1. 13eelzebub

    ¡Qué si te amo!

    Mientras se siga manteniendo el énfasis, hay alguna equivalencia a esto en inglés? El contexto vendría el siguiente: darle más énfasis. Como si una persona te hubiese preguntado y a eso le respondes exageradamente, como una forma de decir ¡qué si te amo!, lo cual puede referirse tanto a una...
  2. H

    Need help deciphering word written in Suetterlin script

    I am translating a letter written by my Grandmother in 1925. I cannot make out the word below underlined in red. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Perrino

    sinónimos de tonto

    Necesito sinónimos coloquiales y jocosos para "tonto".
  4. A


    Hallo. Since I don't have a good vocabulary book, I can't seem to figure out which of the words below are synoyms, which aren't. I did search a little, but can't be totally sure. So please correct me if I am wrong. schließlich = zuletzt = endgültig = abschließend = am Ende = zum Schluss = zum...
  5. A

    German bay

    Hi A friend has asked me to translate a German E-bay post. I can do most of it, but am stuck on the following : "verhandenen Problem stehen!". Can anyone help, please. thank you
  6. H


    which sentence is correct ? 1-It is too much cold for me 2-It is much too cold for me
  7. S

    Old BBC German Lesson Radio Broadcast

    Hi everyone! Years ago when I was studying German, I came across an old recorded BBC German lesson broadcast of a man checking into a hotel. My fiancée is now studying the language and I’d love to listen to it with her. If anyone has any idea, I’d really appreciate any direction at all, as...
  8. B


    ¿Puede alguien explicarme (en español o en inglés) este chiste? No lo entiendo. Gracias por adelantado. "I've been reading the news about there being a civil war in Madagascar. Well, I've seen it six times and there isn't."
  9. G

    Ich will / ich möchte ?

    Was ist der Unterschied ?
  10. D

    Explicación de esta información.

    Tengo una pequeña consulta, en estos días llamé a un compañia para hacer un reclamo y me dijeron la siguiente frase al momento de dar la información del producto... Haben Sie bei Ihrem Vertrag villeicht einen anderen Namen oder andere Adresse angegeben? Schildern Sie mr noch bitte wie ich Ihnen...
  11. A

    presenta las contribuciones para conseguir a los grandes grados éticos

    Hola, quisiera saber cómo podría uno conseguir grandes éxitos a través de la presentación de ciertas contribuciones - según el argumento de un programa llamado "A 20 Pasos de la Fama (2013)" sì se puede. Gracias. "El Cineasta Morgan Neville presenta las contribuciones para conseguir a los...
  12. tracker890

    each/every day

    Dear Everyone: Sentences: (1) I often spend four hours on television each day. (2) I spend four hours on television every day. Q: Please help me to understand what different about the sentence (1) and (2). Thank you for your time and consideration.
  13. Cheekydiva

    Was sagt Ross? [Friends]

    Ich sehe mir gerade Friends auf Deutsch an um Deutsch zu lernen und es fällt mir schwer, etwas zu verstehen. Staffel 4 Folge 23, bei 10:55 Auf Englisch heißt es: Emily, do you think Monica realizes how much our parents spent on this wedding? Auf Deutsch sagt er aber: Glaubst du denn wirklich...
  14. Cheekydiva

    Was sagt der Mann?

    Ich sehe mir gerade Friends auf Deutsch an um Deutsch zu lernen und es fällt mir schwer, etwas zu verstehen. Staffel 7 Folge 13, bei 13:57 Er sagt: Ich sollte mich jetzt mal wieder meine Arbeit .... (Ich verstehe nicht was er danach sagt) Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  15. eno2


    Hola, Escuché la palabra 'corroído' en la Radio RNE 1 hablando del señor Zaplana, por lo cual la entendí como 'corrupto' . La palabra me sonaba y me intriga porque la conocí del Griego . Ahora, ni RAE ni WR Espasa dan un uso metafórico en este sentido de 'corrupto'. ¡Posiblemente porque es...
  16. T

    arrancar árbol de cuajo

    Hola a todos. "El elefante es un animal capaz de arrancar un árbol de cuajo con su fuerza." Quisiera entender el significado de esta parte. He buscado en el diccionario el significado de la palabra "cuajo", pero no la entendí. Muchas gracias.
  17. Hachane

    game the system

    Hi, I have a trouble with the word "game" in the following sentence: "Even when most members of a group are well meaning, the temptation to do less than one’s share is always present and a few individuals might try to actively game the system. Please tell me what does it mean. Thanks a lot
  18. O

    es peor que+verbo reflexivo+subjuntivo

    que es la correcta? es peor que ...............(nosotros/callarse): debemos dar nuestra opinion.
  19. Tony100000


    Is this sentence correct? I don't know why, but it seems it means something like "No problem for adding your Instagram from Google." :confused:
  20. D

    Bohemian piano

    Hallo, I came across a 1815 Bohemian piano with a label, which I reproduce below, which for me is illegible. t is probably written in a calligraphy like Fraktur or Kurrent or other. Would someone be able to read it for me and transcribe it into modern characters? The first word is probably the...
  21. J

    Me siento violento en la cama de mis papas [papás]

    Me siento violento en la cama de mis papás ¿Qué significa sentirse violento en este enunciado? Favor ocupar tildes cuando sea necesario. La frase a consultar debe figurar también en el texto de la consulta. Gracias. Ayutuxtepeque (Moderador).
  22. F

    We can't never get involved

    "You know, we can’t never get involved. I mean, otherwise, what’s the point?" Salve a tutti. Questa frase non mi è molto chiara. Il contesto è questo: due donne stanno scappando e parlano. Una sta cercando di convincere l'altra a tornare indietro per aiutare delle donne sfruttate come...
  23. M

    Swedish: Är det en samma sak för Svenskarna ?

    Jag undrar ofta när jag har skrivit något på svenska med alltid tänka i engelska, när de har läst det är det grammatiskt korrekt på svenska också? Och är det samma även efter många år av prata Engelska för svenska människor när de skriver något på engelska ....?
  24. D


    Buongiorno, nel testo di Wuthering Heights di Kate Bush si legge Out on the wiley, windy moors We'd roll and fall in green La parola Wiley non risulta in nessun dizionario. Sapete se è un dialetto o una contrazione di un'altra parola? Grazie
  25. A

    Spero di vedervi presto

    E` corretta la frase "Spero di vedervi presto" come " I hope I'll see you soon"? Grazie!
  26. D

    Incorrect grammar in common speech?

    Hello, i was wondering how are minor grammar errors perceived by native speakers. Do they even notice them in common speech? Its really hard to bring any example to mind right now, but lets say: "How they are doing?" instead of "How are they doing?" or "The ordered goods haven't arrived"...
  27. F


    Hello Could someone tell me the difference between joven and jóven?
  28. HajiSahib

    Is "Keep in mind" a wrong phrase?

    I've read in a book that we shouldn't use the phrase "Keep in mind"; it is wrong. Only we should use "Bear in mind". Is the book right? Keep in mind:thumbsdown:/Bear in mind:thumbsup: that you should post only one question per thread in the English Only forum.
  29. U

    How I can say that i’m Busy a certain time, in a polite way for work reasons?

    I need to write an email saying that from the 4th to the 6th of May I will be busy. I searched online a and I got “made commited” or something like this, because I want to say it in a polite/work wise way that is expressing that I took something to do and i’m Not available. Devo scrivere una...
  30. S

    next year, next week, last year, last week, etc.

    Hi, I have heard Italian people use both 'l'anno prossimo' and 'il prossimo anno'. I have also heard la prossima settimana and la settimana prossima. However, I once used 'la settimana prossima' and was corrected by a native Italian to 'la prossima settimana'. As for 'scorso', I have mostly...
  31. T

    Per ardua ad astra -- in Romansch?

    Good Day to All ! My best personal approximation to the meaning of the latin motto "Per ardua ad astra " is: By hard work – you can reach the stars That is to...
  32. Dearson

    Don’t hang me down

    Hi everyone, I have to translate an album lyrics for a website. One song is literally driving me mad. According to the lyrics they sent me, the last bit goes: You could take my soul off the ground Like a million more don’t hang me down I looked hang someone down up in the dictionary, but I...
  33. max frangioni

    Allo stesso modo accade nei cavi con la variabile fumettistica che prevede ritrovamenti di mirabolan

    Allo stesso modo accade nei cavi con la variabile fumettistica che prevede ritrovamenti di mirabolanti matasse di cavo sconosciuto ma ben suonante o variazioni sul tema. Qualcuno mi potrebbe aiutare ad interpretare la frase qui sopra in Inglese? si tratta di marketing, riguardo una compagnia...
  34. B

    Is this Icelandic ?

    Hwæt. We Gardena in geardagum, þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon, hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum, monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah, egsode eorlas. Syððan ærest wearð feasceaft funden, he þæs frofre gebad, weox under wolcnum, weorðmyndum þah, oðþæt him...
  35. M

    I am up

    Ciao a tutti! Dicendo “I am up for it!” lo posso tradurre come un “io ci sto” generico (tipo un “io ci sono” oppure “io partecipo”)… o è strettamente legato ad uno “starci” dal punto di vista sessuale? Grazie Ciao M
  36. E

    silverware warewolf

    Ciao a tutti :) Due avventurieri decidono di scoprire cosa c'è all'interno di una casa disabitata dalla quale provengono strani rumori. I due protagonisti, prima di entrare, fanno delle supposizioni su chi possano trovare in casa. Il primo pensa che possa esserci una divinità pesce con...
  37. M

    Do uneducated native speakers Serbian really fail to use cases correctly?

    A Serbian woman on Quora told me uneducated native speakers of Serbian fail to use cases correctly, making errors like those who learned it as a second language, to the point on incomprehensibility? Is that really true? I asked her if she comes from southern Serbia (where this could be explained...
  38. proppy88

    sulla linea principale

    Ciao a tutti!!! Avrei bisogno del supporto su una traduzione ita-eng per scopi lavorativi. Devo tradurre il seguente testo: Attenzione Sulla linea principale rientrano nella categoria residenti i pax residenti in Sicilia. Sulle altre linee rientrano nella categoria residenti i pax residenti...
  39. D

    Lleva coma?

    Queridos companeros, Me interesa saber si la siguiente oracion se escribe de la siguiente manera: ¡Felicitaciones a nuestra querida estudiante Laura, por su excelente desempeño en el examen UILTS! o asi: ¡Felicitaciones a nuestra querida estudiante, Laura, por su excelente desempeño en el...
  40. Hausmeister

    Informationen über/ zu

    Wann kann man über und zu benutzen? Wird es die Bedeutung des Satzes ändern, wenn ich beide verwende? Es wäre schön, wenn ihr mir ein paar Beispielssätze mit Erklärungen geben könnt. Danke
  41. Riverplatense

    Corpus, Komma

    Hallo! Ich nehme stark an, dass dieses Forum nicht geeignet ist, um eine Antwort auf meine Frage zu finden, aber ich wüsste nicht, wo ich sonst zeitnah Hilfe finden könnte. Ich würde mich also freuen, wenn mit dem Löschen noch etwas zugewartet würde: Kann es sein, dass das DWDS-Korpus keine...
  42. L


    Ciao Can someone help me find the meaning of this comuto. I believe it is cuckhold but am not sure and I think it's southern. It was hollered out as a curse. I haven't been able to find it in a thread or a dictionary. Thanks--Lucky Dog
  43. Bohemos

    Unterschied (Konjunktiv II x Indikativ)

    Hallo an alle, worin besteht, streng grammatikalisch gesehen, der Unterschied zwischen dem Konjunktiv II a dem Indikativ aus der Sicht von Muttersprachlern? Wie lassen sich diese Unterschiede zusammenfassen? Danke im Voraus. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Bohemos
  44. HifaMo

    Anna geht zur/zum Tierarzt

    Hello, I came across the following sentence in an exercise on prepositions in the dative case. I think the answer key provided is wrong according to the rule the app provides. The answer key: Anna geht zum Tierarzt, ihr Fisch ist krank. I think it should be: Anna geht zur Tierarzt, ihr...
  45. T

    Old German handwritten document

    Hello, I'am from the Nederlands/Niederlande and I have found an old German document in an old English Scrapbook (ca 19th century). Now I can read normal German quite well but these old letters provide me with some difficulty. Is someone interested in helping me with it? See the picture on my...
  46. U

    German for 60 581

    Hi everyone, How can I write the number 60 581 in german? the specificity is that the speaker spells it this way : sechzig fünfhundert ein und achtzig A friend of mine thinks it's odd: "sechzig" and not "sechstausend". How is that? The speaker who says 60 581 is not a german speaker (not his...
  47. T

    gingen daher am Problem vorbei

    Populäre Forderungen nach immer härteren Strafen gingen daher am Problem vorbei. Kann das als folgendes ins Spanische übersetzt werden? Las exigencias comunes sobre el incremento continuo de las penas no atajaron el problema. Danke
  48. M

    Use of preterite tense in German

    So, the basic rule is you use the preterite when writing, the perfekt when speaking... But I have two questions. A) I have heard that in the North, lots of verbs (aside from sein, haben and the modals) are used in the preterite in spoken German... Which are these? Does it depend at all on...
  49. T

    Unknown language: inscription at İzmir

    So a year and a half ago me and my family went sightseeing with a friend of my father's. To the ruins of the Agora of Smyrna (modern day Izmir). As we were exploring the ancient town my sister could not help but step on some rubble, pose and ask me to take her picture. But as I was taking her...
  50. M

    Que significa aquí vor

    Podeis. Explicarme que significa vor en esta frase Ich denke mich calle volker stolz, vor judah fort.