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  1. alibey71

    At the same

    "One of the purposes of this book is to show how Elizabethan England performed a delicate balancing act between both faiths that was unique in Europe at the same, and a result of the very specific nature of Elizabeth I’s religious and diplomatic policy." (Jerry Brotton, This Orient Isle-...
  2. E

    basis dog care

    “I am getting up to speed on basis dog care” <——-Sentence from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> what does this sentence and "basis" mean, please?Thanks!
  3. A

    Seal his back

    In the sentence"The ex-Vice president of the US, Joe Biden has sealed his back in the race to be the Democratic candidate", I feel confused about the meaning of "seal his back", is that a metaphor expression which just means that he has back?
  4. U

    I will keep track on how the pairing between you two without prior notice.

    Hello, While translating the movie "Little Q" I found this subtitle (sentence above): "I will keep track on how the pairing between you two without prior notice". I would like to know if this is formally correct, cause it seems very strange to me. My guess is that the supervisor will make...
  5. L

    lo que más pesar [los que más pesan]

    Refrán con que se enseña que estas cosas [melones, cruze y ceriso] se deben escoger lo que más pesar que entonces son de buena calidad. Is this sentence correct? If so, what does "lo que más pesar" mean? Thank you!
  6. P

    This seemingly changed overnight

    Can you please let me know what is the correct meaning for "seemingly"? There are the options from the online resource for "seemingly": fitting; suitable; appropriate: I remember pretty vividly the blank faces I would encounter when I was a kid and told people I had a family member with...
  7. Y

    Res the cruise ship

    Res the cruise ship, they all practice heavy and effective viral control to prevent norovirus. Yet those procedures and protocols were ineffective at preventing this corona-virus. I am sure there are people researching this already. I found this quote here: Novel Coronavirus outbreak - Page...
  8. Julie4luck

    A genuine hero is someone who by building one.

    Hello, I wondered the below 'one' is what. What does 'one' refer to? compelling personal narrative? a person's success? sheer determination and will? <Countless Silicon Valley founders and CEOs proudly confess to quitting school to pursue their dreams. It’s no secret why the story of the...
  9. G

    under greatly disadvantaged

    Today I came across this sentence in the book 504 Absolutely Essential Words: The source is mentioned as: A Voyage to Abyssinia, Father Lobo The problem is with the last part: were under greatly disadvantaged Shouldn't that be something like they were under great disadvantage?
  10. K

    amounted a Eurostar train ride

    In the article of VOA: In France, American Scientists are trying to 'Make Planet Great Again', there is a sentence as follows. For Parmesan, France amounted a Eurostar train ride away from her previous research posting in Britain. During her career, she has given talks at the White House...
  11. post12

    pouring over

    Excerpts from the Economist dated on Jan 2020, p 28 second paragraph Steady demand for his services suggests his old-school methods work. Any case begins with pouring over police and autopsy reports, witness statements and other trial papers-these are stacked in manila folders on his office...
  12. M

    "elate" as a noun

    I have encountered the following unusual seemingly nominal use of the word"elate": "...an indebtedness of Borrower to Lender evidenced by that certain Taxable Revenue Bond (the "Bond"), dated this elate, executed by Borrower in favor of Lender..." I can find nothing on this, even in Black's Law...
  13. E

    regardless of what someone does or does not so

    I came across this sentence online: But Pelosi sounded defiant, telling the AP that Trump was “impeached forever” regardless of what the Senate does or does not so. (New York Post) What is the purpose of the last word so in that sentence? Please confirm if these modifications are also...
  14. zaffy

    It was (a) really nice night.

    I found this extract from some book and I'm wondering why the 'a' article is missing. Why not 'a nice night'?
  15. S

    happened dirt

    So commercials are the small advertisements that happened dirt, so commercials are the video advertisements on TV, so usually when you're watching TV on a TV, every ten minutes, twelve minutes, the show stops and they show you commercials. Does "HAPPENED DIRT" mean that the commercials were...
  16. Shandol


    Hello there, Iran arrests eight 'linked to CIA' in street unrest I looked the word up in some dictionaries but they are not familiar with the verb "voile"! What is meant by it in the given context? Thanks.
  17. kalemongy


    Q3 was the final quarter to lap the exceptional infusion of brand-building investment that we made during Q4. How do you interpret 'lap' here in this sentence??
  18. wuzongxian

    She is <a> French.

    She is French or she is a French??? What I learned are she is Chinese, she is English... There is no A before the people of one country. But I found this sentence: she is a French in lesson 5, NCE1, an English learning book from China. So I'm confused why it isn't she is French here? Thank you...
  19. Molion99

    modifying ordeal

    What is the meaning of "modifying ordeal? I tried searching for the meaning but I'm not sure what I understood is right.
  20. R

    could somebody explain the two 'than' in the sentence?

    Hi there, I'm quite confused about the two "than" in the following sentence, could somebody explain this to me? The amount of recovered material that America, the world’s biggest exporter of scrap, sent to China was 3m tonnes less than in the first half of 2018 than a year earlier, a drop of...
  21. SaraM16

    every forth voter

    Hello, I'm translating from English into Italian an article about politics. I found the expression "every forth voter" in the sentence "Be it in the latest elections or in the former GDR states mainly more than every forth voter supported this party." I thought that it was a typo and the writer...
  22. H

    ways of stating healthy

    Please help me. Would anyone please help me understand "ways of stating healthy" in the following context? This text is excerpted from Digital Sociology which is edited by Kate Orton-Johnson and Nick Prior, chapter 14: E-Health and Renewed Sociological Approaches to Health and Illness...
  23. Lucy 234

    As I child

    Hi all, I came across the following sentence and I didn't know how to understand "As I child"? Is it grammatical? Thank you! As I child I thought she was beautiful, as most children think their mothers are beautiful. Children of the Manse
  24. N


    Hello, I had a written discussion with an America person who used the word "aneixty". The first time he wrote it I thought it was a typo, and then my mind immediatly turned the word into "anxiety" when he used it again. But as I re-read the discussion I realized he used it several time so it...
  25. E

    Yes I yes give me

    Hi folks, this is cited from Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849) Question: Is what he want from himself? Why are there two yes) Yes I yes give me this glorious ocean life, this salt-sea life, this briny, foamy life, when the sea neighs and snorts, and you breathe the very breath that the great...
  26. NewAmerica

    who leads <of> the Australian Centre

    I don't understand why <of> is used here. Should it be removed? ******************* Head of prestigious ancient DNA lab suspended amid bullying allegations Alan Cooper, who leads of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, has been stood down pending an investigation. The leader of Australia’s...
  27. eno2


    Hallo, Von audio (Film) <Ritter Christian hat Drago gebendigt > Drago ist ein Pferd das sich nicht bereiten lassen wollte . Ist das von 'bendigen'? Kann ich nicht finden in Pons. Ist das zähmen?
  28. SuprunP

    it pays him no need at all

    He guesses it is about twenty metres long, more than enough to make a meal of any Portiid or Human should it be so inclined. Like the starfish, though, it pays him no need at all, and perhaps its upper side is also a solar collector and it lives an endless, mindless round of sunbathing...
  29. Y

    Complaint here,

    hi Complaint here, what does it mean? The program shall be submitted to the Employer for review and approval not later than ninety (90) days from the Commencement of the Services which shall include a plan and schedule of the buildings and facilities to be painted complaint with the inspection...
  30. SleepyBag

    hearts that best as one

    How do you understand this sentence: True friends have hearts that best as one. <——-Question and example sentence from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> I don't understand what 'as one' means. And I have to assumptions: 1. True friends act as one person. 2. Only...
  31. NewAmerica

    "a moment ago" vs. "a mome nt a go"

    Online Oxford dictionary writes it as "a moment ago", which is normally seen. But my iPad, both New Oxford Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary, write it as "a mome nt a go." (See the attached screenshot). I wonder whether it is a mistake made by the iPad. Or is it deliberately written this way? If...
  32. T

    On his pan

    It seemed to Karl that in behaving like this Mr Green was pointing his conviction that each of them, Karl on his pan and Green on his, must fight for his own hand. Source: America by Kafka
  33. VicNicSor

    quite released

    — Derek Vinyard [prisoner] was quite released from Chino earlier this morning after serving 3 and some-odd years. American History X, film What does "quite" here mean please? Thank you.
  34. N

    “‘N at d’yeh —”

    In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"of J.K Rowlling there is sentence: “‘N at d’yeh —” What does stand for this?
  35. Zareza


    Hello! Could you help me, please? The context: She secued 10th position in the 10th examinations conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board. She secued 5th rank among girl students. Secued seems to be a verb in Indian English. I don't know anything about the journey of Indian English...
  36. AdrianaPark

    Doctors’ give me...

    I don't know the meaning of doctors' in this sentence. "Doctors' give me a 50/50(fifty fifty) chance." Does it just indicate just doctors or their opinions? Thanks!!
  37. M

    Kris had the baby was born

    Hi I've just watched a video from Ellen Show. I heard a sentence like that: "Her daughter Kriss, you know, had the baby was born" It does not say 'had' in subtitles but I'm sure that Ellen says something sounds like 'had'. I might have misheard tough. I need help:(
  38. H

    "in term"?

    Hello everyone. When I was reading the Japan Times, I ran into the following sentence "As the absolute supply of labor shrinks, companies are offering better terms of employment and higher pay, which in term prompts a positive supply response." I don't get the "in term" part. Would you explain...
  39. failbetter


    This is from Activist Investing Invades Europe. Context: Elliott is an activist New York hedge fund, and Pernod is a French company and the world’s second-biggest alcoholic-beverage company. Elliott holds a 2.5% stake in Pernod. It accused Pernod of losing share in important markets and of...
  40. NewAmerica


    One of the females in the picture is holding a sign read "Education + Facilition = Solution." Well, Google redirects "Facilition" to facilitation. What does facilition mean? A misspelling of facilitation? It seems unlikely to me that a female scientist would have misspelled the simple word...
  41. VicNicSor

    the western half of North America

    This is a Youtube video and in this part the speaker describes the early French colonies. As you see in the transcript at the bottom of the picture, he says "the western half of North America", but in the picture he shows (in the blue) the eastern part:confused: Is it a mistake? Thanks.
  42. D


    Hello, everybody. I was reading a Fox news article. I have no idea what "wrote a gunmetal gown" means. (Miley Cyrus risks wardrobe malfunction multiple times at Grammys) Would you explain about the meaning of that? Cyrus stopped for photos with her parents who were just as glammed up as the...
  43. jasminasul


    Hola, foro. Estoy leyendo Der kleine Zauberer y me encuentro una palabra que no viene en el diccionario. »Diesen Risshalunken schnapp ich mir«, stieß Ritter Rübe hervor, zog sein Schert und stürmte auf das Eis. ¿O debería ser Schwert?
  44. P

    Getting through a high rate risky

    It's about - Why to justify public debt. The two parts of the expression isn't clear for me- Getting through a high rate risky thanks for helping. The last one again, which is more relevant for countries like Italy and the U.S at this point, is if you were in not the bad equilibrium, the...
  45. cakypax

    "because you have not it"

    I was reading a dictionary and found such a description of the word "rusty": "If a skill you had is rusty, it is not as good as it was because you have not it". And I just can't wrap my mind around the construction of the final phrase "because you have not it". It means "because you don't have...
  46. Jardino

    They all have their mileage cut to under under ten thou

    Topic "Every single car that comes through my hands gets the treatment," the father said. "They all have their mileage cut to under under ten thou before they're offered for sale. And to think I invented that all by myself," he added proudly. "It's made me a mint." source : Matilda by Royald...
  47. D

    There are may Russian words that are similar to English

    Hello all, I found myself with this phrase, at first I thought it was a new use for "may" for me I didn't know, but then I suspected it was a typo. "In our first lesson you will learn the Russian alphabet. If you can sound out words and place names then you have a huge advantage while...
  48. M

    You will be able to go on the trip next week unless you pay by Saturday.

    You will be able to go on the trip next week unless you pay by Saturday. Hello! Please, can you tell me if the previous sentence correct? Does it make sense? I'd say "you won't be able..."; do you agree? Thanks a lot in advance!
  49. mO_ok


    Hello, I have a query regarding 'Gently by the Shore' by Alan Hunter. Here cockney officer Dutt sums up his and Gently's stay in Starmouth: ‘We comes here on the Friday night to meet a stiff what nobody don’t know about and by Tuesday tea-time we got the two geezers what done it, busted up a...
  50. Bella1017


    hi everyone, here is sentence and I don't know why they added a comma (the red one) here, is it necessary and may I delete it? Thank you in advance. From ancient times to the present, one generation after the other, wave upon wave, of them have chased wealth in this way.