1. G

    Swedish: LOU Över / LOU Förhandlat

    The following is the part of the page footer in an official procurement document from Trafikverket: I understand that LOU is "Lagen om offentlig upphandling". However, I can't make head or tails of the highlighted parts. 1. Över = ???? Is this an abbreviation of a word beginning with...
  2. D

    Swedish: using få and ska interchangeably to mean "should" or "ought"

    Hello to you all! I've been having a hard time trying to figure out the difference, if any, in meaning between the two verbs få and ska, specifically when speaking about something the other person should know. In the example below, it seems to me that this use of ska doesn't exactly carry the...
  3. B

    Swedish: Bättre upp får det allt lov att vara

    "Jag tyckte inte att det var något bra program, sedan får Frida tycka vad hon vill. Bättre upp får det allt lov att vara, och det kan det också bli. För nu har jag själv hamnat i ett riktigt spökhus [...]." This is from Karlsson på taket flyger igen by Astrid Lindgren. I'm having a hard time...
  4. K

    Swedish: för se renlighet

    Hej, From "Brott och Straff": Vi har tre små barn och Katerina Ivanovna sliter från bittida på morgonen till långt in på natten – hon skurar och tvättar och håller ungarna rena – för se renlighet har hon varit van vid sen barndomen – och allt det där gör hon fast hon är bröstsjuk och...
  5. M

    Swedish: delägarens del av fastighetens taxeringsvärde

    Did you read my posts? I agree that it gives an absurd result, so it can be dismissed simply because of that. But further more I already explained in my first post, the first answer, how I think it should be parsed: hembjudande delägarens del av fastighetens taxeringsvärde multiplicerat med...
  6. K

    Swedish: vilka bolag som ta del av det nya produktionsstödet

    Hi, In DN today: "I julas blev det klart vilka bolag som ta del av det nya produktionsstödet – ett incitament som gör det ekonomiskt lönsamt att förlägga en film- eller tv-inspelning i Sverige framför att ta den utomlands." Why "ta"? Is this a typo? Thanks.
  7. G

    Swedish: 1,33 av marknadsvärdet fastställt av värderingsman

    Hi again, An excerpt from a deed of gift wherein parents transfer a share of real estate property to their heir: I don't understand how the highlighted part fits into this. To get the required price, it seems that we need to multiply (A) the gift recipient's share of the property's taxation...
  8. G

    Swedish: stod vid zipline

    Another excerpt (maybe the last) from the physiotherapist's notes about a patient with shoulder issues: I can't resolve what "stod vid" is describing here. Is it saying that his shoulder problems were aggravated/triggered while standing near/next to a zipline? Or, is ”stod vid” just a...
  9. T

    Swedish: De flesta blir föräldrar den dag som deras barn föds

    Good afternoon. I’m having difficulty in understanding the grammar behind the following sentence: De flesta blir föräldrar den dag som deras barn föds, men så var det inte riktigt för xxxx. (The sentence is taken out of a beginner story book.) I understand that the sentence means “Most people...
  10. G

    Swedish: sidlik

    One more excerpt (for now) from the physiotherapist's assessment of a patient with shoulder problems: "Mobility: [...] Abduction up to about 175°; outward rotation with arm at his side [??] up to about 75°." "sidlik" = ? Thanks again, Gavril P.S.: The noun sidlik / sidolik...
  11. G

    Swedish: längre hävarm

    Another quote from a physiotherapist's assessment of a patient with shoulder problems: "hävarm" = ? Some of the tests described involve lifting one's arms, which may explain the meaning of häv- here. But that doesn't explain "längre" -- if "hävarm" refers to one of the patient's arms, then...
  12. G

    Swedish: höger skulderblad vingar

    From a physiotherapist's patient notes: "vingar" = ???? I've found some definitions for "vinga" (e.g. "to make lighter", "to hasten"), but they don't make any clear sense here. Thanks for any assistance, Gavril
  13. C

    Swedish: Man är allt bra löjlig. Detta är alltså Blom

    Hi! I've been reading a book from Elfred Berggren and i came across these sentences which i dont understand. "Man är allt bra löjlig. Detta är alltså Blom, som brukade komma hem till mig, när vi gingo i skolan, och skriva av hemtal och få översättningarna dragna, och som jag då betraktade som...
  14. J

    Swedish: att after tyckte

    I got this sentence from a book: Han minns att han tyckte hon var vansinnigt tjusig - there is no att after tyckte, where I would have placed it. I have seen other sentences where the att seems necessary, like Han tyckte att hon var galen etc. Is the att after tyckte strictly necessary? Why...
  15. J

    Swedish: check if he is okay

    What's the difference between saying: Jag kom för att kontrollera att han är okej.' and Jag kom för att kolla om han är okej.
  16. J

    Swedish: It was clear

    I've read this before in a book: Det stod klart att ... whatever whatever... But can you say: Det var klart att... If it means the same thing why would you bother with stod?
  17. J

    Swedish: Barely believe it

    Which is the best or most natural way to say I/he/she could barely believe it? Jag kunde knappt tro det or Det var knappt att jag kunde tro det (I don't really understand why Swedes write it the second way but I've seen both before)
  18. G

    Swedish: led- (ledtruck, ledstaplare)

    ledtruck and ledstaplare refer to certain kinds of forklifts used in warehouses. I know that truck means "forklift" (among other things, but that's pretty clearly what it means here), and that staplare means "stacker". But what information is the led- part contributing? led- has many...
  19. G

    Swedish: har eller har haft vilande sådan ersättning

    Some excerpts from a company's employee insurance policy: These sentences seem to contradict each other. The first sentence seems to be saying that, in order to be regarded as having full work capacity ("fullt arbetsför"), you need to have had dormant compensation ("vilande ersättningar") for...
  20. sarpertaze

    Swedish: det går lika bra med selleri

    What does "det går lika bra med selleri" mean ? I searched it but I did not find the meaning of the idiom. Is there a similar idiom in English?
  21. T

    Swedish: De kommer att (ska) kalla barnet Erik

    Hi. In the sentence, they/we are going to the their/our child Erik, would you normally use Ska or Komma att? In a course I am studying, the translation was: De kommer att kalla barnet Erik. However, I thought that Ska showed more personal intention and that Komma att was for predictions...
  22. T

    Swedish: På/i ett rum

    Hej! With the word “rum”, do you normally use the preposition på or i? Or does it depend on the context or are they interchangeable? On the same page of a book I’m reading, I have seen the following examples: “Ok, jag går upp på mitt rum och väntar.” (Here, could you use går upp till (or even...
  23. R

    Swedish: grävlingsorientering

    Grävlingsorientering (possibly misspelled) - what is it? Came across it in a film but don't remember the full sentence sadly.
  24. M

    Swedish: When to use det är or det här?

    hej hej, I'm having a discussion with a friend about using: det är or det här. Hopefully you can help us with the difference between those 2 words and when to use är and här. Thank you very much!
  25. pldclcc

    Swedish: Do long and short i have the same vowel quality?

    When I hear words like sil and sill all they seem to differ in is the vowel length, whereas in English the vowel quality is often different as well, depending on your accent (sheep vs ship). Is it the same in Swedish, or is the length of the vowel the only significant difference? On the...
  26. Le Tamia

    Swedish: Du <skulle> läsa mellan raderna.

    Hello Can anyone help me to understand what skulle means in this context? This is from Assimil Swedish (in French. of which I have a decent understand, but it's not my native language). For context, two people are talking about a letter they had just finished reading together. A: Hennes...
  27. G

    Swedish: om inte verksamheten själva anger något annat

    From a patient information sheet about how to prepare for a hospital procedure: "To reduce the risk of infections, no more than one person should accompany you to your treatment appointment, unless the [???] itself specifies otherwise. " Despite it being a very common term, the meaning of...
  28. K

    Swedish: would be for the purposes of

    Confused about the use of skulle in a sentence that suggest something in the future is going to be a certain way. For example, if I wanted to say that an event "would be for the purposes of training/hunting etc, etc.", how would I say it... Say I'm talking about a future event that is supposed...
  29. G

    Swedish: imorgon så kommer vi att vara för de många, många människorna

    A corporate video begins with the following sentences: The speaker then goes on to talk about the company's hiring initiatives, which are the main topic of the video (how many local jobs they have created recently, etc.). What do the quoted phrases mean? The interpretation that springs to...
  30. Hulalessar

    Swedish: Pronunciation of Borg

    Is Borg, as in Björn Borg, transcribed in the English Wikipedia in IPA as /bɔrj/, one syllable or two? The transcription suggests it is one with a definite/r/, but online audio suggestions seem to be either /bɔj/ or /bɔri/.
  31. K

    Swedish: men som vägrade göra som han sa

    Hej, In the sentence: För två år sedan hindrades Trump av institutioner och folkvalda personer – guvernörer, valförrättare, vicepresidenten – med formell makt att påverka valutgången, men som vägrade göra som han sa. Using of "men" sounds bit illogic to the ear, since they "hindered" him...
  32. S

    Swedish: inversion (verb in 2nd position)

    hello! my mother tongue is German and I'm trying to pick up some Swedish. Does the inversion (verb in 2nd position, except for very few exceptions like "und", "oder" , "aber" ) in Swedish work just like in German? Idag har jag inte haft tid att laga mat. Heute habe ich keine Zeit gehabt...
  33. K

    Swedish: systemfel som stavas regionerna

    Hej, In the following sentence: Vårt grundproblem är att svensk sjukvård lider av stort systemfel som stavas regionerna. It seems to me that it misses "i" before "regionerna". Or, is it ok to omit the preposition in this case? And is it informal? Tack.
  34. K

    Swedish: vaccinet vänta ge gott skydd

    Hej, "Virusen är nära besläktade och vaccinet vänta ge gott skydd." Is there something missing before "vänta"? Tack.
  35. K

    Swedish: att spår av mannens dna

    From DN: Som grund för domen ligger bevisvärdering av både vittnesuppgifter och fynd i form av ”tejp och blå viskosfibrer m.m. anträffade vid husrannsakan” hos mannen tillsammans med att spår av mannens dna på Malin Lindströms kvarlevor samt vittnesmål. Isn't it that after "att" we have either...
  36. K

    Swedish: har parterna har nått en överenskommelse

    From DN: Drygt två veckor efter att 900 SAS-piloter gick ut i strejk har parterna har nått en överenskommelse. There are two "har" in the sentence. Is it correct? Tack.
  37. G

    Swedish: plan 00, -2 r

    From a lease contract for storage space: "r" = ? Thanks, Gavril
  38. G

    Swedish: har haft 210 mg morgon men har fått utsatt 140

    From a patient's comments/complaints about a medication: "I have had 210 mg in the mornings but I was exposed to 140[???], and this was referred to FASS." I don't think I'm grasping the intended meaning of this sentence. Maybe part of the problem is that I'm not translating "utsätta"...
  39. T

    Swedish: träknarr

    Hi there, I am struggling to understand what "träknarr" as the word doesn't seem to come up in a dictionary or even online. It is used in a literary text: Träknarr av mamma nere i köket Thank you!
  40. E

    Swedish: "I" instead of "ni"

    Hello all, What, if anything, is the author trying to achieve when he suddenly switches from "ni" to "I" in the following paragraph? (Context: Kamba Bombo is a Tibetan official and he is talking to Hedin and his two companions. In the first part of the quote we see him addressing one of...
  41. D

    Swedish: taxeringsrevisor / skatterevisor

    I stumbled upon the following sentence: "Vartannat år misstänker taxeringsrevisorn Göran för skattefusk." Do you know whether the words taxeringsrevisor and skatterevisor mean the same thing? Thank you Dimhollow
  42. K

    Swedish: bli kvar

    Hej, In the sentence: "Det finns de som verkligen väljer att leva här, tänkte Eira, av alla platser i världen, som inte bara hamnar, råkar födas, av olika omständigheter bli kvar." How shall the "av olika omständigheter bli kvar" be understood? Is it a sentence? Tack.
  43. G

    Swedish: knäfyrfota

    An excerpt from physical therapy instructions: "Serratus press" is apparently a kind of shoulder-muscle exercise. But I can't figure out what "knäfyrfota" is doing here. Can someone give me a short, basic definition of what "knäfyrfota" is? Is it a noun or an adjective? A static position of...
  44. Linnets

    Swedish: Cornelia Jacobs (pronunciation)

    Hi, I would like to know the correct Swedish pronunciation of ESC contestant Cornelia Jacobs. The Italian ESC presenter Gabriele Corsi (famous here for pronouncing Måneskin [ˈmɔːneskin], which is neither Italian nor Danish) insisted pronouncing it [korˈnɛːlja ˈdʒaːkobs] à la italienne (but...
  45. R

    Swedish: hela den här ön, dårå.

    Hello, I wonder if I get this sentence right. A character in a TV series who has a cottage on a Swedish island says: "... och sen så fyra år senare så träffade hon ju den här Erik från Stockholm. Ja, det var ju han som hade hela den här ön, dårå." Is she saying that Erik owned the whole island...
  46. R

    Swedish: Uttryckningspersonal

    In the series Hamilton. A blackout occurs in the hospital and then the following message appears on the police computer: "Strömavbrott på Karolinska åtgärdat. Uttryckningspersonal underrättade.” Is uttryckningspersonal (maybe there is a mistake on the screen because I have seen it spelled as...
  47. R

    Swedish: underrättade

    In the series Hamilton. A blackout occurs in the hospital and then the following message appears on the police computer: "Strömavbrott på Karolinska åtgärdat. Uttryckningspersonal underrättade.” Does it mean that the emergency personnel has informed (e.g. media) about it?
  48. G

    Swedish: use of indicative verbs in instructions

    The following is an excerpt from a Swedish bank's instructions on anti-money-laundering procedures. I have highlighted the main verbs used in each sentence or clause: As you can see, the paragraph shifts back and forth between ”should”-statements and present indicative statements: [...] ska...
  49. R

    Swedish: Eriksbadet, Eriksgatan

    Hello, there is a text message in the TV series Hamilton, where one person wants to set a date with the other. He suggests meeting at Eriksbadet, Eriksgatan 30 (in Stockkholm). I know that there is Eriksdalbadet in Stockholm and that there is Eriksdalgatan leading to it. So I wanted to ask if it...
  50. D

    Swedish: It's not because of...and not because of...either.

    Hello to all Swedish folk out there. I need to translate these two English sentences into Swedish: It's not because of air pollution. And it’s not because of the price of petrol either. Here's my attempt at possible Swedish equivalents: Det är inte på grund av luftföroreningen. Och det är...