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    Tatar: без аның белән дуслар

    Does "без аның белән дуслар" mean "We are friends" ? The structure is very similar to Russian language --- Мы с ним друзья
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    Tatar: tora

    bu j'o'mla' o'ch su'zda'n tora Does it mean "This sentence is made up of three words" or "This sentence is "built" from three words" ? What does the word "tora" mean here ?
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    Tatar: килерме

    Where does "килерме" come from ? I know "килер" is the indefinite future tense or participle of the verb "kilerga - to come, arrive", but what's the grammatical sense of "kilerme" ? The negative for "kiler" seems to be "kilerma's" ....
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    Tatar: каю - infinitive?

    Tatar: what's the infinitive form of this verb ? I know one of its main form "каю" (to stitch, seam), and the verb-stem "кае". The imperatives: кайыйм, кае, каесын, кайыйк, каегыз, каесыннар. But I can't find its original (infinitive) [XXXX-rga] form on dictionary (((
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    Tatar: The covers of my book

    How to say "The covers of my book" in Tatar ? My try "minen' kitapnyn' tyshlary" makes any sense ?
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    Tatar: Яшисем

    Where does clovo "Яшисем" come from, has it sth to do with "Яшәргә" (to live) ? I saw it in a sentence "Казанымда килә яшисем" - My XXXXX is coming to Kazan ?
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    Tatar: икен

    Which grammatical case is "икен" from "ике" ? (Maybe it's a typo, "икең") In the sentence "Елларга юк икен юллар", does it mean "There are no two ways to those years" ?
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    Tatar: Gerunds in negative

    Coud anybody give me some example sentences with Tatar gerunds in negative form ? e.g. килмәгәнче - before not comingкилмәгәч - aftter not having arrived язмаганчы - before not writing язмагач - after not having written I'm rather confused with the negative meaning ... and couldn't think of...
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    Tatar: барасы калган

    Why does the structure "барасы калган" mean "someone should've gone", in grammatical sense ? I couldn't recognize where "калган" comes from and how it functions ?
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    Tatar: язучыларыбыз vs язучыларбыз 

    язучыларыбыз - Your (pl) writers язучыларбыз - You (pl) are writers Can I understand them in this way ?
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    Tatar: must / have to

    The following sentence: кунаклар иртәгә киләсе Visitors / guests are to come tomorrow. Without any context, can it also mean "Visitors must come tomorrow" (They are ordered to come tomorrow, not any other day) ?
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    Tatar: суым - My what ?

    I guess суым means sth of mine, but I don't know what exactly (су-) it is. I saw this word in the following sentence. Туган җирем ямьле, эчкән суым тәмле. Сусаганда эчәр суым син. My understanding: My beautiful darling, drink my tasty XXX. You will drink my XXX to end your thirst.
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    Tatar: эйтсэн

    What does this word "эйтсэн" mean ? (I'm not sure about the vowel letters, because in Tatar language [ә] sometimes is spelt as [э] too. Or maybe, it is "эйт" + "сeн" structure) I can't find it in dictionary. I found it in a sentence: Җаныем диеп жылы суз дэ эйтсэн, Мин эрермен язгы бозлар...
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    Tatar: Бүген мәхәббәтнең соңгы төне

    Moderator note: This is split from here. Please open a new thread for any new question you may have. Thank you :-) In the sentence "Бүген мәхәббәтнең соңгы төне", I think it would be "Today, is the final night of love", but why the noun "төне" takes a "e" in the end ? Is that like: төнем...
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    Tatar: tips and resources for learning it

    Hello, I'm interested in Tatar language, is there anybody that I can turn to ? could you give me some advice? Pronunciation, grammar, and anything. I'm living in China, and I can recognize cyrillic letters, and know a little bit Russian language.
  16. S

    Crimean Tatar: Qirim-dep kurestim

    This is an epitath on a tombstone. Looks like a poem to me. I think it's Crimean-Tatar language, but I wonder how close Turkish and Crimean-Tatar are related and whether they are mutually understandable or not. I partly translated the epitath. It says something about great deeds that the...
  17. Setwale_Charm

    Tatar: Хичнэрсэ анламыйым, шу админ кайа карый?

    Hello!! Do there happen to be any speakers of Tatar on this forum? I urgently need help with translating two phrases: Хичнэрсэ анламыйым, шу админ кайа карый? сузлердэ бир куййят юк, тынычлык юк, эш итэргэ киряк. Син ни эшлесин монда, дус? Шулай шул татарча бэлмэгеч I can understand about...