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  1. G


    Do you think it makes sense splitting the following sentences? I called the helpdesk this morning hoping that a technician would call me back to resolve the issue raised. Unfortunately, I have not heard nothing.
  2. mike412

    a lot of vs much/many

    Hi everyone, I have seen some contradictory answers about which is a bit stronger or weaker in meaning. Thanks in advance.
  3. firee818

    I wish I were...

    Do the following sentences sound natural:- 1). I wish I were taller to be a better basketball player. 2). I wish i were you to quit that job and get a better one. Thank you so much.
  4. Yuuichi Tam

    Praises for the person who drink alcohol properly and merrily

    I want to praise the person who drink alcohol properly and merrily. How can I say that?