1. 盲人瞎馬

    Diglossia in Swahili

    How much does written Swahili differ from the spoken language? Is it as bad as Indonesian where pretty much no one speaks like the way it's written? Or the everyday language does sound like "Standard Swahili" (if that even exists). What's the situation like? Thanks.
  2. Zulvia92

    Swahili: they live in us

    Hello, I am a fun of The Lion King and I have in mind to get a tattoo with the sentence "He lives in you", from the opening song of The Lion King 2. But I want to change it in "they live in us" (intended as who is Dead Is still with us, in our Heart). Could anyone translate "they live in us" in...
  3. R

    Swahili: where is he/she?

    Good evening mates! I'm Brazilian and I'm studying Swahili alone. This is the only group, in whole web, about this language. I have a grammar question. I hope someone can help. I ask you pardon if this group it isn't for this question. In the sentences Niko wapi? Where am I?, Uko wapi? where are...
  4. ihitokage

    Unknown African language

    Hello, there is one Czech comedy film and there are some guys from Africa. They say one sentence which I'd like to identify and translate. Can anyone recognize it or give me the translation? Here it is (3:14): [Youtube video title: Dědictví...: Bohouš v restauraci] Thanks and have a nice day!
  5. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Swahili: diwani

    I've encountered the word "diwani" in the titles of a number of Swahili books of poetry, for example "Diwani ya Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy" (Muyaka was a 19th-century poet from Mombasa). If "diwani" is translated at all, it's rendered as "poems" or "Swahili poems", but a very comprehensive...
  6. youngwisdom

    Swahili: Ready, Set, Go!

    I'm looking for the right translation of "Ready, Set, Go!" or "Ready, Steady, Go!" in Swahili; the expression used when announcing the start of a race/competition. Many thanks in advance!
  7. K

    Swahili: toka - ergative verb

    Do ergative verbs abound in Swahili? Is the verb "toka" in the following sentences an ergative verb?: Anatoka damu. (He is bleeding.) Damu inamtoka. (Blood is coming_from/coming_out_of/leaving him.)
  8. V

    Swahili: pronunciation of m- and n-

    I have seen several materials show the pronunciation of m- in swahili as ᵊm (as in mtoto, mtu, mnasoma) however a close friend of mine, from uganda is a native speaker and pronounces them as mᵊtoto, mutu, mənasoma, etc. Are both correct?
  9. almostgal

    Swahili: Pole sana kwa msiba/kazi

    Hello, I would like to know the translation of "Pole sana kwa msiba /kazi" in English. I am not sure if by saying "I am very sorry for your loss" is OK for msiba but don't know for work, can u please tell me in grammatical and informal. Thanks in advance
  10. S

    Swahili: Chewa

    Hello, The word "chewa" is used in Swahili and it is supposed to be derived from Turkish. In Swahili it has roughly two meanings: 1. It is used as a morning greeting: Chewa? How are you this morning? 2. An easterly maritime wind Is there anything similar in Turkish? Thank you for any help...
  11. B

    Swahili: alisema, akasema, and akisema

    I have heard people in Kenya use all of the following to say "he said" in Swahili -- alisema, akasema, and akisema. How do they differ? When would you use the -li- vs. -ka- or -ki- marker?
  12. A

    Swahili: storm on earth

    i could use some help from someone who knows a thing or two about swahili. i require this translation for a drum naming. i checked the internet and found out that storm is in swahili dhorumba and earth is dunia. how do you put these two together to form "storm on earth"? google translate put it...
  13. P

    Swahili: Fluently, fluent

    SWAHILI : How is fluently, fluent in Kiswahili? e.g . She speaks French fluently/ is fluent in French Thank you
  14. L

    Icelandic/Kiswahili: sími/simu

    In Icelandic, I believe phone is ''sími'' and in Kiswahili it is ''simu''. Is there a relation between these two words?
  15. Hexlein

    Swahili: Ninaomba msamaha

    Hi, anybody could me translate those words (from Kisuaheli)? Thanks. Salut, svp. quelqu'un me pourrait traduire ces mots (du Kisuaheli)? Merci. nalomba musamaha
  16. S

    Swahili: Kipawa

    Hi! Could anybody please explain to me the Swahili word/name Kipawa? I have searched the web for information, and I read somewhere that it means "gift" but I do not know how trustworthy those sources were, and besides I don't understand if "gift" is intended as "present" or "talent, skill"...
  17. L

    Swahili: Liberian Girl

    Hello. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but there's this one Michael Jackson's song called "Liberian Girl" and in the song there are some lyrics in Swahili. So I was wondering does anyone know how to say Liberian girl in Swahili? I googled it and I got this translation for the word...
  18. DieuEtMonDroit

    Swahili: Easy to learn?

    I've been meaning to pick up yet another language, and since I've never studied an African language and I'm thinking of going to Kenya on vacation, I would like to start learning Swahili. Even though this might be a very broad question, I wonder if someone here might provide some insight in...
  19. C

    Swahili: How widespread in Uganda?

    My apologies if this is the wrong forum - it's a bit confusing :P. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how commonly spoken Swahili is in Uganda, specifically in the East and South of the country. I currently know a rudamentary amount of Swahili and was considering improving it, would I find...
  20. A

    Swahili: nakutakia wiki njema, na muda wenye manafanikio darasani.

    Hi there! I've been learning some Swahili but that phrase is just too tough for me! Could you help me and say what it means? Nakutakia wiki njema, na muda wenye manafanikio darasani. Thanks a lot :) asuuucar
  21. E

    Swahili: You're my sunshine

    Can someone please translate this into Swahili: "You're my sunshine. I can't wait to see you." Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  22. E

    Swahili: I want a baby

    Hello ~ I need a few words of Swahili for a novel I'm writing. The character is an American woman who has been living in Dar es Salaam. She's talking to her boyfriend: "I want a baby." Here's what I've come up with so far: "nanatamani kitoto". Am I close? Should I use mchanga instead of...
  23. Totora

    Swahili: Good Morning

    Hello, I need to know this sentence also in Tanzania... Thanks, :)
  24. E

    Swahili: upendi / upendo

    I was watching "Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" and there was a song that mentions the word upendi (which according to the song means love). From which language is it taken? I found out that akuna matata means no worries in Swahili (an African language), but love is upendo so I figured it must...
  25. M

    Swahili: Arabic loan words

    Hi, Does anyone on these forums speak/have some familiarity with Swahili? I was wondering whether someone here could tell me more about the prevalence of Arabic loanwords in the Swahili lexicon. I vaguely remember coming across a source claiming the number and use of Arabic loanwords was roughly...
  26. N

    Swahili: varios animales

    necesito saber como se dice en suahili las siguientes palabras: elefante león mono o chimpance murcielago hiena chacal tigre fuego muchas gracias
  27. M

    Swahili: Kikulacho Kimo nguoni mwako

    Hello. Kikulacho Kimo nguoni mwako. Would anyone be able to translate this Swahili into English for me..? Thank you.
  28. J

    Swahili: Hakuna Matat

  29. J

    Swahili: Hakuna Matat

    I don't know if this is a right forum to ask this question.But never the less Does any body know the meaning of Hakuna Matata??? :::))) Is it a real language or is it just a made up word ??? :::))) Just a passing question...does anybody know...???
  30. L

    Swahili: Resources

    I am looking for someone that knows swahili...I have a friend in Kenya who speaks swahili and I'd like to learn how to speak swahili. Anyone?
  31. M

    Swahili: Wanulelé, Wembe

    Hello all, I would like to know the meaning of this two words. They are in any language spoken in Rwanda. I´m sorry I don´t know which one. It is long time ago I´m looking for the meaning. Thank you very much for your help. Regards, María