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  1. mia0815

    low-hanging joke

    “That was Icarus. Osiris was killed in a fight with his brother Set. Quite violently, in fact – he was cut into pieces and spread throughout Egypt. His wife Isis searched everywhere to collect the pieces and put him back together. In doing so, in burying him whole, she believed his spirit would...
  2. I

    For whom where he pleases to be active, our community and yours, to him to remain there

    Could you explain the grammatical structure of this sentence? "For whom where he pleases to be active, our community and yours, to him to remain there" For context: Let's form a union, friendship if you will, where not only do we reach a definite agreement of eternal ceasefire, but also the...
  3. J

    cirrhosis of liver, sup. fragmented

    This is a death certificate for a man in the United States. The primary cause of death is cirrhosis of liver, with a contributing condition. It looks like "Sup. fragmented ___________ ." Any medical doctors out there or nurses who can read this? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.
  4. Lee Jongho

    We're finding footing remains in indelicate science

    What does "indelicate science" mean? The complete sentences follow: With rising cases and hospitals in Arizona, nurses from Colorado now heading there to help. “They traveled from Phoenix to Colorado to help us and so when the need arose, it was kind of a no-brainer.” A Public Health Balancing...
  5. saadkhan01

    adjective clause

    hello native buddies! i have got a little confusion. we all are aware about adjective clause and how we use it, :however there are some things that i am writing down below make me confuse so far here are the sentences the more i practice, the more i become good all i have are negative thoughts...
  6. Oswinw011

    On the while

    To offset these advantages, scientists have so far been on the while unwilling to accept their new status and responsibilities in government. The quoted sentence is a from a text book. Does the bold phrase make sense? What does it mean? Thanks. (I have been finding more context, but it seemed...
  7. M

    Simple, complex, compound, and complex-compound sentences. Help in differentiating needed.

    I need your help in differentiating between the four sentence types: simple, complex, compound, compound-complex on particular examples. I was taught that this should be helpful: simple = 1 independent clause complex = 2 or more independent clauses compound = 1 independent + 1 or more dependent...
  8. Martin_Bri

    Is this text written by a native English speaker?

    Hi everyone, could you guys say if it is really noticeable that this text is written by a person who has English as a second language? What would you change in the text? Thank you. It is a formal text for an official report. The electrical substation and service pillars were locked and...
  9. S

    I am a Literature student. Please exactly what does the sentence mean so as to understand the text well at the start

    If General Jackson hadn't run the Creeks up the creek, Simon Finch woulf never have paddled up the Alabama, and where would we be if he hadn't?
  10. S


    Most of the manufaturing base of Bian, until the growth of corporate and conglomerare firms in the 1960s, consisted of family businesess - the brewers, the bakers, the Dotters, the shoemakers were X and Sons. (A.N. Wilson After the Victorians ) Q: Bian. The results of Querrey of Bian yields no...
  11. M

    as different as Steve Jobs as possible

    The author talks about the power of hypothetical thinking, "Interestingly the power of this sort of hypothetical thinking goes to our childhood, or back to someone about as different Steve Jobs as possible: your average toddler. What does " about as different Steve Jobs as possible" mean? so...
  12. R

    Indirect speech

    Hi All, I just want to convert the below sentences in indirect speech ( It should be framed in complete sentence & it should be in indirect speech (third person only) ). I have worked on Ms Sql server I have configured Golden Gate Peer to Peer replication between PROD servers. I have setup...
  13. Y

    Expend every possible effort

    Hi! I need your help! :warning: My teacher has asked me to find an idiom. The idiom means "Expend every possible effort" and it's related to "Till the meadow" Thanks everyone beforehand :tick:
  14. A

    ....up late. I had to take a taxi to school.

    ....up late. I had to take a taxi to school. A.wake b.to woken c .have woken d.woken My answer is d- woken. Agree?
  15. OLjampmg

    Understand and comprehend

    hello friend enlight me more on how to use comprehend in english
  16. OLjampmg

    show up vs. show off

    how do we use show up and show off
  17. X

    what's the difference between "She is a Chinese" and "She is Chinese."

    what's the difference between "She is a Chinese" and "She is Chinese."
  18. P

    For the first time, I wasn't the one...

    Hi everybody. I wrote this text "For the first time, I wasn't the one with the lowest English level, the other one was another Italian guy. The funny fact, he was almost always asking me to translate what the other participants were saying (when I was able to understand just the half of the...
  19. NewAmerica

    we are compatting #coronavirus

    Does "we are compatting #coronavirus" actually refer to "we are combatting #coronavirus"? Is the misspelling common in English? ****************************** Pope Francis @pontifex While we are compatting #coronavirus, we must continue the effort to prevent and cure #malaria which threatens...
  20. M

    Leo Walmsley: Three Fevers

    Hello everyone, I did not read this book: Leo Walmsley: Three Fevers Does anybody know what does "Fevers" mean in the title of this book? 3 degrees of fever(illness) ? or three motivations? or? Thank you in advance.
  21. S

    The difference between until and till

    The difference between until and till 。Thank you very much!
  22. Oswinw011

    Threat a needle

    ‘Perfect storm’: Coronavirus latest challenge facing embattled Iraq In his remarks Monday, Mr. Salih suggested Iraqi leaders are trying to threat a needle in their relations with both Tehran and Washington. Hi, everyone Is the bold phrase a mistake? Maybe he meant "thread a needle. "
  23. T

    Me either or me neither

    Hello Which one is correct? I don't like getting up in the morning. Me either or me neither
  24. G

    In a first

    "fist bump -a "handshake" of sorts, used in greeting or in congratulations. The hand is first held in a first. In the longer version, one person taps the bottom of their fist against the top of the other person's fist, then the fists are to switch place and are tapped again, then they are...
  25. K

    Officials increasingly wary of travelers

    Hello, "Officials increasingly wary of travelers, mandating self-quarantine for those crossing state lines." Is "vary" a verb or adjective in the sentence above?
  26. Jang Hyeok

    Live your dream

    "Live your dream"what does this mean?is it the abbreviation of "live on your dream"?
  27. B

    Be used to call someone

    I use two dictionarys,But they often have different explnation,I want to ask some questions here 1.When these words are used to call someone,Which one is most accurate?(Two dictionary above or below) 2.Can you help me to tell Which one is wrong or need to add other answer 3.When i call a...
  28. artekhound

    the doctors = doctor's office?

    How I escaped me certain fate by Stewart Lee The author describes to his audience how he became a comics fan back in his childhood. This text is a transciption of one of his stand-up shows Does the author mean that he bought Captain Marvel comics book from the newsagent near the doctor's...
  29. NetaShalit

    Is that happening or Does that happen?

    Is that happening or Does that happen?<——-Example sentences added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> What is correct to say? Thanks!
  30. NewAmerica

    Most everyone thinks

    I don't understand that "most" can be collocated with "everyone." When everyone is involved, then all is involved rather than most. So I guess "most" here mean "in the majority of instances." Am I on the right track? ********************* Q: Most everyone thinks that you’re doing a...
  31. T

    why is there however?

    ''In 1281 a second attack came, aimed at the same harbour – where the Kamakura government had built a large defensive wall in the intervening years. This attack was much larger, however: 4,000 ships and 200,000 men were involved. Fortunately for Japan, the attack was split into two parts and the...
  32. alibey71

    At the same

    "One of the purposes of this book is to show how Elizabethan England performed a delicate balancing act between both faiths that was unique in Europe at the same, and a result of the very specific nature of Elizabeth I’s religious and diplomatic policy." (Jerry Brotton, This Orient Isle-...
  33. E

    basis dog care

    “I am getting up to speed on basis dog care” <——-Sentence from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> what does this sentence and "basis" mean, please?Thanks!
  34. J

    60% is enough; That's enough [the part of speech of 'enough']

    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020 defines 'enough' as a pronoun in '60% is enough': Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers defines 'enough' as a determiner in 'That's enough': These examples seem to have the same usage of...
  35. Moji

    fish guy

    What dose "fish guy" mean in slang?
  36. C


    I'd like to know if there any difference between drugstore and pharmacy? Which one is always used? Thanks in advance~
  37. A

    Seal his back

    In the sentence"The ex-Vice president of the US, Joe Biden has sealed his back in the race to be the Democratic candidate", I feel confused about the meaning of "seal his back", is that a metaphor expression which just means that he has back?
  38. O

    sequence of tenses

    I was doing some tests and half of them appeared to be wrong. Can't really understand why. Could you please explain to me how is right? ( Bold font is what I chose and the Italic one is the right answer ) If I had lots of money, I would give some to anybody who ASKED/HAD ASKED for it...
  39. U

    I will keep track on how the pairing between you two without prior notice.

    Hello, While translating the movie "Little Q" I found this subtitle (sentence above): "I will keep track on how the pairing between you two without prior notice". I would like to know if this is formally correct, cause it seems very strange to me. My guess is that the supervisor will make...
  40. A

    past particles [participles] like adjectives

    Hello everyone I learnt that some past particles can be used like adjectives, but they are not real adjectives. e.g. I feel challenged. / His request made me feel challenged. —‘challenged’ is a past particle used like an adjective I feel disappointed. / His request made me disappointed. —...
  41. imran.magsi

    is this correct to send for confirmation?

    Dear All, Please note below mentioned numbers are reviewed and confirmed from our side. Regards,
  42. A

    If a support agent still <don’t> know

    Hello! Does anyone know why "don't" is used instead of "doesn't" after STILL? "If a support agent has done all that he or she can do and still don’t know what to do next, then collaborate. "
  43. MrMuselk

    Use to/Used to

    I have recently seen on American television that some characters sometimes say “used to” instead of “use to”. Example: Did you use to read that comic? No, I didn’t used to. Is that correct?
  44. T

    Can you please explain these phrases?

    ''The rattan binding reinforced the poor adhesive qualities of the glue used to fasten the sections together and the whole bow was lacquered to weatherproof it. The arrows were of bamboo. The nock was cut just above a node for strength, and three feathers were fitted. Bowstrings were of plant...
  45. Michael_kr

    It's been a long time to having this.

    It's been a long time to having this. <-- is it right? <++++-Question from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> or to have this?
  46. P

    The unitary church has become more humanist

    Hello. I had a brief talk with someone today. He told me he belonged to a unitarian church. So I asked him if that meant his church did not believe in the Holy spirit or Jesus as deities and he said yes and so on. Then he said his church had become more humanist. But I am not sure what this...
  47. S

    The most talented person <is> <would be> the person...

    I think the most talented person is the person who died of over sensitivity. Or, I think the most talented person would be the person who died of over sensitivity. I think the most pure-hearted person is/would be the person who lives the shortest.
  48. P

    This seemingly changed overnight

    Can you please let me know what is the correct meaning for "seemingly"? There are the options from the online resource for "seemingly": fitting; suitable; appropriate: I remember pretty vividly the blank faces I would encounter when I was a kid and told people I had a family member with...
  49. Y

    Res the cruise ship

    Res the cruise ship, they all practice heavy and effective viral control to prevent norovirus. Yet those procedures and protocols were ineffective at preventing this corona-virus. I am sure there are people researching this already. I found this quote here: Novel Coronavirus outbreak - Page...
  50. Julie4luck

    A genuine hero is someone who by building one.

    Hello, I wondered the below 'one' is what. What does 'one' refer to? compelling personal narrative? a person's success? sheer determination and will? <Countless Silicon Valley founders and CEOs proudly confess to quitting school to pursue their dreams. It’s no secret why the story of the...