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  1. W

    using nouns in a sentence

    Hello, Which ones should I use in the following bold portions: " The internship taught me (1) some / the skills that are required in a job, such as (2) management of / managing / how to manage a team, (3) submission / submitting / how to submit reports in a timely manner, and (4) application...
  2. Messquito

    [Grammar] that was a big deal for us is...

    In the video Advanced English Conversation About Travel [The Fearless Fluency Club] on YouTube: When you're abroad, even if you're just traveling or visiting, you find a new market around the corner or there's someone playing street music or just fun little things. Cherise: There's always...
  3. S

    Why did you do <it><this><that>?

    why did you do it? why did you do that? why did you do this? is there a difference between these sentences? and which one is better?
  4. J

    Prepositions before 'restaurant'

    Hello everyone, My question is: Are the following prepositions before the word 'restaurant' acceptable? Please suggest to me all possible variations, if that is not a problem. He was sitting in a/the restaurant. He works at a restaurant. Your replies will be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. T

    Unique being

    I've got a sentence: "You're evolving unique being". So what does "unique being" mean? Is it a person that is unique?
  6. VicNicSor

    move out of the sticks

    The Wolf asks Vincent and Jules if they need a lift and asks where they live. They say one is Redondo and the other is Inglewood. Then the Wolf acts as if he's having a revelation: — It's... it's your future. I... I see a... a cab ride. Move out of the sticks, fellas. Pulp Fiction, movie Then...
  7. J

    Nobody can see him.

    Please help! I have some phrases I would like help correcting please. My son has to write a story for school and this is the story he has decided upon. I am the lucky one who needs to translate it into Spanish. (He is only 3). 1. Nobody can see him. Nadie puede verle./verlo. 2. They get into...
  8. keramus

    Argentinian ll (pronunciation)

    Hello everybody How do Argentinians pronounce ll? Do they pronounce it like SH? For example: Guillermo , ladrillo , Sevilla, etc. Thank you.
  9. T

    Subjunctive without 'que'

    ¡Hola! I have been meaning to ask this for awhile and am just getting around to it now. Occasionally when we do a reading in class, I will see what appears to be random and arbitrary uses of subjunctive. There was absolutely no que, I'm sure of it, and it was also a standalone clause, not part...
  10. Roster

    foreign [far out] (pronunciación)

    Escuchando la canción "pretty girls" Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea,una de las chicas dice she looks like totally foreign, lo cual la pronunciación de "foreign" suena muy extraña, me gustaría saber si es por el giro que se le da a la canción o es que hay una manera mucho más corta de pronunciar...
  11. A

    a quién / quién

    Hola, There have been a few posts on when to use "a quién vs. quién" but I was hoping for a clarification, what is the difference? When do I use one, instead of the other? Gracias.
  12. A

    consecutio temporum

    Hola: Vuelvo a pedir ayuda con una traducción: Anche per gli stessi Greci non tutti gli uomini vengono da un uomo e da una donna. Infatti, se il cosmo ha avuto origine – tesi che peraltro fu condivisa da molti Greci – è necessario che i primi uomini non tressero origine da un amplesso, ma...