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  1. Mezanie

    body polis = ?

    Hello everyone! :) This is from a video. The speaker says the following: "Corporate and political leaders perhaps could learn about the meaning of politics. Politics comes from the Greek sense of the body polis. A beehive, for example, has a body polis when it evolves so much charge that it...
  2. wild daisy

    what you have done to help me getting...

    Hello! I am writing a thank you email to a recruitment coordinator. Plese help me check if this sentence is grammatically correct: "I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help me getting this wonderful opportunity." Thank you very much!
  3. Sahithya


    I have got to turn over a new leaf. What does this sentence mean?
  4. P

    hit it

    From a Youtube video talking about the movie 'It Chapter Two': "Critics didn't hit it as well as the first, box office- wise." The host is talking about a sequel to the horror movie 'it' which was a box-office success. Critics don't think the sequel would be a hit, but it ends up to be pretty...
  5. D

    in it for you

    Hi, everyone. Would you explain about "in it for you"? (It ia from a Toronto Sun article.) In it for you. It’s the New Democrats – now a sad shadow of their former selves – who, ironically, came up with the best slogan for the 2019 federal election campaign: in it for you. That’s what just...
  6. L

    Whether or not 1 and 2 are grammatically correct

    1.The attack yesterday saw two men captured and dragged in front of a Taliban court who ruled the men should have a leg and a hand each chopped off for working with the allied forces. 2. The men work for a company that provides logistics for NATO convoys in western Herat province, police said...
  7. Curious Learner 23

    Urinate or pee

    I am gonna urinate. I am gonna pee I am gonna have a pee. What should I say ? Please help!
  8. Kenny Chang

    Some sentences about modelling

    Hi, everyone. Because I'm a fan of plastic models (mainly military models), I'd like to know how to say something about modelling. I made up some sentences below. Could anyone of you help me to see if these sentences make sense or do they sound natural to you? Thank you so much! 1. Where can I...
  9. Subhajit12

    "Will" vs "going to"

    Hi there, is there any difference in meaning between will and going to in the following sentence? I think it is going to/will rain - I've just felt a drop.
  10. pratikgaya10

    I <spent><invested> $1000

    I spent $1000 to buy this home and I invested $1000 to buy this home. Are both correct?
  11. Mesud

    Neither I like and I neither like

    Hello which sentences are correct Would you like coffee or tea 1) I don't mind neither one 2) the short only word neither/either 3) 4) I neither like 5) neither i like Which of the two cars do you like best? 1 I don't like either of them. 2 Neither of them I like 3 I like neither of them. I...
  12. N


    Hello, I had a written discussion with an America person who used the word "aneixty". The first time he wrote it I thought it was a typo, and then my mind immediatly turned the word into "anxiety" when he used it again. But as I re-read the discussion I realized he used it several time so it...
  13. E

    Yes I yes give me

    Hi folks, this is cited from Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849) Question: Is what he want from himself? Why are there two yes) Yes I yes give me this glorious ocean life, this salt-sea life, this briny, foamy life, when the sea neighs and snorts, and you breathe the very breath that the great...
  14. NewAmerica

    who leads <of> the Australian Centre

    I don't understand why <of> is used here. Should it be removed? ******************* Head of prestigious ancient DNA lab suspended amid bullying allegations Alan Cooper, who leads of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, has been stood down pending an investigation. The leader of Australia’s...
  15. I

    "I heard about your accident"

    Topic sentence: "I heard about your accident" Added by Cagey, moderator Is sentence in title correct ?
  16. rightnow

    on the skew

    does on the skew represent a productive English pattern? Webster's defines the verb skew as "to make, set, or cut on the skew", and collins's defines "to be on the skew" as the adjective "skew(ed)".
  17. SuprunP

    it pays him no need at all

    He guesses it is about twenty metres long, more than enough to make a meal of any Portiid or Human should it be so inclined. Like the starfish, though, it pays him no need at all, and perhaps its upper side is also a solar collector and it lives an endless, mindless round of sunbathing...
  18. SleepyBag

    hearts that best as one

    How do you understand this sentence: True friends have hearts that best as one. <——-Question and example sentence from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> I don't understand what 'as one' means. And I have to assumptions: 1. True friends act as one person. 2. Only...
  19. NewAmerica

    "a moment ago" vs. "a mome nt a go"

    Online Oxford dictionary writes it as "a moment ago", which is normally seen. But my iPad, both New Oxford Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary, write it as "a mome nt a go." (See the attached screenshot). I wonder whether it is a mistake made by the iPad. Or is it deliberately written this way? If...
  20. T

    On his pan

    It seemed to Karl that in behaving like this Mr Green was pointing his conviction that each of them, Karl on his pan and Green on his, must fight for his own hand. Source: America by Kafka
  21. C

    What can you see in the street or on the street?

    Hello everyone, Which is the correct way to use this sentence: What can you/we see in the street/on the street?
  22. VicNicSor

    quite released

    — Derek Vinyard [prisoner] was quite released from Chino earlier this morning after serving 3 and some-odd years. American History X, film What does "quite" here mean please? Thank you.
  23. NewAmerica

    P value 0.001, in real terms, 0.05 you mistake

    The author's expression "p-value turns out to be 0.001, which is much less than 0.05. In real terms, there is a probability of 0.05 that you will mistakenly reject the pizza place’s claim" sounds very odd and myterious to me. With a P value 0.001, the typical explanation is that there is a...
  24. NewAmerica

    the persistent spread of <the disease>

    Does "the disease" here refer to sylvatic anthrax? But the anthrax is a pathogen, not a disease. So it refers to the 38% of deaths of wildlife? It appears to be odd. What does "the disease" refer to? **************************** Nearly 12% of the flies carried sylvatic anthrax, which causes...
  25. Y

    BOG rattlesnakes

    What is a "BOG rattlesnake"? Somebody wrote this in a thread about the planned storming of Area 51 on September 20. Don't bet on it. The Camo Dudes are able and willing and the use of deadly force is clearly posted. Hope it happpens as it would be a good reason to rid the world of a bunch of...
  26. J


    Hello everyone, Could you please tell me what you call the thing in the picture below?
  27. NewAmerica

    Doors open 6:30 for an 8PM start

    Does 6:30 refer to 6:30AM? Or 6:30PM? ********************** Ricky Gervais in conversation with Richard Dawkins Doors open 6:30 for an 8PM start Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_NBYfOXsAECPLq.jpg
  28. R

    American English: Plural "fishes"

    Does American English use fish in plural, i.e. fishes? If yes, when and in what situation?
  29. Vanloon

    Wonder Movie Tie-In Edition

    I bought a book. Wonder by R. J. Palacio Wonder Movie Tie-In Edition: R. J. Palacio: 9781524720193: Amazon.com: Gateway But the problem is that there are two versions of it. I bought Wonder Movie Tie-In Edition. Q: Is there any other difference other than the cover design? Wonder: R. J...
  30. R

    Another way of saying "I am feeling hot"?

    When there's very hot weather, one can say "I'm feeling hot". Is there's any other regional/colloquial way of saying this?
  31. VicNicSor


    — Ron Stallworth. I do wholesale manufacturing. (......) [in] Pueblo. — What's that commute like? — (......) It's a straight shot down I-25. BlacKkKlansman, film It must mean something like "ride", but does "shot" ever mean that? Thank you.
  32. I

    Can native speakers understand me clearly if I don't stress content words ?

    Can native speakers understand me clearly if I don't stress content words ?
  33. Y

    Is this correct?

    Is this sentence correct? My favourite poem is called If I can stop. It is about what how important it is to help people in life. It’s very moving
  34. M

    Wince, jolt, jump

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for the proper word describing the sensation we experience when we suddenly recognize something (a person, a melody) or when we realize that something happened or we have a surprise. This sensation can be a soft one or very strong one, so the word must be open to all...
  35. E

    What's it like to be Or being ?

    What's it like to be a pop star? Or What's it like being a pop star? Can we use both structures?
  36. VicNicSor

    Cut 'em off at the knees!

    A random conversation at a business party: the man and the woman are persuading a third one of something: Man: Go for the jugular! Look, I've been telling you this for three weeks! There are 19 million shares outstanding, we've got 25 percent. We get another 5 percent, we've got 'em by the...
  37. H

    test and exam

    Good Evening ..Can you tell the difference between test and exam ?
  38. I

    is there a noun for upset?

    Hello everybody, do you know if there is a noun for the adjective "upset"? Thanks, if there is not, how do you express <-----Spanish word removed by moderator (Florentia52).....>
  39. ullas84

    ''it'' vs ''she''

    ''For a minute Fritha thought that the snow goose was going to land in the enclosure. But ,after coming down very low,she flew up again into the sky.'' Why ''she'' pronoun used for the goose in the sentence above ? is not it supposed to be ''it'' pronoun?
  40. S

    phrase comprhension

    Reduce in a few days the goal determination to a crowd of desperate
  41. Zareza


    Hello! Could you help me, please? The context: She secued 10th position in the 10th examinations conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board. She secued 5th rank among girl students. Secued seems to be a verb in Indian English. I don't know anything about the journey of Indian English...
  42. D D

    He is tom who is taller than I

    1. He is tom who is taller than I Hi everyone, Will the use of "me" be right instead of I in aforementioned sentence?
  43. L

    to settle and to settle down

    1.To what extent are they interchangable? 2.Can I say: A.It is a place ideal to settle/settle down. B.He doesn't want to settle/ settle down. 3. Are settle down/settle being used in other contexts other than relationship context? Thank you.
  44. D

    Have done Vs Did

    Hi! Can you tell me the difference between 'I did my homework' and 'I have done my homework'? Do they mean the same or which one is more correct? I don't know how to use these.
  45. S

    Is/am/are/was/were +to

    Hola Everybody ! I wanna know what these following sentences mean & when should they be used ! 1- I'm to complete my work . 2- You are to come over . 3- She is to perform tonight at the party. 4 - I was to attend the meeting . 5 - we were to gather at his place . When do we use such...
  46. J

    Historical vs historic

    Hi there, Could anyone explain to me the difference between "historical" and "historic"? Could you give me couple of examples along with your explanations, in order to grasp it better? Thanks!
  47. AdrianaPark

    Doctors’ give me...

    I don't know the meaning of doctors' in this sentence. "Doctors' give me a 50/50(fifty fifty) chance." Does it just indicate just doctors or their opinions? Thanks!!
  48. S

    Collateral or Security?

    Hi. Which one can be used in the context of a sales contract? "Collateral" or "Security?" Thanks!
  49. S

    Continuous Touch Points

    Hi, Interactivity: Vellum™ Writing Technology Continuous Touch Points Touch Resolution Response Time Touch Accuracy Tracking Rate Scan Rate How can "touch points" be continuous? What does this mean? Source: ActivPanel Touch Thanks,
  50. nimafarahi

    "too soon" as idiom

    In the sentence" I like it, but if I never have to watch that movie again, it would be too soon" what it means " too soon" here ,it doesnt mtch the whole sentence ? what is the meaning of this sentence?