1. Pocahontas van Merteuil

    Swedish : writing and pronouncing the date : 2nd = den andra?

    Hi! It's me again, the beginner in Swedish. I just posted a thread about questions I had about the use of andra. I have another one, it's about how you use it to say or write a date. Am I right learning that to say "Monday Dec 2nd" in Swedish, you will say and write "måndag den andra december"...
  2. Pocahontas van Merteuil

    Swedish: Andra/andre = second or other

    Hi everyone! I'm a beginner in Swedish. I was trying to get my head around the terms andra/andre, annan/annat. I have two remaining questions to which I haven't managed to find the answers. 1. How do you know whether andra/andre means "second" or "other"? For example, in the following sentence...
  3. R

    Swedish: Sen somnar bäda tva bums i kanalen!

    Sen somnar bäda tva bums i kanalen! (I want to know if it is an idiom and what it means. Literally: Then both immediately slept in the canal
  4. Setwale_Charm

    Swedish/Norwegian: a survivor

    Heisann! Vad heter "survivors of sexual violence" och "survivors of sexploitation/trafficking" paa svenska och norska? Tack.
  5. M

    Swedish: ringt <med> en vän idag

    "Jag ringt med en vän idag." I immediately understood this example of med as usual as "I rang with a friend today" because it's the word "med" that's always confused me into thinking it means "with". So could "Jag ringt en vän idag." be used instead....?
  6. V

    Swedish: Till och med

    Hi! I am lost in the following sentence: "Anmälningarna om bevakning finns tillgängliga för granskning från sista dagen för bevakning till och med och sista dag för Anmärkning." What confuses me is the "till och med och sista dag". Does it mean that the anmälningarna are available from the...
  7. V

    Swedish: Bevakningsförfarande

    Hi all, could anyone please explain to me what "bevakning(sförfarande)" means in the following sentences: "Konkursförvaltaren har bedömt att det kan bli aktuellt med utdelning i konkursen. Domstolen har därför beslutat att genomföra ett bevakningsförfarande." "Uppgift om det totala belopp som ni...
  8. risingmoon

    Swedish: Beslutad den... / Utkom från trycket den...

    Good night. I need to translate both expressions into Spanish. They are in the cover of an ordinance published in 1994: "AFS 1994:1 Utkom från trycket den 23 mars 1994" and "Beslutad den 26 januari 1994" My attempts: “Aprobada el 26 de enero de 1994” (approved on January 26th 1994) and...
  9. Kajeetah

    Swedish: slåtterkoja

    Hi! What's a slåtterkoja exactly? Like a small barn? Thanks in advance!
  10. Kajeetah

    Swedish: rak treliterssexa

    Hi it's me again with my Swedish TV series to be translated into French "[...] 250 hästar med en rak treliterssexa" Does rak here means direct injection? This part doesn't appear in the English translation I've got. Thanks in advance!
  11. L

    Pronunciation of använda, uttala, etc

    Dear to all, I wish to know how to pronounce some Swedish compound verbs such as använda, anlita, påverka, etc. My question is that: since these words are compounds, they have two stressed/long syllables which stand next to each other (stå intill varandra). I learned from a book that if one...
  12. Kajeetah

    Swedish: Originalmössan

    Hi! I have trouble understanding the "original" bit here. Dialogue from a TV series, a policeman who knows everything about everything describing a hat from an evidence box: "Originalmössan. Handstickad. Bred...bred invikningskant här. Det var ju Stenmarks kusin Barbro som designade den."...
  13. M

    Swedish & Norwegian similarities

    By chance I found a web page a couple of days ago called "My Languages dot org slash norwegian" about practising reading Norwegian and was very pleasantly surprised to be able to understand about 60-70% of it straight off, as I'd always had problems understanding spoken Norwegian. Is it the same...
  14. Perseas

    Swedish: öppet köp vs bytesrätt

    Hello, A small dialogue between a customer and a shop assistant: -Har ni öppet köp? -Självklart. Vi har öppet köp i två veckor och bytesrätt i 30 dagar. What is the difference between "öpet köp" and "bytesrätt"? I thought that both mean "the right to exchange", but it seems that this not the...
  15. M

    Nå, hur gick det, undrade han nyfiket

    In the sentence "Nå, hur gick det, undrade han nyfiket" I'm wondering if the sentence would also be correct in Swedish "han undrade nyfiket" as it's like saying "wondered he curiously" in English, never being sure when writing in Swedish which one to choose ? Thanks
  16. M

    "what is his line of work ?"

    I'm reading an interesting Swedish book about the war years and only just noticed after about 20 pages that there are no inverted commas at all in the whole book when someone is speaking. For example instead of as in English "what is his line of work ?" it starts instead with just a dash...
  17. Silverc

    standard written Swedish is the most conservative Nordic language on the Scandinavian peninsula

    I am Italian, but long interested in Nordic languages, whereof I have a general knowledge (some working knowledge of Swedish, in particular, but I can read and get some conversation of also the other languages on the Scandinavian peninsula) - I dare to say that, formally, standard Swedish has...
  18. M

    Spoken Swedish....

    This might well have been asked before but why do some Swedes always finish some sentences on a rising high note, especially amongst ladies that almost go off the end of the high scale ? It certainly livens up Malou Efter Tio no question....:)
  19. alibey71

    Swedish: Urks

    Hi, Swedish friends. Can you help me to understand the swedish word "Urks" The context is here: "In the manufactured ground found underlying the industrial city of Norrköping (population 120,000), for example, Swedish technol-ogy scholar Björn Wallsten estimates that there are fully...
  20. risingmoon

    Swedish equivalent of "National Board of Occupational Health"

    Good evening. I need to translate the name of the thread into Spanish, but you can answer me in English. The name of the institution is found in the following paragraphs of the article by Leymann and Gustafsson Mobbing at Work and the Development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (1996): “In...
  21. Jimmy_Chappie

    Swedish: Önskefe

    Hi everyone I’m reading a Swedish book in which a character writes a letter. The letter begins ‘kära önskefe...’ Please can someone tell me what ‘önskefe’ means? I haven’t been able to find a translation of it. Many thanks!
  22. M

    Good examples of colloquial Swedish....?

    I'm still looking without any luck for some good examples of colloquial Swedish which don't make much sense in English, when I found this one "Sitta med skägget i brevlådan" which sounded not only odd but somewhat painful "sitting with one's beard in a letter box" as I can't think of any...
  23. G

    Swedish: enligt ovan

    Good night. I'm sorry that my Swedish is not good enough to write in this language. I'd like to know the meaning of "enligt ovan" in the following sentence: "X bemöter email enligt ovan" This is an item from a list of facts regarding some legal proceedings. An email is mentioned above, but I'm...
  24. Perseas

    Swedish: pris (declension)

    Hello, I am interested in the declension of the noun "pris". Actually it's about "Nobelpris", but I assume that they have the same endings. According to this online dictionary there are these forms: pris, priset, pris, priser, prisen, priserna. So I think: pris -->Singular: obestämd form...
  25. W

    Swedish: Da stiger sangen fra Din frelste brud : Takk, gode Gud

    Hello everyone! Some time ago I discovered that "How great Thou art" saw the light in sweden as Å, Store Gud! I'd like to sing along (a little bit like a parrot, I'm afraid, not knowing any Swedish) with the Hege & Gunnar Bordevik version. I could not find the translation of the following...
  26. M

    Swedish regional accents

    I enjoy listening to "Malou After Ten" on YouTube as I've no problem understanding what she's saying, but I have a lot more difficulty with all the others which gets very frustrating. Anyone know what her accent is called and where can it be watched and listened to elsewhere ....? Thanks
  27. Perseas

    Presens futurum: ska + infinitiv

    Hello, In a book of mine the chapter's title is: Presens futurum: ska + infinitiv. And an example: Vi ska gå på bio på lördag. My question: Is "ska+infinitiv" really present tense with future meaning? I thought it was like the English "I will + infinitive" which is just future. Thanks in advance.
  28. Perseas

    Swedish: Var god vänta

    Hello While waiting for the translation of a Swedish word from an online dictionary, I saw this message: "Var god vänta!" I know that "Var god vänta!" is used to express "Please wait!", but what is the literal translation? My guess: "(It) was good to wait". Thanks in advance.
  29. Perseas

    Swedish: den studievana eleven

    Hi all, This sentence is from a book for Swedish learners: "Materialet har en snabb progression och är tänkt för den studievana eleven i och utanför Sverige." I couldn't find "studievana" in the dictionary, but I think it's an adjective here. My understanding of "den studievana eleven" is...
  30. onitamo

    Swedish: Ni slutar

    Hej , Hur kan jag säga Ni slutar.. menas ni slutar skola ? är det rätt: You finished?
  31. R

    Swedish: Gå undan och göra det

    A line in a movie: A medical student is visiting her boyfriend who helps her with learning for the test. She wants to leave and study at home. The boyfriend says: "Men om det är med pluggandet och så där så finns det verkligen tid. Vi kan gå undan och göra det idag." My suggestions: "We can...
  32. R

    Swedish: Då går jag in... så.

    A line in a tv series: "Jag har ju läggning för det (i.e. matte). Det där naturvetenskapliga, det logiska tänkandet, det kommer helt naturligt för mig. Alltså de okända domänerna - hjärnan, rymden - det vi egentligen inte kan omfatta, det känner jag att jag har tillgång till på nåt sätt. "Vad...
  33. M

    difference between Swedish blomma and blomster

    In my dictionary I see for flower the Swedish words blomma and blomster. Are these synonyms or is there a difference in meaning (or style) between these words. I see that in Danish there is only blomst.
  34. L

    Swedish: plär

    Hi, I need help with the underlined word: Yngre är lättare, men äldre är rättare, plär jag säja. (Kejsarn av Portugallien by Selma Lagerlöf). I would highly appreciate the translation of the entire sentence as well. Many thanks!
  35. L

    Swedish pitch accent

    Hello! I've just started learning Swedish and I've been having some problems figuring out which pitch accent a word has. I've tried wiktionary but they don't seem to differentiate between the two pitch accents in their IPA transcriptions. I've also noticed that apparently words, when declined...
  36. I

    Swedish: köpa till/köpa åt

    Hello! While practising prepositions I came across "köpa till" and "köpa åt" in the following contexts: "Han har köpt en vacker ring till sin fru." "— Köp en tidning åt mig, är du snäll!" I feel like in the first case, köpa till is used when you buy something as a gift, while in the second...
  37. normordm

    Swedish: bred (when describing a dialect)

    What does bred mean when describing a dialect? For example:
  38. H

    How do you pronounce å?

    Hello, I am confused about this letter for the Nordic languages such as Bokmål, Swedish, and Danish. I understand the other letters like ä, ö, and the others, but this one is confusing me. Can someone explain with an English equivalent? (Ex. å is pronounced like the letter in the word .)
  39. normordm

    Swedish: depp

    What does "depp" mean in swedish? I saw it in the lyrics of "Sång Och Dansman" from the musical "Stinsen Brinner". The sentence was: tack
  40. M

    Swedish English sentence structures

    I've read on occasion that Swedish and English being originally Germanic based are fairly similar in structure but I've never seen any comparisons or examples. Meaning that every time I write anything in Swedish out of lifelong habit it remains in an English structure with nothing changed, yet...
  41. normordm

    Swedish: rädd för eller rädd om

    In the song "Fred" by Petra Marklund there's the lines: My question is: What's the difference between rädd för and rädd om? tack
  42. risingmoon

    Swedish: vid

    Good day. I'm translating titles of Dr. Leymann's works into Spanish. In this case, I have some doubt about the meaning of the word "vid". The complete bibliographic data says as follows: Leymann, Heinz (1992). Manligt och kvinnligt vid vuxenmobbning. En rikstäckande undersökning med 2.428...
  43. M

    Swedish: Knasiga

    Hon var lite knasiga....? What does this sentence mean as I can't find knasiga in the dictionary, unless it's spelt wrong ?
  44. M

    Swedish: Blir nästan avis

    Det där med bilresa och Stonehenge låter helt underbart. Blir nästan lite avis What does....Blir nästan avis mean in this context ?
  45. G

    Swedish: vid samtal

    Please, would you kindly help me with this? What exactly does "stanna vid samtal" mean here? "Det är förbjudet att prata i telefon eller knappa på terminal i samband med körning av maskin (stanna vid samtal)." These are instructions about how to behave while driving fork-lift machines and such...
  46. M

    Swedish: en man vs. ett barn

    Grammar never having been my strong point I'm wondering why "a man" should be "en man" yet a child is "ett barn" as this doesn't happen in English. Are there any more similar examples ?
  47. G

    Swedish: shorthand, and omitted punctuation

    I'm looking at a plant inspection report written in Swedish, where the writer makes extensive use of shorthand. Here's an example (far from the worst) of what I mean: The writer has omitted basic punctuation here, perhaps assuming that whoever reads it can fill it in as needed. For example...
  48. normordm

    Swedish: kap

    Good day fellas So I was watching a movie when I came across the sentence: I want to know what kap means here (or if "göra ett kap" is a phrase, then what that means). I sort of understand but I can't find an english translation. Found this thread on the flashback forums though. tack för...
  49. Kajeetah

    Swedish: inte brunnit

    Hi! I have trouble understanding the meaning of a line from a TV series. Two cops go to the house of a man whose wife has been murdered. He's not there. One of the cops looks around and says: Ja, här nere har det inte brunnit. The English subtitle says: It didn't burn down here. Logically...
  50. normordm

    Swedish: rycket

    Was watching a movie when I came across the question: As far as I know "ryck" means sudden movement or jerk. What does it mean in this question? tack