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  1. K

    His eyes were getting slirty

    Hi everyone What is meant by "His eyes were getting slirty inside the looming flesh" in the following context from "Libra" by Don Delillo:
  2. Ali Smith

    is a supportive of Hamtramck's LGBQT+ community

    Hi, Rumana Rahman, an anthropologist and a Muslim, is a supportive of Hamtramck's LGBQT+ community. The Washington Post — A Pride flag ban sparks accusations of betrayal in tiny Michigan city <Link removed by moderator (Florentia52)> Shouldn’t it be “a supporter”? Thanks!
  3. M

    can't help

    "I can't help what others think of me. I am tired hearing about others' feelings." What does "can't help" what others think of me mean? I can't do anything about what others think of me? Source: I wish I'd known this by Brenda Wensil and Kathryn Heath
  4. dead end

    quite quite

    Q: Why should we use quite two times in this sentence from Cambridge Dictionary? The city center's quite quite lively during the day, but it's totally dead at night. Source: during
  5. A

    contain or contains?

    Hi all, Here is a sentence from National Geographic, which reads as below: I think the underlined word "contains" should be replaced by "contain". Is my understanding correct? Thanks in advance!
  6. güey

    <formation> on the use

    Hello there, In the except below, is this meaning of formation used? formation - Wiktionary, the free dictionary Contrary to what this article baselessly claims, Ukrainian soldiers have been receiving training and formation on the use of Western weaponry for a long time. Disinfo: The West...
  7. E

    Socrates' cites

    Hi everyone, Context: Norton's Anthology of the English Literature Question: Is this structure correct or not? Socrates' cites. If yes, I'll be so grateful to explain it for me. Or maybe there is a grammatical miskate in the book? Not surprisingly, whether epic,lyric ,or tragedy, the literature...
  8. M

    Sparing tone

    I wonder about the expression "sparing tone" in the following: (Context: Gwen wants Peg to start studying at an Oxford college) The more I argued, the happier Gwen seemed to be. "I hope you do get in, Peg. You could join the debating club. You'd be quite formidable." [...] I was suddenly...
  9. S

    He is a short bio:

    The following is the first of a multi-part interview with Daniel B. Wallace, Professor of NT Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a short bio: ... An Interview with Daniel B. Wallace (Part 1) What does the sentence in bold mean?
  10. GodotWait1

    I did my best with my daughter, but if the rudeness is so pervasive.

    Hello everyone What does the above mentioned sentence mean? Is there a different way to say this sentence?. Here is the source of the sentence Peggy: I did have her quite young. Anyway, I’m not even sure she knows who the prime minister is. Man: I know. It’s a terrible pity. I probably sound...
  11. Deinonychus

    has didn't stop

    This has didn't stop comics from "playing edge ball", a Chinese phrase for sensitive discussions that evade censorship. Source:BBC News Hello, everyone! I found the phrase "has didn't stop" above ungrammatical. Would this be acceptable to native speakers? Is it a way of emphasizing or simply an...
  12. 77Cat77

    poised this as

    Hi, dear members A revolution in genetics has poised this as a modern political question about the character of our society The Guardian view on intelligence genes: going beyond the evidence | Editorial What does "poised" mean in this sentence? to hold? Thank you!
  13. S

    have divorced for more than five years

    Hi everybody, I've got a doubt about a phrase I've found in an exercise: the exercise was about present perfect + since or for. The phrase to be completed was the following: My parents ------------- (divorce) -------- more than five years now. The key was My parents have divorced for more...
  14. Han Xiaopu

    He deems life ahead of him

    I read the caption in YouTube movie recap video which says: When the captain bids him goodbye the man wanders around the island and deems life ahead of him there I wonder if "deem life" means thinking about what his life on the island would be like. But I'm not sure aout that.
  15. güey

    goes to (the) scale

    Hello, This is from a Tiktok video. Would you tell me please why the speaker didn't use an article with "scale"? There is a brand new episode called Exercise where at the start Bandit, Bluey's dad, grabs his belly, and kind of just looks at it, and goes to scale, weighs himself, and goes, "Oh...
  16. B

    of the end (land)

    When my teacher was describing the feature of the Constitution, he wrote "highest law of the end", I don't know whether it is right of the usage of "of the end". thanks a lot. <Edited by moderator (Florentia52) to remove out-of-scope request
  17. O

    to keep a log "off" ...

    Hello dear friends, I have a question about below sentence and "off" preposition there. I didnt understand why it is not "of" because writer keeps a log of his success and failures. """The second thing I like to do is, I like to keep a log off my success and failures. So when I am at a down...
  18. 0

    with bearing finger foods

    Why is there a 'with' there? Could that be a typo? Buffet tables bearing (holding) finger foods makes more sense to me. Sword Art Online Progressive 7 Reki Kawahara
  19. P

    The meaning of 'indices' as a verb

    Hi guys I saw a phrase 'The former indices a stronger reaction.' It's clear that 'indices' is used as a verb but I am wondering if it has a meaning of 'index' (because it's a plural form of 'index') or it's a verb itself, which has another meaning. Below is the full passage. People tend do...
  20. K

    his arms of his brain

    Hi, What does it mean by "his arms of his brain" in the following? Maybe it's "his arms or his brain"?: For Jeff, the adrenaline rush of pulling off the perfect con remained irresistible. It was as much a part of him as his leg or his arms of his brain. (Source: Reckless by Sidney Sheldon)
  21. arcanegem

    An 16 years

    I was just reading something about indian cinema where I came across this - Why did they use "an" before 16 years? Is that a mistake, or is it me who is not able to understand what it is?
  22. G

    said testified?

    Alex Murdaugh faces cross examination in double murder trial Richard "Alex" Murdaugh, who is charged with killing his wife and son Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, said testified Thursday in his double murder trial. (USA Today) I want to know what does " said testified" mean in this sentence. Thanks...
  23. Mr Bones

    Magical (can it be a noun?)

    Can the word magical be a noun? I've recently heard a BBC3 presenter saying "I leave you with a magical by Monteverdi..." Thanks, Mr Bones
  24. B

    "loud wax"

    When I get back to the office, everyone’s gone for the night. The Muzak’s off for a change and loud wax and harsh words are floating up from the basement via the heat ducts. What is "loud wax"? Hope someone could help me figure it out! Source: George Saunders' The 400 Pound CEO
  25. K

    "bust once in my life," she says

    Hi everyone! Have recently come across the following in the "Shiloh" book by PHYLLIS REYNOLD NAYLOR. Ma gives us her scolding look. "bust once in my life," she says, "I'd like to see a bite of food go direct from the dish into somebody's mouth without a de- tour of any kind." What does the...
  26. C

    use of coarse meaning course

    Hi everybody. While watching a video (made in the U.S.A.) on Youtube I came across a writing that contained “of coarse!” meaning “of course”. I googled it and I found plenty of sites that notice that this use of “coarse” is wrong. I am pretty curious to know if this is expression, although...
  27. L

    Employers were given 40 hours to "click yes" on a link,

    Context: Employers were given 40 hours to "click yes" on a link, and if they didn't, Musk said they would be fired and given three months severance. <Some older workers have fond memories of sleeping at the office, but the Elon Musk-style 84-hour workweek is falling flat with younger Americans>...
  28. P


    From "The Night The Stars Fell" by Arthur Gordon: At a United States Golf Association tournament a few years ago, a pigtailed ten-year-old plated creditably in the junior girls’ championship. What does "plated" mean here? Thanks for response.
  29. Belchior

    Say vs Says

    Hi guys, I found this quiz on a website: We will ___ what your father say. A) see B) to see C) seeing My question is, instead of the word "say" shouldn't it be "says", as "father" is in the third person?
  30. sb70012

    Wow! That speak

    See after being here for 5 years I’m still learning stuff about China. Wow! Look at this beautiful plant on the surface of the lake. I don't know what it's called in English. Even some people don't know what it is. Wow, that speak. Hi, On Youtube I saw someone describing a park in China. What...
  31. C

    makes the pump turns on

    Hello everybody. I just found a sentence in a technical manual that puzzles me: "When the sump is full and the float switch makes the pump turns on." If "make" can be intransitive and mean activate, turn on or the kind, it could be: "When the sump is full and the float switch makes, the pump...
  32. Olesia_K.

    A wake-up of my masterpiece

    A wake-up of my masterpiece (Robbie Williams's 'Lost') <——-Original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> A sticking point in this song for me is 'A wake-up of my masterpiece.' I've googled the word 'a wake-up' and it's cristal clear, but what's meant when he sings (the...
  33. R

    a form bounty hunter

    Hi, What does 'form" mean in the following? Madison is a form bounty hunter who has changed his ways and become a man of the cloth. spaghetti western,Bud Spencer, Lee Van Cleef, Franco Nero,Jack Palance,Tomas Milian, Lex Barker I'd appreciate your help.
  34. M

    all about it love

    In an informal chatting, I saw a sentence like this but I understood nothing : So what is relationship all about it love is not attached to it Can you help what that means?
  35. D


    "Maybe this was the first time she had anything to say. Something made him listen, more than to someone who talked all the time. “I vamish now, for drama. Be in paser room, you want me.” She let her minimal lecture flap around the bridge a couple of times, then turned without any hint of...
  36. X

    Usage of “coverage” [converge]

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to tell me what does “coverage” mean in this sentenc? Ecerpt: In Northeast, work is also advancing on the redesign of “Dave Thomas Circle,” a treacherous crossroad where First Street NE and New York and Florida avenues converge...
  37. was it was

    <…> Rosalie murmured: ‘Isuppose we might as well go on to Egypt. It doesn’t make any difference.’ ‘It’s certainly not a matter of life or death,’ agreed Mrs Otterbourne. But there she was quite wrong – for a matter of life and death was exactly was it was. Source: Death on the Nile, by Agatha...
  38. gyeong eun

    filters do double the number of products

    Hi all! "At the same time, we will expand into upcycle, advanced packaging, and filters do double the number of products and the scale of the sales." I wonder if this sentence is correct or not.... It seems quite awkward to me😅
  39. Virginia1993

    What does "patters" mean in the following sentence?

    Hi, From the autonomous activity of these core ideas, these charged perceptions of self and world, these once accurate understandings or overgeneralizations or false readings, patters emerge.
  40. WhitePanda

    What's comes next?

    Is this a grammatically correct sentence? I've seen this used in a few places. One reference from today's CNN article (the sentence in question is a subsection title): This nation is scorching in a heat wave and wildfires, yet it's returning to planet-baking coal I'd assume "What's come next?"...
  41. E

    budget constraints average a piecemeal approach

    Source: Forest schools are booming in the UK – here’s why – Positive News "Mainstream education providers are waking up to the benefits of forest school sessions, too, said Wyn Davies. But he said that budget constraints average a piecemeal approach is preventing a wider rollout of the forest...
  42. Y

    in <from><front> of

    I found "in from of" is often used in English text in the web. For example, the following sentences are found: Example 1: Zelensky filming himself speaking in from of Parliament. Example 2: To be able to compete in from of 10,000 people was cool. However, I cannot find the meaning of...
  43. Evie Yang

    small gains

    Hi everyone, how to understand 'small grains' in: And despite small gains during the last two years, the trend in manufacturing employment for the last 30 years has been downward. In dictionary, I found an entry of 'grain' might match:a minute portion or particle. But I think in the above...
  44. Evie Yang

    a job that rather than…

    In the context: That's precisely the kind of sporting hero we need. One who's allergic to bullshit and treats the whole thing like a job that rather than a tear-jerked spiritual calling. Why should there be a 'that'? Could it be deleted?
  45. C

    use of yours as an intensifier (?)

    Hello everybody. Reading A. Christie's "The pale horse", I came across a sentence I quite can't figure out what it means: "What about that psychological pipsqueak you brought along to see me, Corrigan? What does he say about Ginger?" "A lot of long words. But I rather think, Mark, that he's...
  46. S

    He <thoughts> he knew

    He thoughts he knew what he was getting into when he left forever. Only family could bring him back. Pitting a new life against an old one is the story of Shadows in the Light brought to us by Todd Sullivan. Is the word in bold a typo?
  47. G


    Hi everyone! This sentence is taken from Merriam-Webster website: "In the past several years, there have been massive efforts to silence the kinds of hateful, violent speech that can spurn real-life harm." — Washington Post, 10 Nov. 2021 What does "spurn" mean here? to me it is used...
  48. MariReg


    Hi everyone! I was wondering what the meaning of "bay" could be in the following context. Unfortunately, I do not know the year and name of this piece of writing. My Aunt Portman desires you to write to my Aunt Mary, to bie her a set of y=e= French baskets they use for a desert, and y=e=...
  49. nenig

    Feeling whale (?)

    Hello Everybody, I need your help. I have assigned a literary test about Brave New World and I have got problems decipher a sentence. 'Mustapha Mond intelligently understands that a need for God stems from the human need of feeling whale and at peace instead of having spiritual and metaphysical...
  50. H

    is this correct?

    i saw this sentence, " your insights and outputs grow as you become and expert at networking" . then, i think this sentence is unnatural cause "become and expert at networking" . why "and" is between link verb and noun?