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  1. A

    to back way off on

    "The only way to stop (a disorder) is... to consume an adequate amount of dietary cholesterol and back way off on carbs." What the underlined means?
  2. Vukabular

    Serbian: etymology of Vrat, vrata, dver, door...

    Deleted from EHL forum, reason rule #15 It's not nonsensical, it's just hard to explain and even harder to understand. In order to understand the origin and connection between words, we need to have a good knowledge of history, ethnology, folk customs, mythology, associations ... For example, to...
  3. C

    Tag Questions in Italian

    Buongiorno a tutti, Ho cominciato i miei studii dell'italiano da poco tempo e non parlo ancora molto bene. Mi piace molto l'uso dei "TAG QUESTIONS" nell'inglese e vorrei sapere se c'è qualcosa somigliare a questo nell'italiano. Ad esempio: "They're going to Rome, aren't they?" --> "Loro...