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  1. 77Cat77

    we had just enough a buy a carton of ice cream

    When I was looking up the word "lump" in Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, I came across the following sentence, in which the bold part really confused me, especially the red "a". when we lumped all of our pocket change together, we found that we had just enough a buy a carton of ice cream...
  2. NewAmerica

    Congress established office in 1976

    Does "office" here particularly refer to OSTP (the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy)? If so, why not use "the" before office? ********** For any of that to happen, however, Droegemeier has to find a way to get Trump and his top aides to listen to him. He should first ask...
  3. SuprunP

    in address emerging crisis situations

    The dearth of prior experiences in overcoming adversity can be used as a positive in address emerging crisis situations. (Crisis Intervention Handbook) It looks as if it should have been 'in addressing'. Is it so? Thanks.
  4. lekal


    Dear friends, Feature and mark, like peculiarity, refer to something quite noticeable, but feature more readily suggests something positive, while mark may suggest wither positive or negative aspects. This is from the book Use the right word. What does wither mean here?
  5. NewAmerica

    showing up in in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

    Should "showing up in in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean" be "showing up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean"? *************** During a research cruise to the Sargasso Sea in fall 1971 marine biologist Ed Carpenter first noticed peculiar, white specks floating amidst the mats of brown...
  6. bloomcountry

    The blushing dawn the easy illumes

    What does "easy" mean in this stanza? Thanks: "The blushing dawn the easy illumes, The birds their merry matins sing, The buds breath froth their sweet perfumes, And butterflies are on the wing". (Jack London's "Daybreak").
  7. Onyx18

    Ambling gate

    Hi all, this sample is from book Quantum Spy by David Ignatius: Vandel had a loose, ambling gate as he strolled down the corridor, peering into doors and windows. He had the gift of a good case officer, which was that he looked harmless. - I'm not quite sure, but I think that "loose, ambling...
  8. E

    for my devigation

    Hello, I'm reading Tennese Williams's notebooks on Paris Review and I saw a sentence: "I am a deeper and warmer and kinder man for my devigation." What does devigation mean? I couldn't find it anywhere... It would be great if someone could help me.
  9. mandarinita

    "Bid" as adjective?

    Hi. I've just read Rabindranath Tagore's "Paper boats", and the poem goes: "In bid black letters I write my name on them" I can't seem to find a suitable dictionary entree for "bid" here. What does it mean?
  10. S

    like G through that

    Hello, In a science documentary, someone asks what is written on a drum (which is filled with chemicals and water). The dialogue is: A: What is that? B: Dihidrogen monoxide. A: Oh I think that's like G through that. What could "A" mean here with "G through that"? I just know that...
  11. serhatuygur

    "I'll didn't"?

    Hello this is the first time I've encountered such usage of "will + did not" in English. Is this a mistake by the author or am I missing something? I would be glad if someone could explain what does it mean... “We’ve got to evacuate you.” “No way,” Gordon protested. “I’ll didn’t tell...
  12. banbi322

    what does the pronoun in the sentence indicate?

    I have three questions to make myself clear to understand the sentence below. “Lush periods might have turned the Arabian Peninsula into a staging post that sucks people in and them pumps them out.” Twist on our origins By Karen Kaplan What is the verb of “and them” and what does this “them”...
  13. VicNicSor

    no change

    No Change. Welcome Back. This was written on a note left on Andy's bed when he came back from the infirmary into his cell. He had once made a good thing for other prisoners, so they payed him back — got him things he wanted. What does the bold part mean? Thanks.
  14. lzarzalejo73

    As many Hoods

    Hello. I'm reading A Sand County Almanac, by A. Leopold, and I cannot figure out the meaning of "Hoods" in the following sentence: "The net result is that we have more education but less soil, fewer healthy woods, and as many :Hoods as in 1937" I have checked in Google but to no avail, I'm...
  15. H

    What does "gold a pencil" mean?

    "It’s easier to give a child an iPad than encouraging them to do muscle-building play such as building blocks, cutting and sticking, or pulling toys and ropes. Because of this, they’re not developing the underlying foundation skills they need to grip and gold a pencil." Source: Schools are...
  16. meneiggles

    "She realized that what probably meant, but..."

    This is a paragraph taken from a Star Wars novels by Claudia Gray: "She realized that what probably meant, but didn't fully believed it until her leave was approved and the Senate moved on to other subjects: Ransolm intended to let her go." I don't undertand it. To me, it reads as if there is a...
  17. W

    what does "place" mean?

    from "gone with the wind": As a child, she often had crept to the door and, peeping through the tiniest crack, had seen Ellen emerge from the dark room, where Gerald’s snores were rhythmic and untroubled, into the flickering light of an upheld candle, her medicine case under her arm, her hair...
  18. H

    become grab more of the same

    Firstly, I would like to ask if it's grammatically correct to say that. Secondly, what does it mean? "Vietnam has enough unique perks to keep attracting foreign investment as China moves to become grab more of the same." Source: China And Vietnam Both Want Foreign Investment, But Is There...
  19. jianghuicecile

    what is the meaning of "chares" here

    Nice to see you again my friends, here I have a question, in the paragraph: No matter which kind of phone you’re considering, a few other factors are worth keeping in mind. First, ask about battery life. While I liked the reception best on the Uniden, for example, it can go only four...
  20. Weeshy

    Have make and you your

    Hi friends I have a question in the next sentence which I've read in BBC english program "I like [you your] happy-go-lucky attitude but you're going to [have make] a decision on our wedding date!" In the previous sentence, There are two confusing things 1) you your. 2)have make. Is that right...
  21. O

    To be notes

    Hello, During the conversation via email the other person used the word 'notes', and I'm not sure if it was just a misprint and this person wanted to write something else instead, or it is the expression that I am not familiar with. Here is the context: Person1: I have finished working on the...
  22. P

    Even the hearsay that these images muster

    Hi everybody, I would need some help with this sentence. It is part of a text about a brasilian artist, who collected photos of a long journey he made. He made mostly pictures of himself in the various surroundigs, often together with native people. Even the hearsay that these images muster...
  23. P

    The Americans marry younger and more generally.

    The Americans marry younger and more generally. <by Franklin> I have read this sentence in an English grammar book, it says Franklin said this. I think the original sentence is unnatural to hear, that it should have been "the Americans more generally marry younger." But it may mean "The...
  24. nkaper

    The new Achilles in hint had a heel

    Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence He felt he owed her everything, and he showed her the utmost respect and consideration, so long as she gave him mere outward respect. But it was obvious he had a secret dread of her. The new Achilles in hint had a heel, and in this heel the woman...
  25. AnnaJDT

    meaning of die Gegenstände

    Hello, Have some trouble understanding "Gegenstände", would you care to lend a hand please?:confused: Context: "... und sehr bald werden die Gegenstände diesseits und jenseits der Felsenberge von jedem lebenden Wesen entvölkert sein" (Winnetou) Literal translation: "and very soon will []? from...
  26. bearded


    Hallo allerseits Im Thread ''Einbalancierung'' ist u.A. zu lesen (anscheinend deutsche Herkunft des Textes): im neuen Saison. ( Kontext mMn unwichtig: ''damit im neuen Saison die Hersteller...'' also nur Zeitangabe ). Ist Saison nicht ein weibliches Wort? Kennt Ihr den Gebrauch von 'Saison' als...
  27. twinklestar

    schlechtgalaunt (gelaunt)

    Hello, The quoted is from a joke in German and Chinese on a German-teaching website. I don't find the definitions for "schlechtgalaunt" and "galaunt" on Wikdictionary, Leo, WR Dictionary. ( I knew "schlecht" means bad. ) Would you please help me with the word(s)? Thank you!
  28. twinklestar

    (2016 China Attractions Expo in Beijing) abgestalten

    Hello, This is the title of a report from a news-website based in China. Would you please tell me what "abgestalten" means? I tried to look up "abstalten", "abstalte", "abstalt" and "abgestalten" on several dictionaries, but got nothing. Google translates the phrase as -make 2016 China...
  29. Gattamelata

    Junge Erwachsene zieht es in der Stadt

    Hello, dear forum community! I've encountered this phrase in a textbook, and I don't know why it is 'in der Stadt', when it looks like 'wohin' not 'wo' case, and so it should be Akkusativ ('in die Stadt').
  30. mabsurda

    erwarten durfte

    Hi guys. Could someone explain to me what "erwarteten" is doing in this phrase? I mean, past participles are not suppossed to be used with dürfen, so... Dann wurde eben ein anderer Funktionär, vom dem man erwarteten durfte, dass er sich nicht erwischen lässt, ins Executivkomitee berufen. The...
  31. T

    es handele sich hierbei um Diskriminierung

    Ist alles ok mit diesem Satz? Er kommt aus einer deutschen Zeitung von heute. (Metik ist ein Name) "Den Vorwurf, ein handele sich hierbei um Diskriminierung, wie Metik umgehend zurück."