1. D

    Change at the same speed

    Hi everyone! Could you help me please to find an adjective or adverb to say "change at the same speed? "
  2. sb70012

    Wow! That speak

    See after being here for 5 years I’m still learning stuff about China. Wow! Look at this beautiful plant on the surface of the lake. I don't know what it's called in English. Even some people don't know what it is. Wow, that speak. Hi, On Youtube I saw someone describing a park in China. What...
  3. C

    makes the pump turns on

    Hello everybody. I just found a sentence in a technical manual that puzzles me: "When the sump is full and the float switch makes the pump turns on." If "make" can be intransitive and mean activate, turn on or the kind, it could be: "When the sump is full and the float switch makes, the pump...
  4. Olesia_K.

    A wake-up of my masterpiece

    A wake-up of my masterpiece (Robbie Williams's 'Lost') <——-Original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> A sticking point in this song for me is 'A wake-up of my masterpiece.' I've googled the word 'a wake-up' and it's cristal clear, but what's meant when he sings (the...
  5. M

    all about it love

    In an informal chatting, I saw a sentence like this but I understood nothing : So what is relationship all about it love is not attached to it Can you help what that means?
  6. Virginia1993

    What does "patters" mean in the following sentence?

    Hi, From the autonomous activity of these core ideas, these charged perceptions of self and world, these once accurate understandings or overgeneralizations or false readings, patters emerge.
  7. E

    budget constraints average a piecemeal approach

    Source: Forest schools are booming in the UK – here’s why – Positive News "Mainstream education providers are waking up to the benefits of forest school sessions, too, said Wyn Davies. But he said that budget constraints average a piecemeal approach is preventing a wider rollout of the forest...
  8. Evie Yang

    small gains

    Hi everyone, how to understand 'small grains' in: And despite small gains during the last two years, the trend in manufacturing employment for the last 30 years has been downward. In dictionary, I found an entry of 'grain' might match:a minute portion or particle. But I think in the above...
  9. S

    He <thoughts> he knew

    He thoughts he knew what he was getting into when he left forever. Only family could bring him back. Pitting a new life against an old one is the story of Shadows in the Light brought to us by Todd Sullivan. Is the word in bold a typo?
  10. MariReg


    Hi everyone! I was wondering what the meaning of "bay" could be in the following context. Unfortunately, I do not know the year and name of this piece of writing. My Aunt Portman desires you to write to my Aunt Mary, to bie her a set of y=e= French baskets they use for a desert, and y=e=...
  11. nenig

    Feeling whale (?)

    Hello Everybody, I need your help. I have assigned a literary test about Brave New World and I have got problems decipher a sentence. 'Mustapha Mond intelligently understands that a need for God stems from the human need of feeling whale and at peace instead of having spiritual and metaphysical...
  12. H

    is this correct?

    i saw this sentence, " your insights and outputs grow as you become and expert at networking" . then, i think this sentence is unnatural cause "become and expert at networking" . why "and" is between link verb and noun?
  13. P

    To have sick

    Hello In Johnny Depp hearing a doctor was asked by the judge about Johnny’s ex wife. The doctor replied “ she had sick. She had sick at the venue. She was eating magic muchrooms “ Why “had” instead of “was” ?
  14. Meerana

    your town is having affair

    Hello all great people in this great platform. May you please tell me what does " your town is having affair " mean? I did not understand why it is "town" and why did she say town affair, is it an occasion? Here is the text👇🏻 let's say it's a weekend, and it's a beautiful sunny day. And let's...
  15. Vanloon

    The lure of the west that Europeans had a felt..

    The lure of the west that Europeans had a felt since the first set foot on America’s Eastern shore infected new Englanders like a fever by the 1830s. For six generations the Kelloggs had resisted it as they developed extensive landholdings in the rich valley of the Connecticut River. But change...
  16. Y

    air hander

    Hi, please what is meany by air hander, not a handler, in this context: "Chilled water flowing through a coil within an air hander distributing air through ducts to occupied spaces." Thank you
  17. Glammer4true

    A government spy feeling the Russians

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to understand this line from the script of the movie "A beautiful mind" with Russel Crowe, directed by Ron Howard in 2001: " Which is more likely, that your husband, a mathematician with no military training, is a government spy feeling the Russians...Or that he has...
  18. N


    hi, I am reading A History of the Wife book by Marilyn Yalom. Could you please tell me meaning of ''holdovers'' in this sentence: They distinguished themselves from Anglicans by doing away with all ritual that was not specifically mentioned in Scripture, such as the minister’s blessing the ring...
  19. Nikined


    "Oh God... well, it started about a half hour before the wedding. I was in the room where we were keeping all the presents, and I was looking at this gravy boat. This really gorgeous Lamauge gravy boat. When all of a sudden- (to the waitress that brought her coffee)Sweet 'n' Lo?" What is...
  20. Lucy 234

    quite smile

    Hi all, I saw there are many sentences online with "quite smile"? What does it mean? "He always had a quite smile on his face." With a quite smile at Kennedy, Cronkite responded to each question by saying, "Well, the economy is the number one issue.".
  21. D

    Sight of battle.

    Hi. The text is about Japanese army in the WW2 battle of Okinawa in 1945. After major losses in previous defeats, now it's their final and decisive battle against the Americans. They were forced to admit that defeat in the war was all but inevitable, given the Americans' military supremacy...
  22. garbage_cnbeta

    coul dbe

    How Kyle Rittenhouse ended up in Kenosha armed with an AR-15 What does coul dbe mean?
  23. Meganyu2011

    opportunity <to> improve on

    'TikTok had an opportunity improve on older networks. It has not taken it.' It is from the article 'Devious licks' in The Economist, I wondered why there isn't 'to' in front of 'improve on'.
  24. olga69

    Should to ?

    I wonder if there is a mistake in the lyrics ? (the line "all the things that I should TO say")
  25. W

    using nouns in a sentence

    Hello, Which ones should I use in the following bold portions: " The internship taught me (1) some / the skills that are required in a job, such as (2) management of / managing / how to manage a team, (3) submission / submitting / how to submit reports in a timely manner, and (4) application...
  26. C

    math and skills

    Hello It's this paragraph "There is also a reason why taking a traditional class can beat an online brain-training program. Classes offer a level of complexity that has long-term benefits; they not only employ cognitive skills, such as visual comprehension, short- and long-term memory...
  27. mike412

    a lot of vs much/many

    Hi everyone, I have seen some contradictory answers about which is a bit stronger or weaker in meaning. Thanks in advance.
  28. A


    Hello! I can't understand meaning of "til" in this particular context. Can you explain, please? "What should I have done?" "You should have said, Til let you two be alone,' and started to walk away, as if you were giving her to him—even though you knew she liked you more"
  29. Nikined

    when T wasn't thinking

    "I never counted on his coming back to blow me, though, sometimes, when T wasn't thinking, an odd sort of fear would come over me, and I would feel myself trembling with the notion that, after all, he might return" (The Last Wager) What does "T wasn't thinking" mean? Is it a typo?
  30. younghon

    The Canary Islands <is><are>...

    1. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal? 2. The Canary Islands is charged by its volcanic screening. 3. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations in Spain. 4. The Philippines are surrounded by American warships. Q: In the above three sentences, some...
  31. L

    there will <be> at least one time that...

    I just encountered a line from a movie, which goes, In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership nor love. Personally, I think "be" should be added between "will" and "at", otherwise this sentence has no main...
  32. E

    it was etemity

    Hi folks, this is cited from 1984 by Orwell. Q: it was etemity. It was eternity? Is it a typo? He settled deeper into the arm-chair and put his feet up on the fender. It was bliss, it was etemity.
  33. Tae-Bbong-E

    There's is a wheeled alarm clock.

    Hi I want to know what is about "There's is". I saw it from English humor website.
  34. AidaGlass

    as male novelists could, by restricting them to the women's league

    Hello, I don't understand the part in bold. I'd appreciate some clarification on it. As Charlotte Bronte and George Eliot increasingly came to dominate their period and to represent the models against which other women novelists were measured, they too became the objects of both feminine...
  35. A


    Hello, I'm pretty sure there is a typo in the transcription of a text, but I can't figure out what exactly was initially said - can you help? This is taken from a transcription of a recording of one of Napoleon Hill's conferences in 1954. Context: the author is explaining it's important to be...
  36. meneiggles

    "...drew taught..." (possible typo)

    Hello, I have a question about the possible typo in the title of this thread, seen in the digital edition of the Pacific Rim novelization, by Alex Irvine. The context: "From Gipsy Danger’s right gauntlet, a long whip made of serrated metal segments woven together with a high-tension cable...
  37. T


    The following is from the website of Westfield London, a large shopping centre in London. Westfield London We will continue to offer our high level of Guest Services our customers are used, however to ensure customer and staff safety we will need to limit our offer. We are currently unable to...
  38. T


    Hi all, What does "make" mean in the sentence below??? One video from the scene shows a make police officer lying on the floor outside the hotel after being stabbed in the leg with another man sitting on the stairs appearing to hold a bleeding wound on his neck. Another man was shown being...
  39. Robby Zhu

    Resumes start look thin.

    Hello everyone. Resumes start look thin, their peers begin surpassing them and they may get stuck in underemployment. Not Making A Choice Is A Choice Why does the writer use a base form rather than "looking"? Thanks in advance. Edit: to fix the link.
  40. E

    regardless of what someone does or does not so

    I came across this sentence online: But Pelosi sounded defiant, telling the AP that Trump was “impeached forever” regardless of what the Senate does or does not so. (New York Post) What is the purpose of the last word so in that sentence? Please confirm if these modifications are also...
  41. kalemongy


    Q3 was the final quarter to lap the exceptional infusion of brand-building investment that we made during Q4. How do you interpret 'lap' here in this sentence??
  42. wuzongxian

    She is <a> French.

    She is French or she is a French??? What I learned are she is Chinese, she is English... There is no A before the people of one country. But I found this sentence: she is a French in lesson 5, NCE1, an English learning book from China. So I'm confused why it isn't she is French here? Thank you...
  43. SaraM16

    every forth voter

    Hello, I'm translating from English into Italian an article about politics. I found the expression "every forth voter" in the sentence "Be it in the latest elections or in the former GDR states mainly more than every forth voter supported this party." I thought that it was a typo and the writer...
  44. H

    ways of stating healthy

    Please help me. Would anyone please help me understand "ways of stating healthy" in the following context? This text is excerpted from Digital Sociology which is edited by Kate Orton-Johnson and Nick Prior, chapter 14: E-Health and Renewed Sociological Approaches to Health and Illness...
  45. Lucy 234

    As I child

    Hi all, I came across the following sentence and I didn't know how to understand "As I child"? Is it grammatical? Thank you! As I child I thought she was beautiful, as most children think their mothers are beautiful. Children of the Manse
  46. Y

    Complaint here,

    hi Complaint here, what does it mean? The program shall be submitted to the Employer for review and approval not later than ninety (90) days from the Commencement of the Services which shall include a plan and schedule of the buildings and facilities to be painted complaint with the inspection...
  47. N

    “‘N at d’yeh —”

    In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"of J.K Rowlling there is sentence: “‘N at d’yeh —” What does stand for this?
  48. P

    Getting through a high rate risky

    It's about - Why to justify public debt. The two parts of the expression isn't clear for me- Getting through a high rate risky thanks for helping. The last one again, which is more relevant for countries like Italy and the U.S at this point, is if you were in not the bad equilibrium, the...
  49. Jardino

    They all have their mileage cut to under under ten thou

    Topic "Every single car that comes through my hands gets the treatment," the father said. "They all have their mileage cut to under under ten thou before they're offered for sale. And to think I invented that all by myself," he added proudly. "It's made me a mint." source : Matilda by Royald...
  50. passengerman


    Hi all, What does "Researchment" mean here? Researchment of cloud computing platform based software craftsmanship pattern Researchment of cloud computing platform based software craftsmanship pattern - IEEE Conference Publication Thanks in advance,