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    I am doing a project on coordinated pronominal subjects vs. their plural counterparts (e.g 'you and i/you and me' vs. 'we/us' in English). So I am just wondering how this mechanism works in Tagalog: (1) Kumakanta ako 'I am singing' (2) Kumakanta ka 'You are singing' (3) Kumakanta tayo 'We...
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    Postalveolar Consonants

    The siy of siya is always an sh sound but the sound is similar to the Catalan x especially in pointing. Mahjong is pronounced as madʑong. Junicio is pronounced always as /dʑuniɕo/ but dionisio is pronounced also as /dijonisijo/ or /dʑuniɕo/ and tia(auntie) has a another variant tɕa(cha) or tɕaŋ...