pick it up and immediately switch to offense, trying to score in their own end zone." Con la frase no hay problema, solo no sé cómo traducir esto al español. ¿Alguien puede...
  17. E

    faire ses gammes

    hola, encontré un texto médico que trata sobbre el sistema auditivo y tengo esta frase a modo de subtítulo que dice: "Quand le son fait ses gammes". en un diccionario encontré que significaba : Faire des exercices pour acquérir une technique, une faculté...pero alguine podría decirme cual sería...
  18. M

    Basket Ball

    Hi, I recently started a forum which contanied a phrase with the word "basket ball". I translated it to "ballon panier," which others said was not correct. These people were from France though, and French natives and called it simply "basket." Does anyone have other translations? Have you heard...
  19. L

    when I pump fake go on the deep post

    Innanzi tutto complimenti per il forum l'ho scoperto da poco ed e' veramente utile. Ecco la mia domanda. Come traduco la seguente frase che riguarda il football? -when I pump fake go on the deep post- Grazie
  20. P

    half time in Soccer

    Bonjour les Amis ma question est: comment dirais je cette pharde en français?: o.k. every one it's half time, get your water bottles out cette phrase est tiré d'un jeu de football. aidé moi P'tit Jueur 10
  21. gigibuffon


    If I were talking french to someone who was french and i wanted to say 'soccer' would i say soccer/football? or is some other word for it ? for example in italian soccer is - calcio - thank you !
  22. S

    soccer team manager

    Hi! I am the "manager" of the boys soccer team at my high school. I am NOT a coach, and I do not really do anything important... I mostly do things like keep score and carry the water. I am having a lot of trouble finding a French equivalent of this. If anyone has any ideas, I would really...
  23. É

    uncontested free kick

    hello! does anyone know what a "uncontested free kick" is? i know that a free kick is a "coup franc" and in beach soccer, the opposite team has not right to form a wall when you're fouled any idea? thanks
  24. R

    liguilla y repechaje (soccer)

    Hola, Me gustaria saber como se dice "liguilla" y "repechaje" en Ingles. Son dos terminos que se utilizan mucho en el soccer. Por ejemplo: "Chile clasifico al repechaje para ir al mundial de futbol". (I'm just dreaming ok?). "La liguilla de descenso la jugaran los ultimos cuatro equipos...
  25. Benjy

    Sports and Games / Sports et Jeux

    Glossaires generaux sur le sport/le fitness (fr) Nutri-site - Glossaire de la diététique
  26. J

    15 all, 30 all (tennis)

    How does one say 'fifteen all' and 'thirty all' in French?
  27. R

    basket-ball game

    hi everyone, this is part of a school diary that we were supposed to translate but i dont know what it means it is something about winning a basketball game. here it is: Mon equipe de basket-ball a gagne contre celle de l'ecole Marguerite-Bourgeois.