1. V

    Swedish: Jag läser inte ofta men när jag väl läser så är det Stephen King.

    Can anyone explain the sentiment or usage of 'väl' and 'så' here ? The sentiment of väl to me seems like '...but when I do read...' but i have no idea about the så. I understand the sentence as a whole i just don't get what role these two words play. Thanks.
  2. M

    Swedish: "till"

    I always get confused with the prefix, if that's the right word of "till" as there are a lot of words in the dictionary that begin with it as well as the word on its own. Also its position at the end in words like "hjälpa till." Is there some meaning, reason or connection with all the words...
  3. normordm

    Swedish: "Men nu får det väl ändå ta och räcka lite!"

    I came across the sentence: In "En man som heter Ove". I think it's just an annoyed way of saying "That's enough!". It seems really long though so am I wrong?
  4. G

    Swedish: slå i

    Would a kind soul help me with this translation?: "Skjutdörren slår i handtagen när partier skall öppnas upp." A house is being inspected for technical inadequacies and the sliding door has been found not to work properly in this respect. I don't quite understand what that means. The previous...
  5. 2

    Norwegian/Swedish/Lithuanian/Latvian/Slovene/Serbo-Croatian: tonal mispronunciation

    Hello. This is a question regarding all pseudo-tonal languages (i.e., those that feature phonemic pitch accent) of Europe (e.g. Norwegian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian). How often is it the case that you mispronounce a word using an incorrect toneme (or that you...
  6. V

    Swedish: 'Jag tror att de frågar dig.'

    I'm reading a short learners passage where they are talking about a woman's upcoming job interview. The following is said: 'Men vad tror du de frågar mig? Jag tror att de frågar dig om dina egenskaper, både positiva och negativa.' It seems to me the first person is asking 'what do you think...
  7. normordm

    Swedish: mota in

    I don't get the bold part of this sentence:
  8. V

    Swedish: 'När jag träffar någon som förstår mer än de andra tar jag fram min första teckning.'

    I've read all the rules but don't understand what rule applies to 'tar jag fram min första teckning.' which makes the verb and subject invert. I'm thinking that it's because the entirety of the first part of the sentence up to 'andra' counts as 'position 1' and therefore means the verb needs to...
  9. normordm

    Swedish: baksidan av medaljen

    What does the idiom "baksidan av medaljen" mean?
  10. R

    Swedish: regskyltar

    Hello, I wanted to ask about some lines in a tv series. At the beginning a police chief (Ruda) is murdered. Two of his colleagues and close friends start investigating the murder. In episode 2 one of them gets the information that the other colleague had a phone conversation with the murdered...
  11. V

    Swedish: 'När jag är sex år ser jag en bild som intresserar mig.' grammar question.

    So...it's the opening line from The Little Prince in Swedish. I have a question about how this translates into English. The English version should be 'Once when I was six years old I saw a magnificent picture in a book...' I'm just wondering about the Swedish use of 'ser' instead of 'såg' ...
  12. R

    Swedish: Vi får bara köra

    Hello I wonder what this phrase means in the following context. It is a line from a tv series. A gang has kidnapped a policeman's daughter. Her father has seized the foreign minister with the aim to exchange him for his daughter. He and his colleague have arrived at the place. The members of...
  13. R

    Swedish: Det är många som kommer att vinna över dig

    Hello, I have a line in a tv series that is not quite clear to me. Daniela is the girlfriend of a policeman (Roland) who prefers his job to his family. When he investigates a crime in which the foreign minister is involved, Daniela's daughter is kidnapped. Daniela wants to negotiate her...
  14. normordm

    Swedish: göra en höna av en fjäder

    I want to know if there's an English equivalent of the Swedish idiomatic phrase "göra en höna av en fjäder". If there isn't, how would you translate it?
  15. R

    Swedish: Han är på Mateo och toppar sig.

    Hello, I wanted to ask about this confusing phrase. It is a line in a tv series. Policemen come to look for a Serbian gang chief. As he probably received a warning, he is not in his flat in Skärholmen. Instead there is some family gathering going on. After having searched the flat one of them...
  16. Kajeetah

    Swedish: Grisvard (name)

    Hi! I hope my question is not totally out of scope. My name is Grisvard, I'm French, and my grandfather used to tell us it was a Swedish name. His theory was that his ancester must have been a Swedish mercenary during the 30 years war (17th century) who had settled in the Vosges mountains...
  17. C

    Swedish: fast för dig

    Hello everybody I would like to know the meaning of this expression: Here is a context. Annika, jag är fast för dig. Kind regards Carlos M.S.
  18. normordm

    Swedish: gripa fatt i

    Not sure if "gripa fatt i" is a phrase or not. I saw it in the sentence which is translated to: What does "gripa fatt" mean?
  19. normordm

    Swedish: överinlärd

    I encountered the word överinlärd in the sentence: "För det som hänt är på ett sätt förstås omtumlande för din dotter, och utmanar på olika sätt en del närmast överinlärda och oreflekterade föreställningar som ofta finns hos vuxna döttrar om sina mammor." I think it means ingrained but I'm not...
  20. normordm

    Swedish: översikt vs överblick

    Both seem to mean overview or summery so what's the difference?
  21. normordm

    Swedish: neka vs förneka

    What's the difference between neka and förneka? Examples are appreciated.
  22. normordm

    Swedish: uppmurad

    What does uppmurad mean? I found it in the sentence
  23. normordm

    Swedish: trolofven i mig

    I was listening to Herr Mannelig and saw this in the lyrics: It's translated to: But I don't get the expression "trolofven i mig" and couldn't find it in any of the dictionaries. I get that the language here is probable pretty old(since it's a folk song).
  24. G

    Swedish: ordinatör

    An instruction manual for a wheelchair makes several references to "ordinatör", but I'm not quite sure what the term means. E.g.: "Du eller en ordinatör måste ställa in rullstolen så att du sitter sittriktigt." "Du ska träna på detta tillsammans med din ordinatör." [Where detta = a certain...
  25. R

    Swedish: facket

    A group of policemen is drinking in the bar. A young policewoman, a new member of their team, buys her drink at the bar. Her colleague asks: Har du gått med i facket än? Nej. Vad då? Bra. Du betalar. Vad då? Så jag måste gå med i facket nu, eller? Så jag slipper ta deras jävla nota. Is it...
  26. R

    Swedish: hänga på

    VIDA: Jag gick vilse på den där marknaden. HASSEL: Ja, det gjorde jag också. När mamma shoppar får man hänga på, alltså. Is it "you have to stay close to her", "you have to wait for her" or "you have to be as quick as her"?
  27. R

    Swedish: prov

    A man drives in front of his daughter's school and says to his daughter: HASSEL: Jag hade vägarna förbi och tänkte kolla läget. Ska vi hitta på nåt? VIDA: Nu? Men jag har ju prov snart. HASSEL: Prov? Vad då? Religion. The girl is about 16 years old. Is "prov" a written or an oral test?
  28. R

    Swedish: inte ens

    A detective has come to the appartment of a member of "Special investigations" team who investigates the murder of his colleague. He suspects her of not doing enough to find the murderer(s). She says: FATIMA: Nåt av alla gäng som ni gjort tillslag mot mördade Ruda. Varför mörkar du det...
  29. R

    Swedish: göra bort sig

    Poicemen talk about a prisoner: Leon har gjort bort sig. Alla säger samma sak. Han är helt ensam. Det är ingen som jobbar med honom längre. "Leon has failed. Leon has messed up"??
  30. R

    Swedish: noja

    A police team uses rather brutal methods and now they want to plant evidence in a suspect's appartment. A young policewoman, a new member of the team, does not like it. Her colleague says: PALM: Noja inte nu. LINDHE: Jag nojar inte. Is it "don't be paranoid, don't be afraid"?
  31. R

    Det kanske är jeg som är sen.

    A woman comes to a restaurant where she is meeting people she will have to collaborate with. She says: Förlåt, det kanske är jeg som är sen. Is she appologizing for having come late, or does it mean shat she thinks she maybe could have contacted these people earlier?
  32. R


    In a tv series. There is a paper from Kriminalvården about a man who is to be released soon on probation. In the right corner there is this expression: Målsägandeinformation. Beneath there is the name and address of a woman who is apparently somehow connected with this man (he probably did harm...
  33. G

    all Scandinavian: (noun)+(name), or (name)+(noun)

    Consider the following sentence: The islands of Funen and Zealand are separated by the Great Belt strait. Which of the following options (if either) would the Scandinavian languages prefer for translating the highlighted phrase? 1) Storebælt strædet (da) / Storebælt sundet (no) / Stora Bält...
  34. R

    torska igen

    Two policemen are to catch a criminal. One of them says: Du får plocka honom. Jag sparkade in foten i går. Torska igen. He is a bowling player. Can it mean that he lost? Or does it concern the foot, e.g. thet it is badly hurt? He limps a bit but it does not seem like a serious injury.
  35. R

    inne på huset

    Two policemen whose colleague has been murdered. One of them knows that the other had a phone conversation with the murdered man before the murder. HASSEL: Hur fick du reda på att Ruda hade blivit skjuten? MEYER: Vad menar du? HASSEL: Jag försöker bara förstå vad som hände. Varför ringde...
  36. R

    Swedish: avgiftsfri tak

    A man speaks about getting car parts from a man in Germany. He holds a tablet in his hand. Then he says this: Bilar, ja. Nu tror jag att man kan få lite... Nästan så här avgiftsfri tak på flera tusen. Kolla. Is it "a very cheap loft, only for several thousand"? Or "a loft where you do not pay...
  37. R

    Värsta dealen.

    Two friends (criminals), one is repeating German words after a woman ona a tape. The other says: M: Alltså, allvarligt. Kan du stänga av den där skiten? K: Det är tyska. Värsta dealen. Får Audi-delar från en polare i Rostock i Tyskland, så jag måste lära mig hur jag ska prata med honom. Does...
  38. Roy776

    Swedish: skulle till

    Hallå allesammans, Häromdagen funnit jag i en svenska sång meningen "Vad skulle han med dem till?". Jag tänker att jag förstår vad den meningen här betyder (något som "What would he want with them?"), men är detta enkelt ett idiomatisk vis för att säga det eller finns det en grammatisk...
  39. D

    Father nicknames in Swedish

    Hello, what is the social context for the following "father" nicknames in Swedish? Which are more affectionate and less formal for a young kid to use? farsa; pappa; far; farsan; pappsen Thanks
  40. risingmoon

    Swedish: psykologisk pedagogik

    Good day. This thread derives from another previous one: Dr. phil. in psychologischer Pädagogik, Dr. med. sci. in Psychiatrie. I'm translating some data about Dr. Heinz Leymann into Spanish, taken from his website "The Mobbing Encyclopaedia" (Wayback Machine). The words "psykologisk pedagogik"...
  41. W

    Swedish: hälla något på burk / hälla något i muggen

    Hej! I have two sentences: Hon häller den nykokta sylten på burk. Han häller kaffet i muggen. My question is why it is 'på burk' and not 'i burk' in the first sentence? Thanks in advance.
  42. M

    Swedish: pitch accent for verb forms

    Hi all, Is there information/a dictionary that gives the pitch for the conjugated verb forms? When I look in dictionaries like Folkets Lexicon or Lexin they only give you the pitch of the present tense. Thank you so much for any help you can give! :)
  43. deareloise

    Swedish - Kungen

    Hello, Please realize that my Swedish is very poor. I am looking to translate a phrase based off of a work by John Bauer. My intent is to say “the forest king”, as sjökungen in Agneta och Sjökungen means “the sea king.” My best guess is skogkungen, but as I said my Swedish is not at all good...
  44. W

    Swedish: "fick betraktas"

    Hello, I have been learning Swedish for a few months now and I have also started reading Män som hatar kvinnor. This particular sentence, however, got me thinking: De två männen var inte bara jämngamla, de var födda på samma dag - vilket i sammanhanget fick betraktas som något av en ironi...
  45. R

    Swedish: bränna

    Policemen talk after having found an empty bag where they apparently had money, probably to pay unauthorized informers. The bag belonged to the murdered police chief Ruda: A: Våra sparpengar är slut. B: Vadå slut? Det var ju för fan flera hundra tusen. A: Ruda måste väl ha bränt dem. Does it...
  46. R

    Swedish: bartenderfrilla

    In a TV series. A man describes another man who is not present. "Ham med bartenderfrilla." It is a type of hairdo, but what? Long hair, short hair?
  47. R

    Swedish: muna

    In a Swedish film, the character speaking is named Petri Mikkola, so I think he is probably a Finn. He is talking with another man: Man: "Vet du vad folk säger om dig?" Mikkola: Ja, jag vet vad folk säger om mig. Att min muna är så här fucking stor. (and makes a gesture showing "really big")...
  48. R

    Swedish: Skiftledaren larmade för två timmar sen med den tekniska...

    A line from the tv series Hassel: A police chief is found dead, someone has shot him. A policeman at the crime scene talks about what he knows: Rälsarbete. Skiftledaren larmade för två timmar sen med den tekniska... Så han har troligtvis varit död sen midnatt. I understand that the body...
  49. J

    Svenska: Grammatik: Någon som går att lita på.

    Hej! Jag skulle vilja veta hur man kan tyda den här meningen, särskilt begreppet "gå" i denna kontext. Jag skulle förstå det som "någon som man kan lita på" och ordet "gå" skulle betyda "att vara möjligt eller förnuftigt". Men om det så vore hade jag tänkt att det borde vara "någon det går...
  50. F

    Swedish: Babordsgången

    Hello, I would like to translate name of street Babordsgången (in Ystad town) but I am having difficulty finding out what it means in Swedish. (I thought it could be similar case as e.g. German Rosenstasse, i.e. Rosen = rose, strasse = street, thus Rose Street).