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  1. L

    Employers were given 40 hours to "click yes" on a link,

    Context: Employers were given 40 hours to "click yes" on a link, and if they didn't, Musk said they would be fired and given three months severance. <Some older workers have fond memories of sleeping at the office, but the Elon Musk-style 84-hour workweek is falling flat with younger Americans>...
  2. P


    From "The Night The Stars Fell" by Arthur Gordon: At a United States Golf Association tournament a few years ago, a pigtailed ten-year-old plated creditably in the junior girls’ championship. What does "plated" mean here? Thanks for response.
  3. Belchior

    Say vs Says

    Hi guys, I found this quiz on a website: We will ___ what your father say. A) see B) to see C) seeing My question is, instead of the word "say" shouldn't it be "says", as "father" is in the third person?
  4. sb70012

    Wow! That speak

    See after being here for 5 years I’m still learning stuff about China. Wow! Look at this beautiful plant on the surface of the lake. I don't know what it's called in English. Even some people don't know what it is. Wow, that speak. Hi, On Youtube I saw someone describing a park in China. What...
  5. C

    makes the pump turns on

    Hello everybody. I just found a sentence in a technical manual that puzzles me: "When the sump is full and the float switch makes the pump turns on." If "make" can be intransitive and mean activate, turn on or the kind, it could be: "When the sump is full and the float switch makes, the pump...
  6. Olesia_K.

    A wake-up of my masterpiece

    A wake-up of my masterpiece (Robbie Williams's 'Lost') <——-Original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> A sticking point in this song for me is 'A wake-up of my masterpiece.' I've googled the word 'a wake-up' and it's cristal clear, but what's meant when he sings (the...
  7. R

    a form bounty hunter

    Hi, What does 'form" mean in the following? Madison is a form bounty hunter who has changed his ways and become a man of the cloth. spaghetti western,Bud Spencer, Lee Van Cleef, Franco Nero,Jack Palance,Tomas Milian, Lex Barker I'd appreciate your help.
  8. M

    all about it love

    In an informal chatting, I saw a sentence like this but I understood nothing : So what is relationship all about it love is not attached to it Can you help what that means?
  9. D


    "Maybe this was the first time she had anything to say. Something made him listen, more than to someone who talked all the time. “I vamish now, for drama. Be in paser room, you want me.” She let her minimal lecture flap around the bridge a couple of times, then turned without any hint of...
  10. X

    Usage of “coverage” [converge]

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to tell me what does “coverage” mean in this sentenc? Ecerpt: In Northeast, work is also advancing on the redesign of “Dave Thomas Circle,” a treacherous crossroad where First Street NE and New York and Florida avenues converge...
  11. was it was

    <…> Rosalie murmured: ‘Isuppose we might as well go on to Egypt. It doesn’t make any difference.’ ‘It’s certainly not a matter of life or death,’ agreed Mrs Otterbourne. But there she was quite wrong – for a matter of life and death was exactly was it was. Source: Death on the Nile, by Agatha...
  12. gyeong eun

    filters do double the number of products

    Hi all! "At the same time, we will expand into upcycle, advanced packaging, and filters do double the number of products and the scale of the sales." I wonder if this sentence is correct or not.... It seems quite awkward to me😅
  13. Virginia1993

    What does "patters" mean in the following sentence?

    Hi, From the autonomous activity of these core ideas, these charged perceptions of self and world, these once accurate understandings or overgeneralizations or false readings, patters emerge.
  14. WhitePanda

    What's comes next?

    Is this a grammatically correct sentence? I've seen this used in a few places. One reference from today's CNN article (the sentence in question is a subsection title): This nation is scorching in a heat wave and wildfires, yet it's returning to planet-baking coal I'd assume "What's come next?"...
  15. E

    budget constraints average a piecemeal approach

    Source: Forest schools are booming in the UK – here’s why – Positive News "Mainstream education providers are waking up to the benefits of forest school sessions, too, said Wyn Davies. But he said that budget constraints average a piecemeal approach is preventing a wider rollout of the forest...
  16. Y

    in <from><front> of

    I found "in from of" is often used in English text in the web. For example, the following sentences are found: Example 1: Zelensky filming himself speaking in from of Parliament. Example 2: To be able to compete in from of 10,000 people was cool. However, I cannot find the meaning of...
  17. Evie Yang

    small gains

    Hi everyone, how to understand 'small grains' in: And despite small gains during the last two years, the trend in manufacturing employment for the last 30 years has been downward. In dictionary, I found an entry of 'grain' might match:a minute portion or particle. But I think in the above...
  18. Evie Yang

    a job that rather than…

    In the context: That's precisely the kind of sporting hero we need. One who's allergic to bullshit and treats the whole thing like a job that rather than a tear-jerked spiritual calling. Why should there be a 'that'? Could it be deleted?
  19. C

    use of yours as an intensifier (?)

    Hello everybody. Reading A. Christie's "The pale horse", I came across a sentence I quite can't figure out what it means: "What about that psychological pipsqueak you brought along to see me, Corrigan? What does he say about Ginger?" "A lot of long words. But I rather think, Mark, that he's...
  20. S

    He <thoughts> he knew

    He thoughts he knew what he was getting into when he left forever. Only family could bring him back. Pitting a new life against an old one is the story of Shadows in the Light brought to us by Todd Sullivan. Is the word in bold a typo?
  21. G


    Hi everyone! This sentence is taken from Merriam-Webster website: "In the past several years, there have been massive efforts to silence the kinds of hateful, violent speech that can spurn real-life harm." — Washington Post, 10 Nov. 2021 What does "spurn" mean here? to me it is used...
  22. MariReg


    Hi everyone! I was wondering what the meaning of "bay" could be in the following context. Unfortunately, I do not know the year and name of this piece of writing. My Aunt Portman desires you to write to my Aunt Mary, to bie her a set of y=e= French baskets they use for a desert, and y=e=...
  23. nenig

    Feeling whale (?)

    Hello Everybody, I need your help. I have assigned a literary test about Brave New World and I have got problems decipher a sentence. 'Mustapha Mond intelligently understands that a need for God stems from the human need of feeling whale and at peace instead of having spiritual and metaphysical...
  24. H

    is this correct?

    i saw this sentence, " your insights and outputs grow as you become and expert at networking" . then, i think this sentence is unnatural cause "become and expert at networking" . why "and" is between link verb and noun?
  25. FarkasZ

    and forgets to join Mrs. Hurley in the dinning room

    Hello, dear friends. This is a dictation by me of the audio clip from the sworn-in of Mr. Anthony Albanese, the 31st Prime Minister of Australia: Once the ceremony is concluded the Prime Minister and Ministers will be invited to accompany the governor-general for the official photographs out...
  26. P

    To have sick

    Hello In Johnny Depp hearing a doctor was asked by the judge about Johnny’s ex wife. The doctor replied “ she had sick. She had sick at the venue. She was eating magic muchrooms “ Why “had” instead of “was” ?
  27. D

    looked familiar jar to her

    Hi,guys. I am confused by the word jar in this sentence - "He looked familiar, like a lot of people looked familiar jar to her. " What does the word "jar" here mean? Thank you!
  28. Meerana

    threat focus assist down

    Hello, May you please tell me what is the meaning of "threat focus assist down"?
  29. russian80

    He did this to meat a dog park

    What does "He did this to meat a dog park" mean in this context (dogs playing in fountains): I had a Jack Russell that loved the mud. He did this to meat a dog park. I had a boot on my foot and couldn't go in after him.
  30. Meerana

    your town is having affair

    Hello all great people in this great platform. May you please tell me what does " your town is having affair " mean? I did not understand why it is "town" and why did she say town affair, is it an occasion? Here is the text👇🏻 let's say it's a weekend, and it's a beautiful sunny day. And let's...
  31. Vanloon

    The lure of the west that Europeans had a felt..

    The lure of the west that Europeans had a felt since the first set foot on America’s Eastern shore infected new Englanders like a fever by the 1830s. For six generations the Kelloggs had resisted it as they developed extensive landholdings in the rich valley of the Connecticut River. But change...
  32. Y

    air hander

    Hi, please what is meany by air hander, not a handler, in this context: "Chilled water flowing through a coil within an air hander distributing air through ducts to occupied spaces." Thank you
  33. W


    Hi, I wonder what "relieve" means in this context. At the school where Mr. Thompson taught, she was required to relieve each child's past records and she put Teddy's off until last. However, when she relieved his file, she was in a surprise. Thank you very much.
  34. ovaltine888

    more cheaply <that/than> it can by

    I think "that" should be "than". Is it a typo?
  35. IsabellaG

    why do people enjoying

    Hi everybody, I've found this question in a Cambridge English course book "why do people enjoying eating food from other parts of the world?" but the use of ENJOYING sounds odd to me, I'd use ENJOY. Is it a mistake? thanks
  36. A

    handled property?

    Hi! What's [handled property]? ex) It was handled property. It's from a book, and I can't find its meaning! Thanks!
  37. Glammer4true

    A government spy feeling the Russians

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to understand this line from the script of the movie "A beautiful mind" with Russel Crowe, directed by Ron Howard in 2001: " Which is more likely, that your husband, a mathematician with no military training, is a government spy feeling the Russians...Or that he has...
  38. N


    hi, I am reading A History of the Wife book by Marilyn Yalom. Could you please tell me meaning of ''holdovers'' in this sentence: They distinguished themselves from Anglicans by doing away with all ritual that was not specifically mentioned in Scripture, such as the minister’s blessing the ring...
  39. a little translation and attractive for that reason [ literal ]

    I find many points of divergence, and what appeared to me a little translation and attractive for that reason is not one. Hi~I find a sentence, and how to understand "a little translation and attractive for that reason"? It is much too confusing structure. Is it grammatical correct?Thank you!
  40. Nikined


    "Oh God... well, it started about a half hour before the wedding. I was in the room where we were keeping all the presents, and I was looking at this gravy boat. This really gorgeous Lamauge gravy boat. When all of a sudden- (to the waitress that brought her coffee)Sweet 'n' Lo?" What is...
  41. Lucy 234

    quite smile

    Hi all, I saw there are many sentences online with "quite smile"? What does it mean? "He always had a quite smile on his face." With a quite smile at Kennedy, Cronkite responded to each question by saying, "Well, the economy is the number one issue.".
  42. D

    Sight of battle.

    Hi. The text is about Japanese army in the WW2 battle of Okinawa in 1945. After major losses in previous defeats, now it's their final and decisive battle against the Americans. They were forced to admit that defeat in the war was all but inevitable, given the Americans' military supremacy...
  43. garbage_cnbeta

    coul dbe

    How Kyle Rittenhouse ended up in Kenosha armed with an AR-15 What does coul dbe mean?
  44. Meganyu2011

    opportunity <to> improve on

    'TikTok had an opportunity improve on older networks. It has not taken it.' It is from the article 'Devious licks' in The Economist, I wondered why there isn't 'to' in front of 'improve on'.
  45. olga69

    Should to ?

    I wonder if there is a mistake in the lyrics ? (the line "all the things that I should TO say")
  46. C

    math and skills

    Hello It's this paragraph "There is also a reason why taking a traditional class can beat an online brain-training program. Classes offer a level of complexity that has long-term benefits; they not only employ cognitive skills, such as visual comprehension, short- and long-term memory...
  47. A


    Hello! I can't understand meaning of "til" in this particular context. Can you explain, please? "What should I have done?" "You should have said, Til let you two be alone,' and started to walk away, as if you were giving her to him—even though you knew she liked you more"
  48. S

    Cigarette bog [box]

    Hi everybody, I'd like to know the meaning of «cigarette bog» in the following: “Of course,” Furley observed, “ciphers can lead you--” He stopped short. Julian, who had been leaning over towards the cigarette bog, glanced around at his friend. It's from «The Devil's Paw» by Oppenheim. The...
  49. cooby3

    The cost come in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom.

    Hello, everybody! This is a quote written by Milton Friedman, an American famous economist. link Why doesn't "come" take the third person singular form by adding "-s" ? Is "the cost" plural? Thanks in advance! :)
  50. amirmg

    A distant ship smoke on the horizon

    Well, certainly most of you listened to the famous song by Pink Floyd called Comfortably Numb. Today I was reading its lyrics, and surprisingly I found a grammatical mistake. A distant ship smoke on the horizon Comfortably Numb lyrics - The Wall Lyrics - Pink Floyd Lyrics As far as I am...