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    Tamil: Tips for learning

    I checked over the previous threads, and I don't see where this has come up specifically. Can anybody recommend material to learn Tamil? Most of the websites I'e run across are pretty inadequate, at least for an adult learning the language. I realize that there is "Colloquial Tamil", with...
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    Sinhala/Tamil: Ancient name of Sri Lanka

    Hello Everyone! Srindeeb, Sri endeeb, or Sarandeeb. These are 3 possibilities of a name used to be given to present Sri Lanka by ancient Arab traders as a transliteration to a real word(s) in Sinhala or likely tamil. Could someone, please, specify me that word(s) and tell me its meaning in...
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    Tamil: China

    Hello everyone! Could some one please tel me what is the name of China in Tamil language. Thanks in advance.
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    Tamil: Pineapple

    I came across a web site about pine apple. dole5aday.com/FoodService/pdfs/FACTSHEET_Pineapples. pdf 1)it says, pineapples original name was Anana in Carribean. Europeans coined the term Pina. 2) Many sites tell Pineapple is introduces in India around 1500 BC by the European colonist. e.g...
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    Tamil: Online resources

    :) Hey People, I'm a Die hard fan of the language of tamil. It's a poetic language which has a rich history.I wish to know if i can get an English-Tamil translator online.