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  1. W


    Hi, I wonder what "relieve" means in this context. At the school where Mr. Thompson taught, she was required to relieve each child's past records and she put Teddy's off until last. However, when she relieved his file, she was in a surprise. Thank you very much.
  2. ovaltine888

    more cheaply <that/than> it can by

    I think "that" should be "than". Is it a typo?
  3. IsabellaG

    why do people enjoying

    Hi everybody, I've found this question in a Cambridge English course book "why do people enjoying eating food from other parts of the world?" but the use of ENJOYING sounds odd to me, I'd use ENJOY. Is it a mistake? thanks
  4. A

    handled property?

    Hi! What's [handled property]? ex) It was handled property. It's from a book, and I can't find its meaning! Thanks!
  5. Glammer4true

    A government spy feeling the Russians

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to understand this line from the script of the movie "A beautiful mind" with Russel Crowe, directed by Ron Howard in 2001: " Which is more likely, that your husband, a mathematician with no military training, is a government spy feeling the Russians...Or that he has...
  6. N


    hi, I am reading A History of the Wife book by Marilyn Yalom. Could you please tell me meaning of ''holdovers'' in this sentence: They distinguished themselves from Anglicans by doing away with all ritual that was not specifically mentioned in Scripture, such as the minister’s blessing the ring...
  7. a little translation and attractive for that reason [ literal ]

    I find many points of divergence, and what appeared to me a little translation and attractive for that reason is not one. Hi~I find a sentence, and how to understand "a little translation and attractive for that reason"? It is much too confusing structure. Is it grammatical correct?Thank you!
  8. Nikined


    "Oh God... well, it started about a half hour before the wedding. I was in the room where we were keeping all the presents, and I was looking at this gravy boat. This really gorgeous Lamauge gravy boat. When all of a sudden- (to the waitress that brought her coffee)Sweet 'n' Lo?" What is...
  9. Lucy 234

    quite smile

    Hi all, I saw there are many sentences online with "quite smile"? What does it mean? "He always had a quite smile on his face." With a quite smile at Kennedy, Cronkite responded to each question by saying, "Well, the economy is the number one issue.".
  10. D

    Sight of battle.

    Hi. The text is about Japanese army in the WW2 battle of Okinawa in 1945. After major losses in previous defeats, now it's their final and decisive battle against the Americans. They were forced to admit that defeat in the war was all but inevitable, given the Americans' military supremacy...
  11. garbage_cnbeta

    coul dbe

    How Kyle Rittenhouse ended up in Kenosha armed with an AR-15 What does coul dbe mean?
  12. Meganyu2011

    opportunity <to> improve on

    'TikTok had an opportunity improve on older networks. It has not taken it.' It is from the article 'Devious licks' in The Economist, I wondered why there isn't 'to' in front of 'improve on'.
  13. olga69

    Should to ?

    I wonder if there is a mistake in the lyrics ? (the line "all the things that I should TO say")
  14. M

    to be serve

    Police officers aren't usually allowed to be serve on a jury. I came across the above sentence in the Cambridge dictionary but the structure seems a bit odd to me why be serve is used instead of serve?
  15. C

    math and skills

    Hello It's this paragraph "There is also a reason why taking a traditional class can beat an online brain-training program. Classes offer a level of complexity that has long-term benefits; they not only employ cognitive skills, such as visual comprehension, short- and long-term memory...
  16. A


    Hello! I can't understand meaning of "til" in this particular context. Can you explain, please? "What should I have done?" "You should have said, Til let you two be alone,' and started to walk away, as if you were giving her to him—even though you knew she liked you more"
  17. S

    Cigarette bog [box]

    Hi everybody, I'd like to know the meaning of «cigarette bog» in the following: “Of course,” Furley observed, “ciphers can lead you--” He stopped short. Julian, who had been leaning over towards the cigarette bog, glanced around at his friend. It's from «The Devil's Paw» by Oppenheim. The...
  18. cooby3

    The cost come in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom.

    Hello, everybody! This is a quote written by Milton Friedman, an American famous economist. link Why doesn't "come" take the third person singular form by adding "-s" ? Is "the cost" plural? Thanks in advance! :)
  19. amirmg

    A distant ship smoke on the horizon

    Well, certainly most of you listened to the famous song by Pink Floyd called Comfortably Numb. Today I was reading its lyrics, and surprisingly I found a grammatical mistake. A distant ship smoke on the horizon Comfortably Numb lyrics - The Wall Lyrics - Pink Floyd Lyrics As far as I am...
  20. J

    heded out

    They boarded the boat as the sun started to set and heded out to see. I read this sentence in my son's year-4 Maths & English targeted study and practice book by Collins. <-----Unnecessary link removed by moderator (Florentia52)-----> Is "heded out" a typo? What does it mean here? and what is...
  21. A


    Hello, What does "firsty" mean in these two examples? “Long years, drifting without other purpose, I had searched for that hale companion of my lost childhood, no one but a firsty, busty old nursemaid, very simple-minded, very simple, the salt of common sense, her red hair gleaming to show that...
  22. Nikined

    when T wasn't thinking

    "I never counted on his coming back to blow me, though, sometimes, when T wasn't thinking, an odd sort of fear would come over me, and I would feel myself trembling with the notion that, after all, he might return" (The Last Wager) What does "T wasn't thinking" mean? Is it a typo?
  23. meneiggles

    "might was (sic) well"

    Seen in the novel Chaos Rising by Timothy Zahn. Here's the phrase in its context in the book: "the confrontation the syndics were obviously here for was going to happen. Might was well have it out now." Am I right in assuming this is a typo and should read "might as well"? Thanks for your help.
  24. A

    dose by

    In The Markenmore Mystery (1922) by J. S. Fletcher, the author describes a sexton and a detective in a churchyard during the digging of a tomb: What does "dose by" mean here?
  25. younghon

    The Canary Islands <is><are>...

    1. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal? 2. The Canary Islands is charged by its volcanic screening. 3. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations in Spain. 4. The Philippines are surrounded by American warships. Q: In the above three sentences, some...
  26. L

    there will <be> at least one time that...

    I just encountered a line from a movie, which goes, In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership nor love. Personally, I think "be" should be added between "will" and "at", otherwise this sentence has no main...
  27. E

    it was etemity

    Hi folks, this is cited from 1984 by Orwell. Q: it was etemity. It was eternity? Is it a typo? He settled deeper into the arm-chair and put his feet up on the fender. It was bliss, it was etemity.
  28. S

    , rather,

    The frigid air mass that paralyzed parts of the southern and central United States early in this week claimed more than 70 lives, left millions temporarily without power, rather, and froze water lines. I'd like to know the denifition of the "rather" in this sentence. I couldn't find a proper...
  29. Tae-Bbong-E

    There's is a wheeled alarm clock.

    Hi I want to know what is about "There's is". I saw it from English humor website.
  30. AidaGlass

    as male novelists could, by restricting them to the women's league

    Hello, I don't understand the part in bold. I'd appreciate some clarification on it. As Charlotte Bronte and George Eliot increasingly came to dominate their period and to represent the models against which other women novelists were measured, they too became the objects of both feminine...
  31. semdin

    What does pregnancy mean in this sentence?

    During the war, France exhausted the resources of the Habsburg empire and led it to bankruptcy. The Lens battle was defeated and could not prevent the French invasion of Catalonia. Thus, the pregnancy in Hamburg ended. In the following years, there will be a France that want to fill the gap left...
  32. A


    Hello, I'm pretty sure there is a typo in the transcription of a text, but I can't figure out what exactly was initially said - can you help? This is taken from a transcription of a recording of one of Napoleon Hill's conferences in 1954. Context: the author is explaining it's important to be...
  33. meneiggles

    "...drew taught..." (possible typo)

    Hello, I have a question about the possible typo in the title of this thread, seen in the digital edition of the Pacific Rim novelization, by Alex Irvine. The context: "From Gipsy Danger’s right gauntlet, a long whip made of serrated metal segments woven together with a high-tension cable...
  34. I

    panning feet

    Hello, In the context below, what does “panning” mean? Somebody prayed, O God, let Bosaaso come! Then they heard panning feet, light as raindrops on zinc-sheeting. Nasiiba said, “Here he is, in plimsolls, jogging,” and they all waited. Source: Gifts, written by Nuruddin Farah
  35. conjecture

    The less time you the take

    I was playing Far Cry 4 and there's a text from a racing mission. This one's about pure speed. Make it to the finish line in style as quickly as possible while going through all the checkpoints. The less time you the take to reach the finish line, the bigger your cut of the royalties. In this...
  36. Welsh_Sion


    Anyone know what this acronym stands for with regard to work permits and the right to work in the United Kingdom? Thanks in advance.
  37. wxhjjww

    Why use "its" here?

    I read a sentence on a website, and it says: "Whether its pizza, hamburgers, tacos or donuts, these tasty franchises continue to draw crowds around the world". Why use "its" here? I think it should be "it's". What do you think? Thank you.
  38. G

    Phillips did a backflip and Aronzarena (respond) with...

    After their thrilling win Friday night, the Rays celebrated in front of their dugout. Arozarena and fellow outfielder Brett Phillips had a dance-off. Phillips did a backflip and Aronzarena respond with a breakdancing move that had his teammates going wild. source: Bad-boy Astros, fun-loving...
  39. hudabazzari

    She's says...

    Hello friends.. I was reading (Into the Water)'s novel by Paula Hawkins, when I saw this line: "She's says she's a 'psychic', that she speaks to the dead." ... etc I couldn't explain it! The character who is speaking here is a Detective Inspector, so he shouldn't make such a mistake...
  40. just_jenn's_taken_so

    without it mastering

    The sentence involved is " You may ask why she wanted an example of someone who missed 3 or 4 days without it mastering, as you have missed 2 total days. " It came from a Reddit thread <——-Attachment containing excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)——-> The user who created this thread...
  41. lekal

    incite succession

    ……as Lai was arrested under the city's national security law on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces to endanger national security, conspiracy to defraud and intention to incite succession, cases which have yet to come to...
  42. B


    I say she is a splendid woman. I know it as well as if she were my own sister, or—confound it—wife, I was going to say. All! but can she act? That is the question, as Hamlet says. I have read this in Andrew Forrester's 'The Private Detective'. Does the exclamation mark here give a special...
  43. Arthur S.

    Draft pellets

    Hi everyone! In one video, a woman feeds her giraffe with 'draft pellets'. I understand each word in this phrase separately but have no idea what the whole phrase could mean. Do you have any ideas? Thank you!
  44. LookAtMe

    is sure be valuable

    Hello. The 27 August 2020's Word Reference Basic Word Of The Day was "offspring". One of the examples says: "The racehorses' offspring is sure be valuable." That verb Be + verb Be construction sounds unusual to me. I have never seen it or heard it before. Any explanations please? Basic+ Word of...
  45. I

    nothing that free-enterprise does serves as a "wonderful motivation"...

    Hi, A "tragic misallocation of resources" is also to blame for the poor state of health in many countries, said Gates. He calls the neglect of certain populations a "failure of capitalism", nothing that free-enterprise does serves as a "wonderful motivation" for people, on a global scale, it...
  46. T


    The following is from the website of Westfield London, a large shopping centre in London. Westfield London We will continue to offer our high level of Guest Services our customers are used, however to ensure customer and staff safety we will need to limit our offer. We are currently unable to...
  47. G

    a major solar Care

    Source: Unknown to me Earth scientists assume that all this magnetic activity is to blame for the oddly intense heat of the corona, but heating up the corona to a hundred million kelvin—hotter than the core of the sun itself—a major solar Care releases only deadly amounts of radiation: lethal...
  48. Oswinw011


    https://s1.ax1x.com/2020/08/07/ahIaJf.jpg Hi, Can you tell me what "1972-å1975" means? Thanks. Context: movie: kungfu, TV series, 1972-å1975.
  49. jacdac

    it ids confusing

    People will always look upwards for direction, and if that upwards is constantly changing it ids confusing and can cause people top become disconnected from the reason they turn up to work every day. Then it really is an awful virus, and it does slowly kill people off mentally. Unconnected to...
  50. fxlle


    What is the meaning of signifified?What is the meaning of this sentence:“may be signifified by the last clauses in the charter”? Petronilla’s own apprehensions at this time may be signifified by the last clauses in the charter, whereby she grants 2,000 gold coins to the churches of Aragon and...